The Tour, Part I:
Zippies In New York City

house.34.107: Knowledge (aasgaard) Fri 3 Jun 94 11:32


house.34.108: John Bagby (cubensis) Tue 7 Jun 94 15:34

The following is an excerpt from a Fraser Clark interview:

The ambience of a Zippy rave event, Megatripolis for
instance, really creates feelings of community. The
expanded consciousness of the dancers promotes an almost
mystical or religious experience. This happens all the time
at Grateful Dead shows. People enter ecstatic shamanic
states, and have genuine transcendental experiences. I read
a recent interview with Jerry Garcia in which he commented
on the responsibility of the artist, because of the
potential impact or imprint upon peopleUs minds while in
such a vulnerable state. He said if he started to think
about controlling the power he had as a performer, somehow
tried to fiddle around with it, then it would be perilously
close to fascism. What are your thoughts on this?

ItUs an even bigger responsibility in the house scene.
People must realize that this power will be exercised by
somebody; whether it be corporate promoters, the government,
or us. If we stand back and donUt channel the energy, weUre
losing the battle on a very significant front. WhatUs
important to remember is that you have to be careful it
doesnUt have any double meanings, because the Universe canUt
spell, and mistakes can happen.
WeUve been doing this for the last five years, and I
saw immediately that the incessant beat of the house music
does decondition people, and sort of empty their minds of
previous negative stuff,and theyUre wide open to being
imprinted. ThatUs the power of it. All I can say is we
have to make sure the good guys are putting out the
messages, and not the bad guys, you know? I donUt have any
qualms about it because there are a lot of bad guys out
there. We can worry too much about these kind of danger
now, itUs like a drowning man worrying about catching cold.

NOTE: sorry, folks.. pronoia access means strange conversions...
The "U"s should be apostrophes.

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house.34.110: Shred the serious bandwidth (eallen) Wed 8 Jun 94 17:08

You don't-you only know after the bad guys have screwed you.

house.34.111: a Bee Czar (spiros) Wed 8 Jun 94 20:58


house.34.112: harry (jcgsu) Thu 9 Jun 94 19:15

!s'rola tuZ !edrem ;{

house.34.113: pronoid dance-o-phrenic (cubensis) Thu 9 Jun 94 21:21

Just a reminder-- the newsletter for the Zippies' Tour can be subscribed to
by e-mailing me--

Our Central Park press conference was a karmic success, as well as a great
exposure to the NYC and international press. Our new event this Wednesday
at Wetlands in Manhattan will feature Deee-Lite and Terence McKenna.

Come and join the conspiracy to commit random acts of pronoia.

house.34.114: if there ain't no love then it ain't no use (miga) Mon 13 Jun 94 21:16

Thanks, John. Can you post part of the newsletter here? [or I can if
it'd be more convenient.]

house.34.115: John Bagby (cubensis) Tue 14 Jun 94 14:51

an open letter from Mark Heley of CLUBLIFE in San Francisco

*** The founding Toon Town master of ceremonies has composed a statement
addressing some of the concerns coming out of the SF rave scene regarding
Zippy intent. ***

Here are some highlights:

RSo are we dealing with a commercial interloper, or do these folk have
something interesting to say... something interesting to do...and a point?
Is this just more hype, clever marketing dressing upthe same Tol? Even
worse, are we being sold what we already
Firstly, cultural pioneers or flavor of the month? The former, withno
shadow of a doubt. Evolution and Encyclopaedia Psychedelica [parent
publications of the Zippy meme] have been the backbone and central nervous
system of the British House underground since it
began-- and the psychedelic neo-pagan culture before it. I am extremely
wary of the notion of authenticity-- after all, who s job
is it to decide what is fake and what is real? In my opinion, authority
must ultimately rest with the individual, not some self-elected clique or
cultural elite.

But my opinion is: this is the real shit... for the love of it, for global

DonUt dismiss them until youUve met them.

The Pronoia Tour represents an opportunity for healing our scene [San
Francisco] at a deep level and catalyzing our deeply felt desires to make a
difference under a global banner. DonUt be distracted by the fact that the
Zippies come from Britain. This is merely aconvenient, organic focal point
from which a worldwide net iscoalescing. You are no less authentic and real
a Zippy if you are American, Balinese or Inuit Eskimo-- donUt let anyone
else tell you otherwise.

Sure, in a couple of years the Zippy word will be tired- just as the rave
word is tired now. But the rave word served its purpose, letsuse the Zippy
hype in the same way.. and after all, isnUt what we are experiencing just a
little stronger than words?S

-Mark Heley
San Francisco
Clublife Magazine
(bay area rhythm culture zine)

house.34.116: John Bagby (cubensis) Tue 14 Jun 94 14:56

Here is the most recent newsletter--
T H E M E M E T I C I A N ' S H A N D B O O K

June 12, 1994
Issue number -4- of the OFFICIAL

**** ZIPPY PRONOiA* TOUR TO US electronic newsletter ****

PRONOiA - The sneaking suspicion that others are conspiring
behind your back to help you (and you them)

**** Our psyche is part of nature, and its enigma is as
limitless **** -Carl Jung

To subscribe / submit questions or feedback,
please e-mail the editor:


1 - a note from the editor
2 - NYC gigs
3 - Tour announcements / enhancements

1 - a note from the editor

Dear fellow pronoids--

It's been a week since the first beach head was established
here on the East Coast. NYC is this cold, hard city, right?

Not if you're pronoid.

We've been jacked into the core of the cultural matrix in
such cauldrons as Liquid Sky, Greenwich Village, Soho and
more... The NYC natives sense Zippies are filled with the
light side of the force. The Death Star is doomed.

New gigs in the NYC underground scene will send us off
towards the Rocky Mountains at the end of June, and points

2 - NYC gigs

This week, every night is Zippy night!

June 15 The Wetlands (161 Hudson Street)
8:30 p.m. till late

Lady Miss Kier
Soul Slinger
S * A * M
The Tea Party
Night Vision

Terence McKenna
Steven Hager (High Times Editor)
Planet Generation
and more...

June 16 238 E. 3rd Street ,9pm (DJ Dimitri, DJ Spooky, etc...)

June 18 Prospect Park, Brooklyn

1 - 8 p.m. GROUNATION concert ***FREE***

A gathering of Roots percussions and DJs united to deliver
the One Love message and vibration: all communities
represented in NYC will join in. Drums from the Carribeans,
South America, Africa, UnitedStates, Haiti, Brazil, the
American Rainbow Family, Jamaican Nyabinghis-- and many more.
Every conscious individual is invited to bring their drum and
share in the unity for justice and peace. An international
gathering of poets will participate.

For info CALL/FAX Ms. Janet Rienstra: (212) 219 2060

... and later that night...

Manhattan Center, 10 p.m. till late



FEATURING: The Liquid Sky Posse and The Zippies

HOThothothothothothotLINE: (212) 226 0657

********** ********** ********** ********** **********

3- tour announcements / enhancements


The following are BOOKED events, with additional dates TBA:

June 15 Pronoia Tour Kickoff. Wetlands, NYC

June 18 Grounation, Prospect Park
Jungle Warriors Rave, Manhattan Center

June 24 High A(l)ttitude Zippy Rave
at Ground Zero
Boulder, Colorado
With: Ram Das, American Gypsy Theater

June 25 ***TENATIVE***
Gothic Theatre
Denver, Colorado

July 1-7 Rainbow GatheRave
Rainbow Gathering, Wyoming
(limited posse-- DO NOT COME FOR A RAVE
come to SURVIVE in the woods)

July 8-10 Indian Summer Rave
Oregon County Fair
Eugene, Oregon

July 12 Zippies in Canada
Vancouver, B.C.

July 16 Zippies in Canada
Vancouver, B.C.

July 23 Zippies RavinU in Cruz
Santa Cruz, California
Hosted by Epic Productions

Aug 21-28 Paradigm Jumping off the Grand Canyon Rave
World Unity Festival, South Rim of Grand Canyon


Any Qs or comments call our NY HQ at: (212) 927 6384
Fax there, too, addressed to "john" or e-mail me.

house.34.117: smiles in the morning (tow) Tue 14 Jun 94 22:56


house.34.118: Fuzzy Logic (phred) Wed 15 Jun 94 06:11

On the contrary, the scene definitely needs some healing, but I don't

know whether the coming of the Zippies will catalyze that.

house.34.119: Robert Lauriston (duck) Wed 15 Jun 94 10:15

I donUt think so.

house.34.120: smiles in the morning (tow) Wed 15 Jun 94 10:17


house.34.121: Fuzzy Logic (phred) Wed 15 Jun 94 13:28

I went to my first commercial SF party in several months on Saturday night
and it was apparent that the scene is overdue for a renovation. Bad
vibes, bad sound, no new presentation or participation concepts. Time
to move forward!

house.34.122: gregor markowitz (muddy) Thu 16 Jun 94 08:47

That's not very PRONOID brother. There are still countless ways to sell
alcohol. Get with the PROgram. This is cultural king of the money
mountain so your one puny voice is proudly one little building block
on the glossy epic cultural machine pyramid. Now go indoors, lock your
windows, lie back and think of england, turn the music up louder than
100 human voices and await instructions. We can save the world, brother,
if we just discipline ourselves to turn it up as loud as possible for
as long as possible.
Rockemsockem raveBOTS. Maybe they will eventually get it that mass
media is inherently serving the interests of control, while intimate
media is where real people communicate real ideas.

house.34.123: Robert Lauriston (duck) Thu 16 Jun 94 09:47

Let's save the world.

Okay. Where should we start?

I dunno ... hey, I've got it! In *nightclubs*!

Yeah! To the ramparts!

house.34.124: Knowledge (aasgaard) Thu 16 Jun 94 11:43


house.34.125: Zippity-do-dah (cubensis) Thu 16 Jun 94 14:35

Right on and welcome back brother muddy! We'll be hugging in two weeks!

Last night was the first major Zippy event to take place in
America. The Wetlands gig in NYC was an eclectic gathering
filled with optimism, humor and energy. As Terence McKenna
said to a rapt audience of New York's hippest and funkiest:

"Every 50 years or so, society needs liberation from the
forces of fascism. All the nations that took part in
destroying fascism 50 years ago on D-Day have been infected
by the pieces of what they tore apart. Now, 50 years later,
a vanguard of liberators has secured a beach head on the east
coast of America, and has begun to work it's way inland along
the Hudson.... None of us are consciously choosing this
moment to try and direct the energies of youth culture. The
moment has chosen us."

A rousing speech by Steven Hager, editor of High Times
magazine primed the crowd for McKenna. Hager gave an elegant
speech on the evils of the dominator culture, which keeps
nature's herbal medicines locked away with archaic political

Downstairs after the "parallel university" raps, an animated
discussion took place on such subjects as natural shamanic
versus drug-induced enlightenment, the power of love, and
politics of music. Participants included: Terence McKenna;
Fraser Clark, Des O'Leary and John Bagby of the Zippies;
Michael John of the Rainbow Family; and John Perry Barlow of
the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Our next gig is
underground tonite. Next week: Zippies in Colorado!

house.34.126: hearty haha... (jcgsu) Thu 16 Jun 94 20:52

congratulations cubensis and zippy-co you have apparently managed to sell
sand to the Arab's. Dance music and T.McK huh...

the re-packaging of an old 'meme' as you are fond of putting it...and its
turning a profit too (I bet Carlos was happy ;)

house.34.127: Fuzzy Logic (phred) Thu 16 Jun 94 23:03

Was #122 aimed at what I said, muddy? I'm a little confused about what
you are driving at.

Here's my take on it. When the mood strikes me, I *stand* up, *open*
the windows and play the music that moves me from around the world --
much of the it coming from the UK, as it happens at the moment.
I take instructions from no one, and offer only this piece of wisdom:

Let your mind be your sun.

house.34.128: Knowledge (aasgaard) Thu 16 Jun 94 23:27


house.34.129: gregor markowitz (muddy) Fri 17 Jun 94 06:21

I'm sorry {phred} to use your line out of context - the thought just
stuck in my brain. I keep forgetting that the new folk music is not
remembered in people's heads and sung with others who know the song
but stored on cd-roms. I just have to get a bigger sound system (although
my sterio is already bigger than yours) because my own head has it's own
song and the resulting high amplitude sound mix would be pure cacophany.
If we lived on the same block, I doubt our neighbors would be allowed
any song at all, except ours, of course.
Milk maids, the women who used to milk the cows on dairy farms, used to
remember the words and melodies to thousands of songs and they could
sing them along with other milk maids they never even met before!

The United States government has a trick which they used on me once
to deal with this situation. I throw an outdoor festival concert on
the DC capitol mall every year on July fourth. Back in the early
eighties, my show became very popular, James Watt was secretary of the
interior, and so they just built a MUCH BIGGER sound system and stage
and hired the Beach Boys to play - and put it on cable TV to boot.
Well, they simply stole my hard and long earned crowd with a similar
but totally watered down show.

All I'm saying is that the government of the US and other entities
have access to much larger and better sound systems than the richest
zippy and talent to back it up. In fact, they like groups with big
sound because the crowd is controlled. If there is any real trouble,
the cops either cut the wires or just take it over with their own
message. Who controls the MC controls the rave.

I can't subscribe to the zippy idea because my heart cannot bear to
see those younger but so close to me repeat my mistakes. I wish well
of the group and activities, though, because learning the hard way
is better than not learning at all. And I LIKE loud music! And I love
anybody that is doing just about ANYTHING is this world! Peace as
much as possible for as long as possible.

house.34.130: gregor markowitz (muddy) Fri 17 Jun 94 10:01

I need to add:

Getting in the mainstream media, MTV, Newsweek, Washington Post, etc.
is no trick at all. They are desperate for anything new culturally.
Most of what is really happening in the U.S. will not be in the
mass media, and if so the stories will be filled with misperceptions
and misleading information. This is because we mislead the
media on purpose to make them look like fools to those who know
the truth. You will never see an acurate story on MTV about the rainbow
The trick in America is to build freedoms and lifestyles in the
light of day, not in the footlights. I have an attorney who
threatens reporters who just go crazy when I turn down their attentions.

The winner in US culture in the 90's is the group that does the most
before the media vultures descend. As soon as that happens, you might
as well start something new.

Trying to "use the media" like Fraser Clark is like saying "we'll play
ball". But the field is tilted so drastically in the
direction of the owners of the media that the game is decided as
it begins. If Fraser Clark is not working for Catherine Graham or
the Oxford Cronies, then he will live to see himself ridiculed
and his media image will become a mop for the cutting room floor.
It's a lot easier to turn off the media spigot, for the media owners.
This year is the first taste of zippy in the news for us.
Now the same group will have a media jones - they will need
further shots of big media to keep it up. Are they willing to
pay the price for their addiction? Why not, they'll pay with

Oh, oh, oh if only the zips could do this and build on people
to people contact and grow strong while the pigs just sat sleeping.
Instead, the fledgling dancers will be ridiculed as anachronisms in the
big media. I wish the zippys were bigger people inside who didn't
need to get video seconds and column inches as proof that they are real.
Maybe someday someone will rise above to make healing instead of
being ripped to shreds as a spectacle in front of the youth's eyes.

We can only pray.


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