Thou Shalt Have No Other Rhythm

house.34.417: Ray Navarra - Megatripolis (megatrip) Tue 22 Nov 94 18:28

on the contrary, Dr Watson, megatripolis will return! After this seasons
test run, the Megatripolis Experiment achieves critical mass early 1995,
half way into the last decade of the 20th century....more later

house.34.418: KT Lytle (finn2) Tue 22 Nov 94 20:00


house.34.419: eternal optimist (cubensis) Tue 22 Nov 94 20:05

No matter what drops-- values of dollars, civil liberetc.. it's a horserace
that is NOT pre-decided. John Barolw was actually the person who coined the
word PRONOIA... and he defined it as: "The sense that the Universe is a
conspiracy on your behalf." I agree.

house.34.420: RUSirius (rusirius) Tue 22 Nov 94 20:15

The concept was going around as Metanoia in the seventies. I remember
Robert Anton Wilson using it...

house.34.421: the 5th illuminati (cubensis) Wed 23 Nov 94 07:02

yeh... RAW has some great ones.

"The border between the real and the unreal is not fixed; it merely marks
the last place where rival shamans fought each other to a stalemate."

house.34.422: Robert Lauriston (duck) Wed 23 Nov 94 10:11

Then there's the Italian concept of "noia," which certainly sums up the
Zippies nicely.

house.34.423: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Wed 23 Nov 94 11:46

Yeah, but who believes this Pronoia stuff? I don't get it at all. Why is
the universe conspiring to help us? In what way? Am I just being too
Western or something to get this?
(that's a serious question - ANSWER ME!)

Oh, and in lieu of all those "accountant/secretary" types, maybe Fraser
Clark (whoever the fuck he is) could make a little list himself:

I owe Mr. Foo $700 for beeping noises
I owe CyberRaveMaster $1300 for garishly painted TV sets
I owe RaverTripoCybMan $200 for misc. pharms.
I owe TripCyberZipSter $500 for hype
I owe WIRED $2000 for hype
I owe Zipronoid $500 for hype

You get the idea. It's really simple! He could use a piece of paper or
something. Maybe when he gets the technique down, he can explain it to Mark

house.34.424: RUSirius (rusirius) Wed 23 Nov 94 11:52

Yeah, I don't actually believe it either. In fact there's something quite
similar between a bunch of technopagans thinking that their vibe will
somehow make things better through morphic resonance and a bunch of
christians thinking that things will get nicer if everybody just prays to
Jesus in school

thing about it, friends...

house.34.425: pass the vibe (cubensis) Wed 23 Nov 94 14:06

RE: 423 well, MY answer to your serious question would include an
explanation that, despite the logic of street realism, despite the
depressing things happening in this world, despite Jesse Helms,

hope springs eternal. grass always breaks through concrete.

If you don't have faith that light can overcome dark, what *do* you have?

RE: 424 find as many similarities between spirtual practices as ya like,
rusirius, but I maintain that the acceptance of diversity and the naiive
belief in "vibes", morphic resonance, etc sets technopaganism worlds apart
from the patriarchal, monotheist repressions of Christianity, Islam, etc.

Pagans are in Eastern and Western traditions.

Plus, rusirius, when's the last time Pat Robertson pushed for _misc.
pharms._ ? :-)

house.34.426: Initiate Paraweld (gareth) Wed 23 Nov 94 14:36

As usual, R.U. nails it for me.

}If you don't have faith that light can overcome dark, what *do* you have?

Faith in the marriage of heaven and hell. That the universe is chaotic and
dynamic and that simplistic notions of love, light, and cosmic consciousness
are just as misguided as equally simplistic notions of heaven vs. hell.

house.34.427: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Wed 23 Nov 94 15:11

Yah. What he said. If I was going to be Pronoid, it'd be because we've
started to grasp how chaotic, dynamic system work, and maybe people will
stop try to get Big Control.

I also think that we are coming to understand how humans behave and how to
live together, and that we will continue to evolve in a positive way. At
some point, these developments are going to improve everyone's life. It
might take a while.

I suppose that if I believe these things, I'm Pronoid. However, my first
impulse, when I think about these great developments and where they might
lead us, is to theorize a little bit, and then, to think of where I might
fit in. It is not to invent a bunch of neologisms, turn the metronome up to
144, flash some lights, suck down said misc. pharms., and dance the night
away. "Everything's going to be all right, let's dance" has never been a
philosophy I can live by for any length of time.

But someone's got to, I guess.

house.34.428: pass the vibe (cubensis) Wed 23 Nov 94 16:19

I just bought the December Outside magazine, and the zippy article is
hilarious. It captures the yin and the yang, the truth and the hypocrisy.

Two fav quotes: "A mysterious schism after a big early-August rave in Santa
Cruz, California, resulted in 10 of the original 14 Pronoids breaking ranks
and heading south for parts unknown. It was like something out of the old
testament, the restless upstarts dissing their patriarch, the tribe cleaving
in two." Hey- that's what happens when patriarchs manifest in a neopagan
culture, maaaan.

#2 "'We warned you, buddy,' officer Mark Zumwalt tells the driver, one of
the sound system techies. (Clark himself has managed to slip through
unscathed in another vehicle.)" Yah. The Pronoia Tour realized that
"slipping" through and leaving wrecked forests and Forest Service citations
behind was not pronoid OR responsible. That is why we distanced ourselves,
because we saw the chaos unfurling in wider and wider sweeps, and too many
innocents getting nailed as others "slip through."

To Gareth and RU Sirius: I respect the two of you immensely... bordering on
hero worship {ohmigod he said it}. You are two of the best tool providers I
have ever seen or probably will see.

That is why, when in the future I am saying: "Everything's going to be all
right, let's dance", I will also have these nice, pragmatic, wickedly
clever tools for those agnostic, freewill water-treaders among us...

M2K User's Guide to the New Edge
bOING bOIs Happy Mutant Handbook (forthcoming)
FringeWare Review
Millenium Whole Earth Catalog.

I may be an ex-hippydippy Zippy, but I agree with Kata Sutra:

_Art is not a mirror, art is a hammer_

house.34.429: Ray Navarra - Megatripolis (megatrip) Wed 23 Nov 94 16:20

Competing memes for a Bi-Millenium or an Empire Trance-formed.
by David Dei 1994 , beta version 1.0

The Empire never died and Nixon's police state was never dismantled:
crack wars, toxic dumping on Indian reservations, a Mexican border
militarized zone , a national computer identity registry, the Digital
Telephony Act, chaos control on wall street, a republican "contract" to
curb mass disillusionment with the two party system, Prop 187 - these are
desperate measures undertaken by desperate individuals to prevent the
destruction of a 5000 year old theocracy, but the horse has already bolted
from the stable.

Is there anything to suggest that the USA can escape the collapse
fomenting in other parts of this global system? The US is already reeling
from the impact of social upheaval brought on by the second "industrial"
revolution while across the Atlantic the sudden transformation of stagnant
political power blocks into thriving if turbulent competitors in the race
towards true democracy show that things can never be the same again. A
social change fractal has circumnavigated the globe at lightening speed,
the Soviet Union implodes, Eastern Europe disintegrates into tremulous
fragments, Communist China accelerates into unprecedented economic growth
and South Africa usurps America's claim to be land of the free. These all
represent major ingressions into social novelty. And to ram it home
consider for a moment this underpublicised fact - South Africa is the
first nation in history to willingly give up its nuclear weapons status in
favor of being a nuclear free zone, it is also the only country in the
world to enshrine protection of gender ORIENTATION in its constitution.
And I am talking about a country of 40 million people. The myth of world
leadership by a western elite finalized by the post-war Bretton-Woods
agreement is taking strain.

Quick Reality Check: It is distracting to become fixated with the American
experience. Consider this, by the year 2000 there are likely to be 57 mega
cities 42 of them in the developing world. 25 cities will have populations
of more than 10 million with all but three of them in the south. And top
of the urban hit-parade will be Mexico city, the largest with a population
approaching 30 million. (source UN census)

At the same time as we experience this socio-economic turbulence, and the
crumbling of old style NORTHERN ECONOMIES we are experiencing the rise of
a permanent autonomous zone (PAZ), a future perfect state (FPS), a fourth
world (FW) rising up like grass growing admidst the cracks of the old
order concrete. The empire never died, but neither did the resistance. In
this startling reversal of fortunes, a fragmented rag-tag nation of
reality technicians, cyber operatives, pagan evolutionaries, trance
guerrillas, and ZIPPYS make themselves known to the world aided by African
Shamanic Technology.

Seen from another perspective, in an error from which it can never
recover, The Empire forgets why it was burning witches, torching pagans
and exorcising that "devil music". Infection can be traced along the slave
routes. The American empire is no more vigilant than the British or
classical hegemonies before them. Each one is infected by a music whose
characteristic sound is the "emission of a succession of repetitive
beats". The Eleusinian Mysteries predate the discovery of Rock 'n Roll in
the west by only a few thousands years. But this African Shamanic
Technology (AST) or drumming is no less inspiring to a modern audience.
Attempts are made to counter the infection with similar technology. An
early insight is that marijuana seems to promote the Shamanic ritual, so
the Drug War begins. But rock n' roll rebellion prove to the Sony
Scientists, that even without the drugs, a shamanic element is invested in
the act of merely dancing to the music. So Muzak is invented.

Metaprogramming discoveries suggest the counter-measures work by invoking
boredom. A sure hit is reduced to crap within days by having its heart or
transcendental rhythm cut out and replaced with a lower tempo analogue
designed to dull the mind. Muzak combined with drug prohibition present a
potent deterrent at the hands of Control.

Then in our worst and bleakest hour of mid-eighties New Wave Muzak, Reagan
and CIA Cocaine Ego-Tripping, a sudden ingression into audio novelty, the
Zippy Underground Rocket Scientists hand us the Roland 808 and a new style
of music evolves designed to counter all attempts at curtailment - Rave,
120 - 220 bpm full blown shamanic trance-formation. Chaos Theory hits the
soundscape of civilization. Nearly ten years later, the last of the last
line of British Empire Conspirators, goes public with his anxiety and
throws a desperate punch banning the entire concept of sound. A Major
commanding the sea to go back as it were. But as I said, the unicorn is
out of the stable , the quantum cat is out of its bag.

And alongside this steady rebirthing of individuals into psyche-space, the
unfolding of cyberspace. A behind-their-backs triple whammy for the
patriotic perverts - the destruction of all symbolic geographies, of all
artificial borders and boundaries, by the Internet. Dialing into New Dehli
or flitting in on FTP to Finland makes the very idea of border-patrol
meaningless. The insane system as we know it has collapsed except for an
ironic twist, - we *really* don't know it. And Gore and Major ready
themselves to attempt that greatest of con-jobs, the last great rock 'n
roll swindle of the hypermillenium. They have lost the keys to the castle,
the belly of the beast has been breached but the natives haven't realized,
"I wonder if they'll let us haul that damn drawbridge up again" says Gore.

Which is where the ZIPPY INTERNET INVASION comes in, applying information
theory, systems theory, chaos theory to that fractalling asymptote The
Internet, while it extends itself beyond its current reach of 152
countries growing at a rate of 12% per month. "This is not just an
invasion. its and INTER-VASION" says Timothy Leary, a behind their backs
zen maneuver spreading the concept of a GLOBAL VOTE via E-Mail against the
UK Criminal Justice and Public Order Act. (That's the act with the ban on
"repetitive beats"). Then High Drama as Hippies call foul over the use of
"militarist language" forgetting that there is no game on this program
labeled "Global Thermonuclear War", a "virtual attack." remains just that
- finetuning the nonviolence needle by ridding it of that parasitic meme -
the idea of a sit-on-your-butt-do-nothing-non-resistance. "Luke, lets get
this straight, its non-violent passive resistance not passive violent
non-resistance". Hippies, Zippies, Cyber Chippies, Pagan Neural Nomads,
its time to fly the damn oneironic airplane, its time to re-awaken this
sleeping giant of an ICBM (intercontinental balancing meme), that Biblical
Behemoth and cruise into Bethlehem.

The evolution that the internet-plus-rave-culture represents (virtual
geography-plus-geographic-virtualiti) is not the Al Gore, AT&T revolution
in entertainment advertised on television where the entire culture of
western society gets sucked or uploaded into Hollywood-Space. It is a
downloading of political expression and reverie learnt on the dancefloor
and inside the webs of networked mainframes INTO the OUTSIDE geography of
LIFE AS WE KNOW IT. This is that Self Explanatory Planetary Information
we are all talking about, it is a neural pathway filled with DIRECT GLOBAL

This coulb be *the* most important social manifestation in the history.
of humanity Except we have become fixated on its value as just another
entertainment tool. Sex, Drugs, Music and Cyberspace in themselves are
uninteresting. They become more interesting when we look at them as tools
and expressions for how we run society and how we live our lives. Sexual
freedoms won at home are nothing without a corresponding awakening and
balancing of libidinal energy in society at large. Access to drugs is of
little use without a corresponding mytho-shamanic-decoding.
Rave-Music-Tranceploration might get you into a pomo-voudon reverie but
without a personal integration with social action it is mere
meminglessness. And Cyberspace is just another word for carpal tunnel
syndrome without a physically inhancing interface to our reality-scape.
And while we puzzle over the significance of all these new technologies
the regional political monopolies show that they are catching on fast. Al
Gore and John Major seem intent on capturing the debate on electronic
democracy and surgically removing any internationalist impulse. And even
the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is powerless to do anything but temper
the Digital Telephony Act, while a Wired Whitehall has already been

The Temporary Autonomous Zone precedes the Permanent Autonomous Zone. But
it must first give up its temporary nature. The future perfect state can
only arrive if we allow it to land. The internet-plus-rave-culture
indicate that this moment is at hand. But first we have to take our techno
toys out into the streets. A process of recolonizing the psyche-space of
the entire superstructure of society. It is time to use our newly won
tools-of-the-gods or Deity Devices as true extensions of our being, and to
use them to right the wrongs, to increase the emotion for change (Social
Idealism), for the creation of a perfect and beautiful deep green world.


house.34.430: Ray Navarra - Megatripolis (megatrip) Wed 23 Nov 94 16:25

News from London is that Fraser has received some form of attribution for
the word Zippy in the latest UK edition of Longman's Dictionary.

house.34.431: John Bagby (cubensis) Wed 23 Nov 94 16:35

Yeh. News from the NY Times and Outside magazine is that infamous Fraser
quote: "I'm just a guy. Jesus was just a guy, too, of course."

Ray, please tell David his piece is very interesting. I'm interested in
hearing the feedback it produces. And congrats-- you didn't include
anybody's NAME as messiah/anti-messiah/martyr/visonary, etc...

How can we overcome hair-splitting and form community without ego?

house.34.432: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Wed 23 Nov 94 17:04


well, the word trust comes to mind ...
and to whatever affect that is, I can only trust you insofar as I am
capable of trusting myself - it would seem to come back to the "walking
your talk" concept discussed earlier. Some days are better than others,
and over time patterns of behavior emerge . . .

this little light of mine (mind?) i'm gonna let it shine

(and sooner than later (ever optimistic) A WHOLE LOT of us
little lights is gonna get together and start a fire)

now, if i could just get those damn ruby slippers back from Dorothy . . .

house.34.433: bee-hive... bah! (cubensis) Wed 23 Nov 94 18:06

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...

house.34.434: graduate of the Institute of African Shamanic Technologies (kreth) Wed 23 Nov 94 19:01

Pass the Grey Poupon.

You're right, aleonard -- this IS the best topic on the Well.

house.34.435: RUSirius (rusirius) Wed 23 Nov 94 19:06

the question every revolutionary must ask is "what is to be done?" I'm fine
with counterculture activism but fed up with wishful thinking. And, in the
final analyses, the more that 50% of Americans being marginalized by a
combination of bigotry, welfare-for-the-rich free-market-for-the-poor, in an
already cybernetic society that can't offer even shitty work to its people
but is dieing to destroy any social programs, whose main priority is
building jails while we have the highest rate of malnourished children
outside of the 3rd world, blah blah etc etc... in the final analyses, they
will not be united by the notion atht they all have to dance together to the
thouu shalt have no other rhythm save rave or that everybodyneeds to take
the same drugs etc. ad infinitum.

What Leni Riefenstahl (sp?) loved about the Nazi rallies she filmed for
Triumph of the Will was the unity and the egolessnes and the rhythm of the
crowd. Fuck egolessness! egoless people are ripe for a screwing. what
needs to be done is a massive change in the economic and political system,
and we haven't quite even figured out what that needs to be, never mind how
to get people to listen to and vote or fight for it... (I know that it

has to embrace chaos. I also know that pure anarchism or libertarianism
isn[t it...)

house.34.436: graduate of the Institute of African Shamanic Technologies (kreth) Wed 23 Nov 94 20:05

I have to agree with RU about the "thou shalt have no other rhythm save
rave/house" shtick. 130+ beats per minute doesn't work for everyone, just
the same way that 88 or less bpm doesn't work for everyone. On the
ceremonial, spiritual, work, play, dance, whatever side - it's obvious that
different rhythms have different purposes in life.

"Chock full of chaotic goodness in every bite!"

(wandering downstairs to read that recent Peter Drucker article in The
Atlantic Monthly, about "Transformation")

house.34.437: research assistant in the Department of African Shamanic Technologies (cubensis) Wed 23 Nov 94 20:48

this topic is so awesome. the people who form this community have so much
to teach-- I wish some of these threads were available to the outside world.

does anyone here think mass-distribution of such threads would be
destructive? The stuff I see on alt.rave and (when it was hoppin')
alt.culture.zippies had some great criticisms, but nothing so thought-
provoking as some of the threads seen here, IMHO

house.34.438: Ray Navarra - Megatripolis (megatrip) Wed 23 Nov 94 22:26

I think a distinction should be made regarding the balladic/oral music
forms which encompass lower BPM lyrical melody and the higher BPM
shamanic trance music. The latter produces all activities attributed to
voudon rights with OBE's, ecstatic reveries and marathon dance sessions.
Obviously any technology can be misused ref Nazi Youth which is why Dei
says "Rave-Music-Tranceploration might get you into a pomo-voudon reverie
but without a personal integration with social action it is mere
meminglessness". There is much to be learnt from these "egoless" states,
but in the end it does boil down to having an earth-positive humanist
social agenda.

house.34.439: Ethan O'Brien (ethanob) Wed 23 Nov 94 23:07


house.34.440: vegan thanksgiving (cubensis) Thu 24 Nov 94 07:36

Well, It snowed last night here in D.C., and it's the first Thanksgiving I'm
home with family in years--- so I feel all warm and syrupy...

So, I'd like to say I'm thankful for whatever silly notions in this
idealistic head of mine keep me optimistic in the face of so much
devastation on the planet.

"Turn on your lovelight.. let it shine! Let it shine!"

house.34.441: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Thu 24 Nov 94 08:52

to our ongoing ruminations . . .
the concept of "fast thought" continues to intrigue me - by that i mean
we've all had the experience of trying to explain something to someone who
just doesn't seem to be getting whatever point we're trying to make this i
call "slow thought" and the opposite experience is when someone seems to be
grasping your points and responding to them even before you can fuly
articulate them, this i consider to be "fast thought" adding the global
rapid fire interchange of ideas, evolving thoughts and shared insight and
experience brings us to this forum - a refuge of dewey-eyed romantics if
ever there was one

happy thanksgiving all - i'm off to align with a bunch of turkeys and
probably engage in a hefty bout of canabilism - waste not want not

house.34.442: let it shine (cubensis) Thu 24 Nov 94 13:33

sitting back and sucking pie off my teeth, I'm browsing my electronic copy
of _The Temporary Autonomous Zone_ on the powerbook, the dew still making my
ey a little watery, and I run accross the quote at the beginning of the TAZ

"...this time however I come as the victorious Dionysus, who will turn the
world into a holiday...Not that I have much time..."

--Nietzsche (from his last "insane" letter to Cosima Wagner)

time for more cool whip.

house.34.443: Ray Navarra - Megatripolis (megatrip) Thu 24 Nov 94 14:28

an electronic version of TAZ!! hmm, can I have a slice? Copyright-free
syrup over some ontological pie. This turkey would love a copy.

house.34.444: let it shine (cubensis) Thu 24 Nov 94 18:01

another on my list of tool-providing heroes, {jonl}, made the full TAZ file
available here on the WELL a few weeks ba... thanks jon!

type: g fringeware

then: menu

and follow the commands to download item #21

(watch out it is over 200k, so if you're at 2400 or something you've got a
wait in store

house.34.445: Ray Navarra - Megatripolis (megatrip) Fri 25 Nov 94 18:40

Here is fraser's response to the Bruce Eisner affair.

After aggreeing to
post a retraction after a "heart to heart" telephone conversation with me,
Bruce had after more than a week, still not responded publicly, So
herewith my correction - Fraser Clark:

1. The Parallel University where Bruce gave his lecture is a tasty little
warehouse fully equipped with video projector, crisp sound system etc and
liberally covered with couches, chairs and mega-scatter-cushions. Over my
years in the rave scene I've been involved in many events in "dumps".
This is no dump, and my sympathies go out to Chad and Simone (of Mondo
Vanilli) whose place it is.

2. I suppose one person's creative cooperative Chaos is another's

3. The "herbal ecstasy" was on sale in the main Megatripolis club across
the road. The marketers of this totally natural, totally legal product
(and indeed FDA approved) had been enquiring for weeks to be allowed to
sell it in the club. I had personally vetoed it because I thought that,
by calling it ecstasy they were still somewhat glamourising Ex. But, on
the night when Ex was the main subject of intelligent discussion, I
considered its presence enitirely approporiate. And still do.

4. Both the zippy who wrote our voice mail piece and the zippy who read
the words assure me no such statement was made - and why on earth should
it?! I was personally involved in writing the fliers and press releases
and I KNOW (and can prove) they made no such statement.

Nevertheless, while I'm 100% certain it was not said, I DO confess that,
after seriously trying to put myself in Bruce's position, we SHOULD have
been more sensitive to any possible misunderstanding and put more space
between the announcement of his lecture and the sale of herbal ecstasy.
People who have put themselves on the line bravely and determinedly should
be treated with that little extra care and sensitivity. I apologise

5. Bruce had indeed not been paid. When I called and explained that our
tiny admin staff have been stretched to the limit handling the Pronoia
Tour, the Grand Canyon Mega Rave, and launching and running a large
regular Saturday club in SF and asked him why he had never called our
attention to it, he seemed to take the point. I have now arranged for his
fee to be forwarded to him.

6. I had not been made aware that it was because of Bruce that Ronin
Publishing hired us to produce the Tim Leary book rave (their name).
Thanks, Bruce! Since this was some time after your talk, I conclude your
experience there WAS rewarding!

7. There's no room here for all the details of the Tim Leary event.
Suffice to say that I have had several dealings with Tim over the years,
including producing an early Acid House track with him 6 years ago called
"Origins of Dance/The Grid" on my own evolution^ label which cracked the
UK Top 100. Also Peter Booth Lee, our genial Professor Paradox in the
Parallel University, has had family connections with Tim going back
decades. Further, when I discussed the Internet Invasion of the UK with
Tim 12 days before the book rave he was very enthusiastic and told me he'd
"waited all my life to invade the UK"} He said it again during the launch

Far from being "coerced", then, Tim actually stayed at the club till 1.39
am (very late for him these days) and even jammed live with the Maruga
band. I judge the event to have been a great success which, besides
helping the planet, also helped Ronin and Tim to sell more books. Surely
all good stuff, no?

8. The Santa Cruz rave, organised by Epic Productions, was turned into a
free event in the final week because Epic could not secure their planned
second site. I was invited to talk on "The Future of Rave Culture" unpaid
at the afternoon site to I'd estimate 300-400 people.

The party on the beach was hours later and 20 miles away and had
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Epic or the Zippies. Indeed the first I
heard of the stabbings was the following afternoon in Santa Cruz. I was
with the head of Epic so I can vouch for the fact that it was all ews to
him too.

9. What the hell is "unpermitted land"? Who "permits" land? - that is
the whole point we intended to make at the Grand Canyon and I am PROUD
that our Mega Rave was neither "permitted" nor illegal by any fair reading
of the US constituion. Yes, the sheriff on the spot interpreted the event
as a "commercial event" because we had personally paid to hire the sound
system, but our position has been well quoted in Newsweek and elsewhere:
since we were not charging money, it was NOT a commercial event. Bruce, I
fear we shall all have to travel several thousand miles more before we can
reclaim our goddess-given rights to dance barefoot (or Bare!) on the grass
whenever the fancy takes us WITHOUT THE NEED OF A LICENCE!

10. For those who want a more balanced report on the Zippy Mega Rave,
check out a hilarious and reasonably balanced description over 7 pages in
the December OUTDOOR mag. Or check the current URB.

11. The High Times reporter could only have been Sarah Ferguson who was
actually covering this event for Rolling Stone. I haven't spoken to her
since your outburst so I can't comment. But she joined us in New York, at
the Rainbow Gathering in Wyoming, in San Francisco, and in Arizona so
perhaps she finally did get fed up with us!

Bruce, it's easy to cast aspersions but it takes pages to corrrect them..
If you react emotionally to this CORRRECTION with another fusillade I
shall not respond. Attacking people on our own side (even with all their
faults) without giving them an opportunity to respond first personallly,
is close to an eco-crime in our current crisis.

All my love, Fraser Clark ( Bruce, please note the spelling)

house.34.446: Robert Lauriston (duck) Sat 26 Nov 94 10:10

What a remarkable display of solipsism and irresponsibility.

BTW, there's an interesting piece in the latest New Republic on the
reality of pronoia (a psychiatric disorder characterized by the
irrational belief that others wish one well). It can apparently be
pretty debilitating. One real-world example given was a professor who
attached what he thought was a letter of recommendation to his tenure
application; in fact, except for formula pleasantries in the opening
and closing of the letter, it was a scathing attack on his work.

house.34.447: jonl (jonl) Sat 26 Nov 94 12:25

That's wonderful!

house.34.448: RUSirius (rusirius) Sat 26 Nov 94 12:36

So duck, what you're trying to say is that you fully support the zippies and
your sure that everything will work out perfectly by Christmas?

house.34.449: Ray Navarra - Megatripolis (megatrip) Sat 26 Nov 94 12:40

PRONOIA MAILING: The feeling that posting an emotional rant to 35 million
people might do you some good.
FLAMENOIA: That sinking feeling, when you realise that those 35 million
people don't care for you therapist and you realise that you've just
burnt your bridges.

in a virtual world we can expect more vertigo - emotion hits the internet.

house.34.450: Ray Navarra - Megatripolis (megatrip) Sat 26 Nov 94 12:46

Here's the latest INTERNET INVASION schtik:

News Release Friday 25 November:

Zippy Internet Invasion of the UK did not encourage British Intelligence
Security Breaches.

The outrageous accusations made by British Press today implying that the
penetration of the British Intelligence and Defense Department was
instigated or in any way encouraged by the Zippy Internet Invasion are
entirely without foundation and merit.

The release of sensitive MI5 and MI6 documents onto the internet is in no
way an adjunct to our call for a Global Vote against the Criminal Justice
Act via Internet. The Zippy Internet Invasion is purely a virtual and
symbolic act to protest the denial of basic human rights in the United
Kingdom, such as the right to assemble and the banning of "sounds wholly
or predominantly characterized by the emission of a succession of
repetitive beats".

We would like to draw all concerned parties' attention to a quote from our
protest document released into Usenet forums since the 5th November.

*Note: We are not attempting to gridlock the ENTIRE system but to rather
bring pressure to bear upon the United Kingdom and its citizens.*

While we are sympathetic to the frustrations and genuine anger experienced
by many in the Internet Community to this monumental breach of security by
*Hacker Democrats without any special technical expertise*, these are
wholly personal acts by individuals unknown to us. We have never
supported the endangering of any nations security or defense apparatus.

We have no more of a clue as to the source of this secure information than
does the press. And any claim that the *Backbone of Britain* mapping sites
was relayed by our Megatripolis Network or passed on with any malicious
intent to create civil disturbance is both spurious and a slur against
peace loving global citizens everywhere.

We would like to make one thing clear however, the passing of
anti-democratic legislation such as the Criminal Justice Act and the
continued violation of the basic human rights of British Citizens, will
inevitably create the atmosphere for such reckless behavior. The Zippy
Internet Invasion expresses its empathy for all victims of this creeping
repression of basic human freedoms.

These developments in the United Kingdom will in no way deflect our
struggle to protect the rights of ravers everywhere. The Internet Invasion
Global-Vote against the Criminal Justice Act continues.


house.34.451: let it shine (cubensis) Sat 26 Nov 94 14:15

what have you done?

I have not heard of this yet except for {megatrip}'s post, but if the
British Press did blame the Zippies, then you have fallen right into the
trap I warned you of, mates. Aggression is a game of the dominator culture,
and they play it VERY WELL. That was my point in oppossing your "invasion".

I would not be surprised if the whole deal was a set-up by MI5, in order to
allow the Tabloids to smear the zippies, much as early rave press in th UK
screamed about "drug-orgies of children strangling bunny-rabbits".. etc..

You picked up the saber against the emperor, young Luke, and you are paying
the price for flirting with the dark side... what that price ends up,
being, I don't know... but I hope for ALL of our sakes the damage is not

Fraser knows better, when his ego is not attached. I'll post an excerpt of
the interview I did with him in April, when I was considering joining the
Zippy Pronoia Tour to U.S. He says it all...

"The Prince Charles camp, the Oxbridge graduate pot-smoker types, see that a
redistribution of power, wealth and all the rest of it needs to happen, and
they're trying to work it so it happens peacefully. They are prepared to go
along with change, as long as it's peaceful, and by consent, and in a happy,
fun sort of manner. I think they back us, because it's a chance for
peaceful change. The last thing they want to do is antagonize the Zippy-
types. They'd be stupid to bang us in the head. You've just said they're
intelligent, right? The only real danger we face is the rouge elephant, the
old CIA Christian fundamentalist type."

Well, instead of dogding the dinosaur as it falls, old chap, it seems you
have pinched it on the testicle.

All my lovebeams to you-- I hope you won't need them.

house.34.452: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Sat 26 Nov 94 22:14

we could always hope that the dinosaur had remembered to wear a cup!

house.34.453: let it shine (cubensis) Sun 27 Nov 94 09:27

I found the following on alt.rave:

"Seriously though, the *last* thing us UK cyber-surfers need is a bunch of
Americans mail-bombing our government computers. There has recently been
a serious security breach at BT (our national telephone company) where
details of secret UK government telecomms installations were sent to a
journalist via Internet e-mail. Although the actual security breach was
committed by a disgruntled worker inside the telco, the press are making
much comment over the Internet being involved in this hack.

Already there are bogus rumours going about that this 'Zippy
net-invasion' is in some way linked with the compromising of BT's
computer system...

The UK Government will be most pleased to be able to dream up some
'international hackers/hippies/ravers/squatters/hunt sabs' conspiracy to
help them get support for the CJA as well get the spotlight off the poor
security procedures employed at the telephone company....."

house.34.454: Andrew Brown (andrewb) Sun 27 Nov 94 14:01

AS a journalist who works on the paper which broke the British security
nonsense, I might inject a little reality here. The first is that, so far as
I know, the whole "cyber-invasion" has gone completely un-noticed inthis
country. Whether this has anything to do with the fact that there are no
email addresses publically known for any Conservative member of parliament,
I don't know. Whether it has anything to do with the fact that the email
invasion was not launched until after the bill had become law, I don't know
Unfortunately the telephone company story is scarcely more substantial than
the great email invasion of a country where none of the legislators actually
have email addreses to invade. The truth appears to be that the freelance
who brought us the story was not informed by someone inside BT that security
was lax: he signed up for a two month contract there with the intention f
stealing as much of the confidential databases as he could. Password
security was -- obviously-- lax. But it was not as lax as he made it appear,
and he seems to have smuggled out the sensitive data on a floppy or two.
Some of it was subsequently emailed to various hacker types. Steven Fleming,
the freelance involved claims that the big list of security service
installations and their phone numbers is on an archive site somewhere on the
net, encrypted, and will be released if he is busted.
I have no idea whether this is true. It is infantile enough that it might
be. However, the claim that this information was ever "released on the
Internet" or that the net played any part in its acquisition seems false. I
don';tt think that sending something as email counts as releasing it over
the net. Or at least it shouldn't.
Apologies for any typoes: I am doing this on line.
Andrew brown

house.34.455: let it shine (cubensis) Sun 27 Nov 94 14:17

have I mentioned recently how much I love the WELL?

I love the WELL!

house.34.456: Ray Navarra - Megatripolis (megatrip) Sun 27 Nov 94 15:14

Thank goodness its all virtual, I was beginning to get a trifle worried
about the reality factor. Vertigo ergo sum. It's reassuring to know that
the following list of British MP's posted onto USenet is not public

(a recent "invasion" posting)
Conservative Party MP for Dover and Deal -
Labour Party Leader - Address Two for Labour
Leader - Labour MP for Cambridge - Liberal Party Leader

plus assorted UK MP's & officials - Bernie Grant - Andrew Bennett - David Boothroyd - Robert Burrage

REASON: The Criminal Justice & Public Order Act of Britain effectively
BANS the holding of Rave in the UK and HAS REVOKED BRITISH CITIZENS' RIGHT

METHOD: Use the Internet to Register your Protest and to Cast A GLOBAL


1. The web site run by the UK government's
computer department has a feedback page. You can address a protest message
to the government there.

2: Send your protest to British Companies. Another way to register your
protest is to send your message to people who support the UK Government
Financially. If they find that world opinion is against them, then they
will pass on your message to their friends in Parliament. United Kingdom
Commercial e-mail addresses are available via publications such as New
Rider's Official Internet Yellow Pages and other resource lists.

3. Snail Mail: Finally, If you want to ensure that your protest reaches
the Prime Minister then print it on some paper, put it in an envelope and
post it to Mr J Major, 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA, United

Recognizing that the principle involved in the
British Criminal Justice Act , involves the banning of "gatherings of more
than 10 people on public land" and may eventually be introduced into my
home country and by extension of the same principle may prohibit Internet
"gatherings" in the public land of Cyberia, we, the Undersigned, protest
with all our hearts and will. And we implore you to do all in your power
to erase this shameful bill and its intention from planetary

Signed: [your e-mail address] Note: We are not attempting to gridlock the
ENTIRE system but to rather bring pressure to bear upon the United Kingdom
and its citizens.

BACKGROUND TO THE Public Order section of the "Criminal Justice and Public
Order Act of GREAT BRITAIN" CAN BE FOUND AT THE following URL or previous postings on
alt.rave and

For info on UK Government plans for the Internet (Wired Whitehall):

For Information on British MP's:
URLs:*|Con Lab L Dem Oth |C maj|

The UK Treasury:

others UK government URL's can be found at:


house.34.457: Robert Lauriston (duck) Sun 27 Nov 94 17:48

"public land of Cyberia"? It all looks private from here.

house.34.458: MewTent (kreth) Sun 27 Nov 94 19:39


house.34.459: Ray Navarra - Megatripolis (megatrip) Sun 27 Nov 94 21:16

expect a sudden influx of novelty as cyberspace gets serious.

zippies are hacking the ontological mainframe.

house.34.460: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Mon 28 Nov 94 02:14

Yo! Mr. Reporter! Well? Are those real email addresses?

house.34.461: Andrew Brown (andrewb) Mon 28 Nov 94 04:24

Yes they are. I apologise, for one of them is in fact a conservative MP, and
thus someone who might have had his mind changed had the campaign started
before the bill was passed. All the others are opposition MPs,
whose opinions are irrelevant under our our system :-)
Paddy Ashdown is admittedly the leader of a small opposition party, but I have nevr found any indication that anyone actually reads the mailbox set up in his name. There are a total of 635 MPs

house.34.462: Andrew Brown (andrewb) Mon 28 Nov 94 04:30

a quick further check of the list of email addresses suggests two are
officials rather than MPs at all. Bernie Grant and Andrew BennBennett are
north London labourt MPs. damn telnet. It's like typihjng donw a rubber band
this morning.

house.34.463: Ray Navarra - Megatripolis (megatrip) Mon 28 Nov 94 14:30

word is that although the CJA has been passed, not all clauses go into
affect immediately and that the whole caboodle will be phased in gently
until the New Year. A window of opportunity if ever I saw one to make an
international protest. Consider it as Major's crossing that line in the
sand. The introduction of the Apartheid Laws in the old parliament of South
Africa did not give them any added moral standing nor deter local and global
protests until they were done away with completely earlier this year.
Methinks the tories have finally given up any pretense at good government.

house.34.464: let it shine (cubensis) Mon 28 Nov 94 19:41

UK Home Secrary Michael Howard = former US Secretary of Interior James Watt?

hmmmmmmm.... could they be one and the same? They're definitely the

WRONG ELEMENT for progression towards good government/democracy, etc..

house.34.465: Ray Navarra - Megatripolis (megatrip) Mon 28 Nov 94 20:34

Critical Mass reached after butterfly wing chaos flapping by zippies.
The international internet invasion of the uk seems to have taken an
interesting turn with local UK groups crossposting our memes:

Newsgroups: alt.politics.british,alt.activism,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.
+ revolution.counter,alt.activism,alt.society.anarchy,alt.society.
+ civil-liberties,alt.society.resistance,alt.society.civil-liberty,
+ revolution,alt.politics.british,alt.politics.libertarian
Subject: Re: Criminal Justice Bill, UK
Followup-To: alt.politics.british,alt.activism,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.
+ revolution.counter,alt.activism,alt.society.anarchy,alt.society.
+ revolution,alt.politics.british,alt.politics.libertarian

with personalised addendums like this one:

"I agree, but one of the points of the original message being posted is
that concerned individuals outside of the UK who obviously can't join
demos can protest to various political figures in the UK through the
e-mail addresses given."

"Incidently I have just heard that the first New Age travellers have been
arrested under the Criminal Justice Bill. I'm not sure of the facts but I
believe it was 6 or 7 people camping on public (?) land in Scotland in
assorted vehicles and were asked to leave. When they said they had
nowhere else to go the police arrested them."

THIS is really the worlds first experiment in fractal politics.
Pronioa hits the internet and the internet "Gulliver" wakes up.

house.34.466: let it shine (cubensis) Mon 28 Nov 94 22:30

But what about these little buggers who keep wrapping thread around my

house.34.467: Ray Navarra - Megatripolis (megatrip) Mon 28 Nov 94 23:10

Entoad them all!

did he say Encode?

No that's what paranoid cypherpunks do!

Oh! He must have meant turn them into amphibians.

Mmmm, does that mean a powerbook is capable of Magic?

Yes, its not surprising, hitting the delete key could be termed
"sympathetic magic"

house.34.468: Fuzzy Logic (phred) Tue 29 Nov 94 01:13

The first arrests have already been made under the CJA, not just of
outside events and travellers but also in some clubs. The rave sections
are scarcely the only execrable parts of the legislation; a significant
change also occurred, for example, in the rules of arrest and self-
incrimination, which were the subject of an editorial in today's New
York Times. Basically, anything you do not state in your defense when
you are arrested can be excluded from your defense when you go to trial.

I wonder how closely the Republicans are reading the CJA and considering
how to implement its concepts if not the specific provisions in the next
crime bill . . .

house.34.469: Robert Lauriston (duck) Tue 29 Nov 94 11:03

They'd have to amend the Constitution, a nice check on legislative power
for which there's no UK equivalent.

house.34.470: let it shine (cubensis) Tue 29 Nov 94 11:30

yeh, {duck}-- like how the Constitution protects us from eroding Miranda
rights, cops planting dope on longhairs, good cop/bad cop, etc etc...

house.34.471: KT Lytle (finn2) Tue 29 Nov 94 11:36


house.34.472: Ray Navarra - Megatripolis (megatrip) Tue 29 Nov 94 11:59

In a nut shell, Britains lack of a defendable Bill of Rights and its
present democratic crisis will provide a test case for international law.
The REAL question is: Do we have a duty to spread the "highest social
achievements" of our civilisation to all areas of society? Or is there a
logic behind a "Prime Directive" of non-interfearance? To put it another
way. Was there a moral and constitutional reason for the USA intervening
in WW2 against the Fascist Axis? And if such a constitutional precedent
or obligation exists, are we neglecting our duties as US citizens in not
ffighting injustices everywhere?

After years of doing the wrong thing for the right reason, (a cold war),
are we all so jaded by notions of politcal idealism that the "cry wolf"
syndrome might actually be the main reason for the Wests Ideological


house.34.473: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Tue 29 Nov 94 16:49

I'm sorry, I don't do "fractal" politics. Can't answer.

house.34.474: let it shine (cubensis) Tue 29 Nov 94 21:48

I just watched the documentary "War Room" about the 92 Clinton campaign.
What we need is a genetic crossbreed between James Carville and Jean-Luc
Picard... get him into the rave vibe, and set him loose on the
conservative, neo-fascist elite in both the States and the UK...

"Its evolution, stupid."

house.34.475: let it shine (cubensis) Tue 29 Nov 94 22:00

not that I condone the use of terms like "War Room"... :-)

house.34.476: Robert Lauriston (duck) Wed 30 Nov 94 10:20

Carville's vocabulary and syntax would certainly be no problem.

house.34.477: Ray Navarra - Megatripolis (megatrip) Wed 30 Nov 94 10:40

Hmmm, two exceptional propoganda pics - one for the New Age, the other
for the New World Order.

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its SuperZippy!

house.34.478: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Thu 1 Dec 94 01:15

I'd feel like Lady MacBeth if I had to shake Carville's hand; that guy can
do a good job but he's got the morals of a 2-by-4.

house.34.479: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Thu 1 Dec 94 08:47

nonsense, a 2-by-4 has structural integrity . . .

house.34.480: M (miga) Thu 1 Dec 94 13:45

Heh! On that note, I'm going to freeze this topic and roll it over. In the
house music conference, the Zippies Saga continues in topic 54. Hosts of
Wired and Fringeware, link away!


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