What Is the Sound of Electricity?

house.54.693: David Dei (megatrip) Tue 18 Apr 95 13:25

I think a cogent argument can also be made for the preservation of planet
earth for those who want death.- in as much as we cannot speak about
death in the absence of life, or salmon in the absence of a river,
likewise, death. We have not yet proven whether an afterlife if there
exists one, is independent of the genetic and epigenetic continuation of
the species. While the right to life fictions used to argue for the
rights of feotuses are tenable at best, seeing as though at the point at
which we ask the question, no viablity exists, surely this argument falls
away when we examine those who are already living and contemplate their
future rights, including the right to participate in some kind of
ancestral afterlife? We could contemplate here the first cryogenic
environmental lawsuit, or some such, at least there is money to attempt a
defence, and it seems that all future plans must fall away if the
viablity of human life is what is being questioned.

house.54.694: David Dei (megatrip) Tue 18 Apr 95 17:29

FROM MEMOLOGY - a work in progress by david dei

That the task is a great one, is but the drama of a beautiful story. In
searching for the unified field of dreams, in longing for an answer to the
question posed by history itself, we are like every great angelic
flowering of culture. To shoulder such a burden is both a blessing and a
curse, for we must not cease our efforts if our dreams are to continue
into the future, the dreaming and potential of this earthbound skyseeking
race of humans must not be a lost cause, a mistaken journey ending in
futility. It is my sincere belief that we can only speak of a heaven in as
much as their exists an earth. For without this place, we cannot claim to
be human, it is as much a part of us, as we are a part it, and our fate is
its fate.

The possibility of the death of our earth, presents us with an awesome
realization that there awaits us for all possibility upon our own death,
no salvation, but rather an extinction. We cannot speak of memory without
speaking of the genetic and epigenetic forms of our culture, and thus we
are finding gradually, that the existence of life is necessary for the
existence of death. All death is but a memory, a trace continued into the
great stream of our culture. We are like the salmon needing a stream in
which to grow, a stream in which to birth and die. And as much as we
cannot speak of salmon without speaking of water, we cannot speak of
humans without speaking of the earth.

It is indeed a great tragedy that many have stopped the great effort which
we refer to as the Good Society. Tending the great stream, seeing to it
that our dreams and memories continue into the future, flowing forward in
the fertility of creation. Instead what we see now, is like a great sigh
of woe, an unhappy heaviness of heart at the great burden which our
ancestors and forefathers have bequeathed. As if we somehow had fallen
under a spell contemplating history and finding no answer, contemplated
the future and seeing nothing ahead that we might long for, turned our
heads in shame and descended into the depression that is the fate today of
northern society.

How this came to be is a long and mystifying story related by a ton of
literature and great works, but ultimately resting on the few major events
shaping this twentieth century. I cannot for the life in me, find a
reason, why western civilisation in particular possesses such a fear of
what should by rights be the common good. Why at this late stage in the
20th century such pillars of the good society such as the united states,
fears the very concept of democracy is a problem that is beyond me.

Instead of efforts to reinvigorate and fine tune such a nobel idea,
extending and strengthening the work at every turn, we see concerted
attempts to dismantle political instruments that took hundreds of years to
come into being. Are we to dismantle in three or four years what 5000
years of toil and struggle by millions of individuals spent in effort

Are we to replace an inefficient representative government with a more
efficient cyber-oligarchy? In all of the NeoTofflerian Rhetoric sprouted
by the new-order republicans , I see not one democratic idea worthy of
merit. Instead of democratic extension, I see moves toward an even
greater pyramid executive. A congress that will all but disappear, in
favour of some nameless dictator preaching technopolis. A robotocised,
narcopresidency strengthened by line-item veto on all legislation, and
elected by a cabal of mediacontrolled megacorporations. We are not only in
danger of losing this Democracy of a United States , we are in danger of
losing any control whatsoever of the few trillion dollar supranational
organizations feeding on this beautiful planet.

And what is more disturbing, is the lack of human centered control of
these organisms, for what we have here is the "maximization of profits" in
its most extreme form. Cellular automata and A-life being the real state
of affairs here. In a trillion dollar a day world we achieve chaos theory
reality in economics, and humans, being inefficient creatures for decision
making on such a scale are dispensed with in favor of supercomputer
trading software. Trading our future with impudence. How are we to even
construct a view as to what has occured, when its ramifications and scope
are on a global scale, and we are hindered by weak global government.

We must, at the very least if all is not to be lost, achieve, a singular
revolution at the global level. For while tending the local level, we have
lost the first round of a global battle. Escaping the pitfalls of global
monarchy, (british empire) global deity (Catholicism), global athiesm
(communism) and global fascism (ww11) we have been outmaneuvered by global
capital (megacorporatism) involving capitalized A-life.

I do not think there can be any moral argument for the existence of
parasitic capital acceleration programs with no failsafe mechanism in
which the protection of life on this planet and indeed the rest of the
universe is given greater value.

On this question, all religions and philosophies concur.

What remains is for all people of heart and purpose to join in this
assurely great venture, the wonderful yet extreme battle for the existence
of life on this planet. A Great Global Reformation is needed, where we
achieve the defeat of the behemoth of unbridled capital and invoke a new
renaissance of world culture, a culture where life itself is the singular
most common point of dialogue

I cannot see any other commonality we share, for our experience is
diverse, and we have many differing maps and values. What matters is not
the forfeiture of any one cosmic or philosophic system over another, but
rather that we share in the human and mammalian diversity of this planet
and achieve a victory against the abstraction of mind, that is exemplified
in the rare but significant parasitic source code of these

The networked Crays and Supercomputers are no match for the ingenuity of
our basic cerebral humanity, but we have one achilles heel as old as time
- greed. We are literally as a species, capable of being bought by
capital, soul and all. For even the most rebellious american teenager,
would rather work at a pittance in the sweat shops of a night shift at
near to zero pay - one has only to see those poor souls at your local
kinkos or Macdonalds working for nothing at all hours of the day - rather
than not work at all. In a sink or swim, dog eat dog world, it is
inevitable that this situation occurs in this wealthiest of countries.
Economically we are reaching the point at which our most basic humanity
breaks down. It has become time for us to say, enough, there are definite
limits beyond which our species culture cannot continue in a viable form.

To be alienated, is to be cutoff from ones humanity, to be enslaved to the
abyss. Many of these individuals, for whom the singularity occured at
birth , have no hope of making their way back to the stream of dreaming,
they are forever lost in a world governed by an entirely alien landscape,
a landscape devoid of that most basic of human emotions - love.

Instead what we have is a generation for whom love is something
unimaginable, a generation who have no way of telling when it is that they
might have come across it. Everything is greeted with an equal amount of
fear and cynicism. And even the most intimate encounters are never devoid
of mistrust. At their barest and most naked, there exists the abyss, into
which they pour their dreams, unraveling the very fabric of time.

It is a brave but hopefully not futile task to venture methods by which
the youth of today may regain their happiness. We must find a cure for
this malaise of thought and purpose. And to do this we must not avoid
what is intrinsic to the survival of the entire species - love, sex,
intelligence. The simplest and noblest of vectors. Conversely all attempts
to move in the opposite direction should be avoided - we cannot have a
culture that preaches hate, celibacy, stupidity. For if there existed
three ideals by which our species has survived in the most basic and
biological sense it is these most mammalian of characteristics that has
afforded us the advantage.

We have loved and thus created cooperation, we have spread eros and thus
multiplied like the very sands of time, and we have praised intelligence
and wisdom thus insuring our culture always took the most considered and
fortunate path. For now, we have arrived at the epoch of vacillation where
humanity hesitates at the brink of victory.

- david dei san francisco april 18, 1995

house.54.695: Zippy Radio Blipvert (megatrip) Wed 19 Apr 95 02:13


The second Chemicasutra Technoerotic Expedition will be held this friday
from 9Pm to Dawn at the Museum of Exotica. see topic 544 in the Sex Conf
or dial 415 LAB 2323 for full details


house.54.696: Bryce Headroom (cubensis) Thu 20 Apr 95 18:54

Ugh! Blipvert Terrorotic assault! RU Sirius' head just blew!

house.54.697: RUSirius (rusirius) Fri 21 Apr 95 10:52

wow. i missed it... was it goooooood?

house.54.698: David Dei (megatrip) Fri 21 Apr 95 12:11

nothing like a gaia orgasm to brighten your day.

house.54.699: David Dei (megatrip) Fri 21 Apr 95 12:20

heres the first draft of a some poetic terrorism

Earth Day 25 - Gaia (Earth) has an Orgasm
midDecade an outbreak of Love
summer of love - the Next Generation
Local Node: Megatripolis San Francisco
Infoline LAB 2323

Announcing the mid-Decade of Planetary Loving and Evolutionary Optimism in
the runup to the next millennium and a preorgasm party

Earth Day 25 - a call to celebrate our planetary holy-day - honoring
planet earths orgasmic environment - with fun and games and a wide range
of evolutionary activities. including the collapse of the competative
system as we know it , and its replacement by an even better cooperative
system for peace, love and wisdom

Why? After the shock of a wake up call, the reaffirmation of life.

When a multitude of bummer bomb conspiracies compete for our attention:
Survivalist Anxiety Anarchism; Hip Hop Black Panther Breakbeat Uprising;
Zappatista Militia Latino Carnival; Islamic Oldschool Sufic Assisination,
Supremicist Messianic Trance Snake Charming and foremost a whole bunch of
children simply dancing.

Surely we need an antidote to FBI Bogeyman, Pentagon Paranoia, Middle
America Depression. Oklahoma Hysteria and TalkShow Scapegoetism. In other
words something completely different - a whole lot of love heading for the
top middle and bottom of america the beautiful.

As part of the EarthDecade Celebrations, we predict that Gaia HirSelf will
invoke the following events in an attempt to wake us to cognition and love
as all citizens of goodwill prepare to see fun everywhere.

Agenda of Events - for the midDecade of loving - summer of love the next
generation Gaia has an Orgasm - earth cums alive.

1995: Friday 21st April: Chemicasutra Technoerotic Expedition (Gaia Orgasm
preparty) Launch of Better Sex Through Chemistry by John Morganthaller and
Dan Joy (as previewed in the latest DETAILS magazine) plus an Intelligent
Erotica Menu at the Museum of Exotica hosted by the Megatripolis Parallel
University and the Zippies with DJ Paul Q and DJ Lucy spinning dynamite
liquid sky ecstacy juice.

Saturday 22nd Earth Day 25, spontaneous freezones in Golden Gate Park Fun.
Worldwide orgasmic energy cascades.

Friday May 12th. Parallel University Cyberlab 7 Safari into VR Zen and
Now. All night rave featuring ambient lecture by Dan Mapes Technoshaman
and international release of Megatripolis World Wide Web extravaganza.
Xogenix Sound System, Virtual Reality Technology.

June 20th Global Peace Walk Join Feliepe and the Global Peace Walkers as
they enter San Francisco.

United Nations 50 after monthlong celebrations - at the fiftieth
anniversary of the UN founding, the security council is disbanded in
favour of planetary democracy. World Recognition of Native Peoples and
Environmental rights

September 28th - October 1st, STATE OF THE WORLD FORUM under the auspices
of the Gorbachev Foundation. A Request for nomination of planetary council
of elder statespeople. Nelson Mandela to be elected symbolic president of
the planet

October Ist Evolution - Daring a Dollar Dissolution - floating exchange
system gets back to reality after collapse of Wall Street derivative
trading. Futures replaced by Environment Equity Units - Amazon Jungle and
other indangered wildlife become more valuable than gold.

Future Attacks of Optimism


Israel/Arab Harmonisation - The problem Solved - Jerusalem declared the
first independent multi-religious protected sacred city by world religious
leaders as both Isreal and Arab States give up claims. The fight over
which nation or country controls what is ended.

European Civil War Averted - East/West Empires of old come together - the
gnostic churches of the Eastern Orthodoxy and the Bosnian Moslems and
Turks establish Peace Foundation in Sarajevo in a permanent anti-war
memorial. Aim, to promote East/West European understanding.

Third World Rewiring - Massive Mobilisation of American Telephone
Companies in an effort to wire the third world pro bono as part of
international "marshell" style plan to synchronise internet world
culture. Payback from this venture exceeds the billions as millons of
individual information and exerience comes online. Pharmeceutical
companies are amazed when traditional healers come forward with miracle

Electronic US constitution: 1776 -1996 United States electoral debate
over which form of electronic system needed for electronic democracy.
Encumbants campaign to be the first to dissolve the presidency and
representative government in favor of direct democracy. Campaign to extend
system worldwide under the newly invigorated United Nations.


Psychedelic Revivalism: US Drug War finally comes to an End - defeat of
international Heroin and Cocaine profiteering with reUnited Nations
international Ibogaine program. West Africa economy booms as traditional
teacher plants used to conquor all forms of addiction in simple manner.

Peace Odyssey into Space: United Nations establishes first popular Outer
Space Program - Its First goal - the establishment of a new Mir (peace)
permanent space station on the Moon with aim to begin journey into solar
system next goal - Mission to Mars.

Back on Earth Solutions:, Global Warming solutions are found as first
climate control experiments prove successful. An international race to
protect lowlying cities like Amsterdam from rising sea levels. Disaster
averted by unique solutions sent in by children.


Our Children Love the Planet: Democracy extended to young children in
recognition of there intrinsic value - voting age of electronic democracy
lowered to include all humans. "How could we have been so afraid of our
children" remarks the president. Emotional responses from children temper
the overly technocratic view of adults.


We are Starlight: After Earth passes its first test of galactic
responsibility a rapid advancement of Culture as we experience
unprecidented technological and emotional acceleration - the culmination
of nanotechnology (nano = very small), superconductivity, harmonic quantum
physics, biotechnology, light Computing and love spurring on the creation
of a post-scarcity economy. Now we can no longer speak of a shortage of
food or goods.


Raving About the Planet - global raving goes galactic And the First
contact by aliens who arrive in time to join the party drawn by the
flashing lights and ambient sound.

Earth begats a Child , we are golden - Mars terraformation begins -
Atmospheric manipulation of the martian ecosystem produces a second Earth.
Overpopulation no longer a problem - in ten years, we will have a second
home world. And we did it all with LOVE.

Psychic Foreskincasting by David Dei, reality technician
Megatripolis Parallel University information Line: LAB 2323

house.54.700: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Fri 21 Apr 95 17:18

item 700 proved to be a crushing dissapointment - as nothing either
revelatory or humorous was added

house.54.701: Radio Free Zippy (almedia) Sun 23 Apr 95 16:47


house.54.702: stuck in the middle w/ u (cubensis) Tue 25 Apr 95 13:57

if you balance the hemispheres
they will come.

is this heaven?
no, it's earth.

house.54.703: David Dei (megatrip) Thu 27 Apr 95 04:01

Oklahoma and its effect on the overculture's perception of RC. DISCUSS.
clues: marks the historical end of the Right's grip. christians have now
officially become the hunted, after 1996 years of being the Hunter. pagan
anti-monotheistic cooperative culture now becoming the new dominant
and officialcultural meme.

house.54.704: peace through superior tribal power (reid) Thu 27 Apr 95 07:52

What? Oh, I expect we will hear from the feed store boys again before we
flush out all those dirty christians. Boy, there's a lot of bullshit in
that last post fraser.

house.54.705: RUSirius (rusirius) Thu 27 Apr 95 10:35

the effect is to empower the friendly police state center and make all
paranoid anti-system people seem equally dangerous. of course, i'm paranoid

house.54.706: peace through superior tribal power (reid) Thu 27 Apr 95 10:59

...You're dangerous?

house.54.707: Radio Free Zippy (almedia) Thu 27 Apr 95 14:23


house.54.708: Bruce Sterling (bruces) Thu 27 Apr 95 15:55

Ever heard the expression "The blood of martyrs is the seed of the
Church?" Christians traditionally thrive on being hunted. Roasted
alive, fed to lions, the whole nine yards.

house.54.709: Mikki Halpin (filmmag) Thu 27 Apr 95 16:15

They've done their share of hunting. cf The Crusades, Torquemada, etc.

house.54.710: David Dei (megatrip) Thu 27 Apr 95 17:23

"traditionally thrive on being hunted"? that was a long time ago,
bruce. but they'll have to get used to it again - maybe it will be good
for 'em. no, one of the things I was driving at was that, especially now
with the UNABOMBER, we have a situation where the extreme "left" and
extreme "right" are totally pissed off with the System.
a) I don't feel so alone and crazy.
b) zippy love guerillas and renegade raves are going to look a lot more
peaceful and cuddly. think about it: if you're at the top fiddling with
your kill button and looking for "the enemy within (or without)" you're
not going to be going for those who stand for peaceful redistribution of
power and wealth.
because, for obvious reasons, you're gonna want to keep them friendly and
relatively cooperative. because the men of violence are just behind them
(somewhere) and you don't want to open another front when you're already
stretched to the fucking limit. so goodbye Drug Wars, farewll fascism,
hello peaceful changers and intelligent alternatives.

I mean *they* have 2 choices:
A) increase security as much as possible
B) find out for a change what is driving people so crazy. must be
*something* wrong in our near perfect state. (that was irony, folks!)
Sorry, shouldn't have said "choices". obviously they gotta do both -
increase security because lots of people are already driven crwazy AND
take a closer look at the sytem that's hated so much with a more
determined intention to change things.
it's falling apart, folks, even as the zippies have been saying all along.
am I looking more sane yet? fraser }:)

house.54.711: Knowledge (aasgaard) Thu 27 Apr 95 18:54

house.54.712: Knowledge (aasgaard) Thu 27 Apr 95 18:57


house.54.713: David Dei (megatrip) Thu 27 Apr 95 20:44

I'm "thoughtful" despite rumours and flammage to the contrary.
but how do I log into what's hidden? (ancient and eternal question)

house.54.714: Fuzzy Logic (phred) Fri 28 Apr 95 00:17

type only 711 at the Respond prompt to see what was in aasgard's posting

house.54.715: I yam what I yam (naomi) Sun 30 Apr 95 16:32

heh... I misinterpreted that to mean only type 711, instead of "only 711" or
"o 711" which I found also works. (and here I thought the o stood for open)

house.54.716: David Dei (megatrip) Mon 1 May 95 13:15

The secret is out, the renegade rave soundsystem is really a wushu
accumulator, able to harmonically accumulate the life energy feng shui
tells us about. further explorations will prove that different harmonics
produce different effects, like weather change, rebirth experiences and
even holographic travel. To the question of can we produce better energy
systems we ask ourselves "what is the sound of electricity?" great, we
get to have ambient light in the true sense.
david dei

house.54.717: the sound of electricity (cubensis) Mon 1 May 95 19:06

Ok, so, like... let me get this straight:

The martyred friendly police state will become love guerillas, and the sound
of electricity will help us log into what's hidden?

am I looking more sane yet?

house.54.718: silver rocket (reid) Mon 1 May 95 22:30

Isn't the whole Jesus thing an example of the "traditionally thrive on being
hunted" motif? Fast forward that to two years ago and we're at the Waco
seige with yet another martyr to rally around.

house.54.719: the sound of electricity (cubensis) Tue 2 May 95 08:01

"There is an unusual amount of healing going on in the intestinal region

- Rev. Pat Robertson, Fundamentalist Christian
Conspiracy theorist
"Darth Zippy"

(As heard on the 700 club, Christian Broadcasting Network, May 2, 1995)

house.54.720: David Dei (megatrip) Wed 3 May 95 02:34

just gpt back from giving a talk on RC & the End Of The World to 300
students at Stanford University. I'd say students are ready. will post
the speech here in a few days.
our next event is may 12th and will post more on this soon too.
sorry to be so quiet so long. awfully busy.

house.54.721: the sound od electricity (cubensis) Wed 3 May 95 11:25

the mind reels...

house.54.722: David Dei (megatrip) Wed 3 May 95 23:01

(a speech given by Fraser Clark to 300 students at Stanford University on
May 2nd this year), at the invitation of Richard Powers, Dance Historian.)

I'd like to correct one thing Richard Powers said in his introduction. He
said he was looking for someone who had thought about Rave Culture long
enough to be able to do more than sit there and say "Raving is cool..."
Well, I'm here to tell you that Raving is *not* "cool". It's hot. It's
an involving and life-changing activity. In fact the last time I heard
the word "cool"used frequently was in London immediately before Hippy
burst upon the scene. People would stand around at parties posing, in
clothes or opinions, looking "cool". And then Hippy burst through the
door. And promptly tripped and fell flat on his face. Got up, muttering
something mystical while knocking something over. Hippy was living Life
far too intensely to be cool. He was *hot*. And with Rave Culture here
in America I feel we are exactly back at that point again.

So could we have a show of hands -
How many people have been to a rave? (about 30 of the audience)
How many people have a modem? (same number).
Ah, weUd better check. How many have been to a rave *and* have a modem?
About 15 - so that tells s something.

So. Richard gave you a pretty fair introduction to what I'm about, but
let me establish my credentials this way. I studied Psychology as a young
man in the hope it would help me understand myself and the world I lived
in a bit better. I graduated in 1965 with an Honours Degree, but all I
came away with was more of an understanding of white rats than I actually
wanted. To tell the truth, I was shocked to my core by the terrible
suffering we inflicted on those poor creatures and others.

I became a hippy that summer ,1965, and lived through the whole fashion
cycle and then continued to be a hippy after that until I became a Zippy
in the mid 80s. I had to invent the Zippy concept at that time in order
to define who I was and who the others I respected were. Then, when the
Rave Scene exploded in 1986 in Manchester and London, I was probably the
first person over 25 to get involved, and I've been deeply involved in it
ever since, right up to now. And, as Richard said, not just raving but
organising raves, publishing magazines, and philosophising about the
growth of Rave Culture.

So, if you accept the case I shall develop here that Rave is Hippy PART 2
(or, more correctly, HIPPY THE CONCLUSION), then there can't be a greater
authority on the subject than myself. That's just a fact, and I'm not
boasting. But I *am* boasting, because I feel very proud to be part of
the current Rave Culture that is growing in all developed countries and in
many others too because I am convinced it is the greatest possible good
news the planet could hope for.

I am not a Hippy now, by the way. I'm a Zippy. The Zippy stands between
the Hippy and the Yuppy, with one foot in technology and the other in the
spiritual life. We'll come back to that.

When the Hippies in the '60s looked at the world they concluded thza both
the current world systems, Capitalism and Communism, or whatever you want
to call them, were both bad systems, user-unfriendly both to the leaders
and to the led. The Hippy attitude then was .. a plague on both their
houses! And my atttude today is: One down, one to go!

Now, since only 2 systems were on offer, there's no reason at all to
believe that none others exist and that it has to be one or the other.

This System left standing, the one we live under now, the one which will
fill the tremendous gap and the goddess-given opportunity left by the
collapse of the Communist system, is based quite openly on COMPETITION.

Now I have been criticising this current system since the '60s and saying
it was user-unfriendly both to the rulers and the ruled. And the most
frequent response was: well, how the hell can you criticise an entire
system and say it is wrong. Who are you? How could *you* (and a few
hundred thousand drop outs) be right and nearly everyone else wrong?

The collapse of the Soviet System has shown that it is perfectly possible
for an *entire* system to be based in totally wrong principles so that it
is bad for rulers and ruled. If that was the case with Communism (as most
people will now admit) then why is it outrageous to suppose that it could
be true for this system too? After all, Communism was originally a
breakaway from what was a corrupt and competition-based system even then!

As a psychologist I notice every day how deeply we have been conditioned
under this system, this culture, to be competitive. You constantly hear
adults asking young children, say, what's your favorite colour? Favorite
colour? We have to rank colours too?! Or your favorite food? And so on.
We are taught to see the world and others in a competitive way from the
very beginning and it's very difficult indeed to see any other way.

Now some will tell you that we would never have gotten to this great
advanced stage of technological development without competition. I don't
believe that myself but luckily we donUt have to agree about that.

What we CAN agree on is that the system that is now the dominant one is
based in Competition and is clearly totally inappropriate for existence on
a very small planet. The signs are everywhere.

One more thing. The problem of competition is not just ecological. An
unfair competitive system also threatens everyone on a social basis too.
Oklahoma and the Unabomber show us that this current system is *so*
competitive that it is literally starting to tear itself apart . From the
right and from the left there is clearly a growing awareness by a lot of
people that the System is not working. I mean, what would cause a human
being to walk into a supermarket and blow other beings away? Either you
conclude that humanity is just crazy, simple as that. Or you have to ask:
what is it in our culture that is driving people crazy? What fear and
daily stress could such terrorists have been under to make them do such
things? What great injustice are they suffering under? So we have to
beef up our security, obviously, to deal with the psychopaths the system
has already created, but, much more importantly, we have to take a good
hard look at our culture to see what is causing this stress. And perhaps
we have to pray that a new, more cooperative spirit spreads across this
land of ours.

Karl Marx once predicted that Capitalism was bound to fall and that, when
it did, the capitalists would compete to sell the victors the rope with
which to hang themselves. That seems to hold true.

So what the planet most needs today is a new COOPERATIVE culture. Ideally
we need to see the appearance of a cooperative meme (a cultural virus that
one sees around and on the media and which infects us with the beginning
of a new lifestyle) that will rapidly spread among the population and
pretty rapidly become dominant. And which will make a cooperative
attitude fashionable and established that will encourage all sides to work

(I'd better explain that reference to fashion. My viewpoint is: I don't
care whether someone, say, in the '60s started meditating or doing yoga or
dancing because they read about it in a magazine - what's important is to
get people to that point any way possible)

There are so many things that need changing, and many many people are
doing good selfless work. The trouble is that each of these single issues
creates more fragmentation, both with those who oppose a particular needed
change, and fragmentation with others who are working on issues that are
actually inextricably linked but not focused together.

Somehow all these protests have to be seen and then acted upon as One
Single Overall Paradigm Shift. If Society can make that One Shift from
Competition to Cooperation then all the lesser issues will obviously work
themselves out.

SO, if the Human species really IS capable of changing in time, then by
this late stage in the game there should be a sign of a new cooperative
culture appearing. And not just here and there but spreading widely and
rapidly in all western democracies.

It should certainly involve Youth - of all ages.
It should have its own new style of music and dance.
It should be linked with a Love of Nature
It should encourage its participants to cooperate (meaning no huge stars)
It should encourage gathering together in large numbers out in the
countryside and away from the City.

Searching through mainstrean culture here in America there is absolutely
no sign of this happening. Beavis and Butthead attitudes still rule.
Generation X. Cynicsm. Apathy. Negativity. Self-sufficiency. Grunge -
whose great hero is already dead - from hard drugs. The Punk thing, which
America is now in the dying stages of, sees no way out and merely refuses
to be part of the overall corruption and materialism. But that is not
enough to change anything. Certainly not in the time we have available.

Rave Culture is exploding all through the western democracies and shows
every sign of capturing America over the next year or two.

It has no stars. Everybody is equal on the dancefloor, everybody mucks in
to help. Rave has been going for a good 6 years now and yet I doubt if
most ravers could agree on one well established DJ name. Compare that to
Rock'nRoll, the last great alternative/protest culture, where already you
had Superstars in the first year who are still famous and wealthy today.
And I'd guess that 9 out of 10 ravers on the dancefloor couldn't tell you
who the DJ is. And 6 out of ten probably couldn't even tell you *where*
he is!

In England where the economic collapse has gone much further (but it's
coming here too, believe me) young people are *forced* to cooperate. If
you want to organise a Rave, say, someone will have records, someone else
will know a venue, someobdy else will supply a sound system and so on.

The yuppy myth of having all the technology yourself is gone, never to

In England they call it a Depression - but it's important to notice that
that's the perception of people who believe they have something to lose.
In my estimation, although many young people in England no longer have any
expectation of EVER having what used to be called a "PROPER JOB", there
has been a gigantic outbreak of creative energy and imagination ilke I've
never seen in my life, even during the Hippy times. Everybody's
publishing their own magazines, leaflets, mixing music, organising raves
and social protests, everybodyUs busy busy busy being creative.

When I arrived with some Zippy types for the US Tour last year we all felt
like we were moving at light speed compared to the constipated
competition-blocked energy we found here. It's as if the collapse of the
Old System has unblocked this creatrvity and imagination in people. In
*the* people.


house.54.723: Knowledge (aasgaard) Wed 3 May 95 23:54


house.54.724: sound of electricity (cubensis) Thu 4 May 95 20:28

nice speech fraser.
nice post aasgaard.

house.54.725: David Dei (megatrip) Fri 5 May 95 00:38

(an essay developed from a speech given by Fraser Clark to 300 students
at Stanford University on May 2nd this year, at the invitation of Richard
Powers, Dance Historian.)

I spent a lot of my early "Hippy" life after University exploring the
planet ln search of a culture to ally myself with which would be evolved
enough in a true sense to look at the Western model with a wise eye and be
able to say: we like the modem, we'll take the digital recording stuff
and this and that, but we don't want the rest of it at all., none of it.
Now look what *we*'ve got. Check out *this* shamanic technology. Though I
found many such individuals over the years, I was finally forced to
conclude that there is no way for a culture or social system to resist the
commercial entrapment attack (unless maybe the muslim religion) . The
number of times my meditation was interrupted in India by enquiries as to
how many diamonds were in my watch! When I never even knew of these
diamonds myself!

Finally after 2 decades I realised that as long as the dominant driving
power is the Western competitive "progress" meme, then materialism, with
all its attendant exploitation of natural resources, general pollution and
middleclass social division, is a stage each culture must now witness for
itself before it can hope to see beyond it.

In short, I came back to the very belly of the beast to work from within.
And, after a few years of analysing and re-exploring where the West had
further devolved to, both in Europe and in America, re-connecting with old
colleagues and friends and defining what we were about, we hatched our
Zippy Conspiracy to Save the Planet. This involved -

First: An agreed analysis of the sum total of basic problems . These
were pretty much what I've just outlined, plus the basic agreement that
the essence of the problem was psychological, no true conspiracies though
thousands of lesser ones existed, and therefore the Solution lay within
the culture itself, not within the system.

Second we identified where the most hope for real change might appear.
This was clearly in Youth Culture, where you clearly find the most
idealism and experimentalism, and the least commitment to the current
competitive structure. Plus, curiously enough, the least government
control, largely because the "pop/entertainment world" just isn't taken
seriously. So we chose to work at the extreme end of the entertainment
world - in *edutainment*. Not only would we gain a lot of attention
before the powers that be even took serious notice of us, but then, when
they did, we would be serious enough and with enough "serious" connections
and inroads into the system itself, as to be almsot respectable. This, I
think, has happened.

Third we calculated, almost mathematically, just what the average new
lifestyle should be in order to return humanity to a cooperative
relationship with the planet. Here is where Zippy first coalesced.
Harmonising the Tecno and Hippy hemispheres, in Self and on Planet.

Fourthly we set about making that lifestyle fashionable. And linking in
with all people of good will who were already living that way. Since we'd
already agreed that there were no villains, just psychological victims,
this further allowed us to agree that our Message was More Fun For
Everyone!! And it's true. Everybody, without exception, will have more
fun under a more cooperative culture. And zat iss an order. And from
there to the feeling that all we would really be doing would be to provide
a stage for all good creative people to "help each other" it was not hard
to go all the way to pronoia - the sneaking suspicion that others are
conspiring behind your back and without your knowledge to help you.

Now it's not that hard to work out. We need a new lifestyle to rapidly
become fashionable that encourages people to feel hip if they're lowering
their consumption expectations and demands, getting more imaginative and
cooperative by trimming costs and pooling facilities, and being more
gentle and more shamanic at the same time. A Cooperative meme. Not just
with each other but with others who are not part of the movement. We
don't want a confrontational attitude - that will just spread the problem.
We're fighting and partying for *their* fun too!! We're about

We called it ZIPPY. And hereUs the definition of Zippy. A Zippy is
someone who, perceiving the imbalance in his mind between his Tecnoperson
hemisphere (which values long term planning, group endeavour, proper
budgeting, patience and perseverance) and his Hippy hemisphere (which
values spontaneity, living in the moment, personal whim, mysticism and
detachment,) and between those two hemispheres on his planet, is working
to harmonise them again, both in himself and on his planet. Notice that a
Zippy is working towards this balance - he hasn't necessarily achieved it

And of course we based in our calculations that the technology would start
becoming seriously affordable to many young people.

This cut strasght across the Old Paradigm of Straight and Alternative. A
zippy could be a businessman taking a yoga class or a Rainbowlady setting
up her own little hemp stall business at a rave. Each is activating their
previously ignored hemisphere. And a businessman who wasn't exploring
his hippy hemisphere or a hippy who wasnUt increasing his engagement with
the world were not Zippies.


But let me back up a bit, for the truth is that, before we can plumb the
depth and breadth of the Rave phenomenon and then attempt to place Rave
Culture within its proper context, we need some real understanding of what
that gigantic social movement of the Sixties was about. For the fact that
there are already more ravers on the planet than there were hippies at the
IT, testifies to the sheer scale of this nineties, millennial phenomenon
which is still, even today 6 years after its birth, only in its infancy.
The older folk haven't even hardly started getting involved yet - as they
did in the '60s too!

Hippy, then, involved a political component, an ecological component, and
a personal/spiritual component.

THE POLITICAL COMPONENT was rather an attempt to go beyond the Old
Competitive Politics which seemed just destructive and unintelligent. An
Opposition in the governing body whose *duty* was simply to oppose?!
Basically, as I've said, what Hippies decided was that the two current
competing world systems were fundamentally user-unfriendly, both for the
masses, who were starving for soul food and peace, and for the so-called
leaders who were dropping from cancer and heart attacks. A plague on both
their houses was our conclusion, and ONE DOWN AND ONE TO GO our attitude

THE ECOLOGICAL COMPONENT was this: becoming a hippy involved DROPPING OUT
- of a System that we saw was suffocating everyone and killing the planet.
It was a brave personal decision to basically reduce one's own personal
level of consumption by roughly three quarters. That was what the planet
needed. And that's what the Hippy opted for.

And I have continued to live that way ever since - as have hundreds of
thousands of good people around the planet. And I say: we were right
about that too. If everybody, possessed of much the same facts as we, had
had the courage and intelligence to make the same decision then, we would
today be passing on to you, the next generation, a very healthily
balanced, preserved and developed planet, instead of this terrible mess.
But most people did not have the courage or the intelligence or whatever
it was, and now they are being forced to make those changes.

THE PERSONAL/SPIRITUAL COMPONENT brings us directly to the Rave. The
Hippy conclusion, after many experiments, successful and otherwise
(remember that we were exploring territory that Western culture had never
delved into before, certainly not on the mass scale that we did) was that
the only hope for the planet and for WoMankind who was the only threat to
it, was that some device or technique would be discovered (or more likely
re-discovered) that would enable every person in the West to GET OUT OF
brains, the intellectual brain, the emotional brain and the
physical-moving brain (as a great teacher George Gurdjieff used to put it)
back into harmony, and working cooperatively together.

Today, every high street in Britain, and increasingly in the rest of the
West, boasts a club which is offering just such a facility. The ancient
shamanic consciousness-raising, ego-meltdown, boundary-dissolving
technology of African-style nonstop dancing to an insistent tribal
drumbeat enhanced by the most futuristic technolgised electronic
virtuality is getting an entire generation OUT OF THEIR HEADS and back
into balance.

So there I was, editing & publishing the Encyclopaedia Psychedelica,
predicting a massive new outburst of "mass consciousness raising" when
through my door burst the Scoobie Doobies, two young designers dressed in
colorful clothes and looking bright-eyed and enthusiastic. This was in
the dark days of Punk, remember . Indeed, as soon as I got involved in
the Rave scene, I coined the phrase: "Why is everybody still wearig
black? Haven't they heard the Funeral's been cancelled?"

The Rave scene had been happening around the corner for 6 months!

The first rave club I attended was called SHOOM and it was run by Danny
Rampling who, if he had not remained a yuppie at heart, would now be very
famous indeed. And the first thing I noticed and wondered about was that
the 3000 ravers there were DRESSING DOWN in simple jogging suits and big
loose t-shirts. What spirit in these smart young people would make them
want to dress down?! Obviously because they were seriously dancing.

The first open-air "Acid house Party" I attended was by a possee called
Sunrise, run by a young ex-gambler called Tony Colston-Hayter, who was
soon being interviewed on all the media as the "acid house king".

There were 20,000 kids packed in a field 20 miles from London, surrounded
by a Big Dipper, a ferris wheel, stalls selling champagne, hot dogs etc,
with me the only one over 25. We'd gotten there by following the
instructions on our full colour flier, calling the hot lines from various
map points, all carefully organised so that 5000 people were descending on
the spot from 4 different but simultanous directions in order to prevent
the police from discovering and preventing the all-night party. Once we
were in it was a "potential riot situation" and the cops would leave us

I remember Tony halting the music to announce "They've hit us with 12
injunctions but they haven't stopped the party!" I could see there was
rebellion and determination in the scene.

The closest the mind could contextualise what I was seeing was the hippy
festival but this was assuredly a new fractal. Social developments don't
go in cycles or even in spirals. They go in fractals, with each bearing
self-similarities but each bigger than the one before and travelling
further and further from the gravitational pull of the Old Paradigm until
finally we fall under the pull of a new Strange Attractor and go off in an
entirely new direction with no return.

There were differences, however, and I don't want to hide them. And the
primary one was that these ravers were not hippies, they were yuppies.
Smart, maybe even smart-assed, levelheaded, savvy and entrepreneurial.
Indeed I remember one young yuppy female raver exclaiming: "Isn't it
great? You work really hard all week and you rave really hard all
weekend?!" She was perfectly content to be a part of the system, so long
as she could let it all rip at the weekend.. Call her a "weekend hippy",
except that those came much later in the Hippy thing when it had become
fashionable, but here they were *all* weekend ravers! Already, so early
in the fractal!

If Mrs Thatcher's call for "entrepreneurial spirit" had been real, she
would not have tried to stamp Raving out, she'd have supported it, and it
would have been an entirely healthy regeneration of the culture and would
now be Britain's greatest cultural export to the world, sort of like the
Beatles and the Rolling Stones of the T60s. I mean people like Tony were
charging $40 a head x 20000 = $800,000 in one night!

But Maggie Thatcher's brand of enterprise was puritanical, mean spirited,
middleclass and middlebrow, and she was protecting her own
Conservative-supporting industrial barons and the status quo. She did
*not* appreciate the freedom and sudden shifts of power that true
enterprise can bring about.

And when the kids saw the full power of the state turned against them, for
doing what she had advised them to do, they began to question the system
for the first time in their lives and a long and inevitable process of
radicalisation was begun.

Another difference was the volume and pervasiveness of the music, its deep
bass tecnotronic beats carried everywhere, and dancing continued
everywhere, people even danced to the champagne stall. This was not music
to lay back and listen passively to, from a distance, or confined to one
place so you could get away from it. This was involving, these kids
wanted to be surrounded by it. And this is crucially different from the
Hippy style. Rave culture is dance-based. Dance is not some optional
extra. If you watch old hippy/Woodstock footage, you'll see a few girls
dancing (that's why the camera was set up there in the first place) but
most people are sitting around, listening to the bands, puffing, and so

And the third crucial difference was what these young people told me:
they were NOT hippies! They were very insistent on this. And proud of
it. And that's one of its strengths - this was *not* invented by old
hippy conspirators like me. This was a spontaneous eruption from among
youth itself. This is Rave's ultimate validation.

And yet, without question, it was, from the Zippy viewpoint, the Hippy
hemisphere of their minds that they were activating.

house.54.726: Fuzzy Logic (phred) Fri 5 May 95 04:05

Uh, excuse me pardon me, but Danny Rampling is *excruciatingly* famous
right now.

house.54.727: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Tue 9 May 95 16:24

well, phred, I've asked 23 ravers and nobody but yu has heard of him?
can you be famous if nobody's heard of you?
meanwhile, here's a bit more "factual stuff" for you to get yer teeth
into} }:)

KNOW IT . [part 3]

(written-up notes from a speech given by Fraser Clark to 300 students at
Stanford University on May 2nd this year, at the invitation of Richard
Powers, Dance Historian.)

SO, Rave not just a party. Of course it depends what we mean by a party.
The concept is long due to be redefined. The usual party is actually a
leftover from the industrial age, in my view, where the weekend "party"
was a release for the worker ants after 5 days hard work in the factories.
Since most of us donUt actually live that way any more, we need to
re-define it. And the new paradigm will be along the lines of WORK-PLAY &

By "party" most people think of picking up a member of the opposite (or
same) sex, maybe getting off your face, dancing a little bit, chatting a
little bit, drinking a little or a lot. None of these items would really
happen at a real rave.

FIRST: Alcohol is not the main lubricant. A whole generation is now
appearing where alcohol is NOT fashionable. That alone would make Rave
Cul;ture a historically positive development. If youUd told me ten years
ago that alcohol would become unfashionable in my lifetime I'd have
accused you of doing too much acid. And I'm an optimist. But it has.

SECOND: Raving is not just a new dance step. In fact there are no steps.
And you rarely dance with a partner. You just get out on the floor and do
what you feel or just follow whatever takes you over. This is important.
The fact that there are no steps to hide behind makes everyone very naked.
I love watching people raving almost as much as I enjoy raving itself.
Everyone is unique. Every dancing person tells their story whether they
wish to or not. Here's a fat girl, there's a skinny black dude etc.
Since you can only do what you are you are clearly exposed on the
dancefloor. And the fact that everyone is in the same position adds this
feeling of everyone being naked together.

THIRD The beat is faster and each record mixes into the next (concept of
mixing is very much attended to) each record should blend seamlessly into
the next to produce a nonstop wall of sound. Or an ocean of waves
carrying us all forward towards a not-so-distant shore.

FOURTH The DJ is present, able to pick up on the mood on the floor, lift
it when it's ready and bring it down again, only to lift it to a new peak.
When I first noticed this power the DJ potentially had to lead the crowd
mood I called the DJ the TECNO SHAMAN - the phrase has stuck and you'll
see it a lot.

Also you donUt just have a little drinky and then have a little dance with
some girl youUve just met. Nothing like that. People dance to rave music
for HOURS. It is shamanic, tribal african style dancing for hour after
hour until your mind is stilled, your conditioning removed. They call it
a trance state but I prefer to see it as having your trance state
*removed* so that your eyes are opened and you can see the world as it
really is.

Now most raves stop there, even today, stop at what I call the First Stage
of Rave. And, as far as that goes, thatUs okay. But itUs very important
to take the next steps. If you've helped open someone's mind to new
imput, then you should have good positive new imput available. And this
is where the Ambient Chill Out Room or rooms comes in. Here you might
have various knds of literature available, massage, talks (even like this
one) and so on. I'll return to this when I speak of The Mythical Rave.


You can get most of this from mags etc so I won't spend a lot of time.

The music itself began in Chicago - called "Acid house" Music - connected
to interering with a track, even pouring acid on it, "burning" it etc to
produce another effect etc. IUve spoken on stage with Derrick Carter and
IUve heard him (and others at other times) state categorically that it
had nothing to do with RacidS. But then, letUs face it, if the papers
were all accusing you of such a thing, what would *you* say?!

Then it was picked up in London and in Ibiza - which is interesting,
because Ibiza was also a famous hippy hangout in the '60s and '70s - I
spent several years myself there. It's full of intimate little clubs,
with micro dancefloors, and, of course, lovely mediterranean outdoors
weather, beach and full moon parties. Later massive clubs like Amnesia
and Pacha were built. So LondonUs "trendies" used to hang out there,
pcked up on the new music from Chicago, started mixing it in, along with
the new drug from America, ecstasy (which had been almost entirely used
there for couple therapy) and then brought it back to London.

An so appeared the first "acid house" parties. And E Warehouse parties.
SHOOM, as I mentioned, is the most famous of the early ones. Afficionados
might be interested to know that Jenny, Danny Rampling's wife, grew up in
Malta which is famous for its mafia and its clubs, so Jenny certainly knew
a thing or two about making a club "fashionable".

From the first time I saw and heard "aceeed" house parties, I knew that
this was the spiritual revival I had been predicting. Most of the
trendies - who seemed to see only a happy new dance style and lots of hugs
- were of the loud opinion that it would all be over by Autumn, and have
been saying the same thing ever since, but I knew right from the first
moment that it would spread and spread and that's what it's done. An
interesting side-effect is that each place that takes it up thinks they're
the best that's ever been, and I think this is very very important and
healthy. Not centralised.

A key element in the development of Rave Culture (as opposed to just
ravers going to raves) was when the Ravers crossed over with New Age
travellers and festivals. This connected Rave back to its Hippiy roots,
thus giving it the social impetus, rebellion and some spirituality.
Obviously a whole book could be written on this subject.

The UK government has passed many laws against Rave Culture. Why? It can
only be because they see the power of it.

And now, lastly, I'd like to read aloud a piece I wrote last night called
The Mythical Rave. It's a bit poetic, and a bit prosaic and

The Mythical Rave should be out in the open air and should begin around
sunset. This rarely happens but itUs the ideal IUm now describing.
People should start drifting in as the sun goes down - checking out the
venue, finding their spot (where they can leave their things) maybe a
tent, hanging their flag so others of their posse can find them, some food
and so on.

By now the music has started, but it's slow and drifty and only
occasionally rhythmic at this stage. People wander around, greeting and
meeting each other, settling in, checking out what other distractions are
available. These could include massage, body/face painting, stalls on
social, political, ecological and personal/spiritual activities, brain
machines, food and smart drinks, video-modem interlinks with other clubs,
and so on and on. Anything really that's inspiring, consciousness-raising
or positive - no negative stuff or imges should be shown during the whole
rave. This is how we do it in Megatripolis and IUm very aware of the
arguments about Art showing the Dark and the Light. I'm very clear indeed
that we get the Dark six days a week and, even if we get pure Light for a
whole night, the balance is still on the side of the Dark.

Occasionally people will hit the dancefloor and loosen theselves up with
some dancing. Dancing at this early stage helps to get the blood flowing
round your veins and generally loosens people up, helps them to mix, drop
their social barriers, and so on.

Gradually over the night the music gets faster and more and more people
join in. By just after midnight the place is starting to get as packed as
itUs going to be. (This is different with indoor raves where most people
probably arrive after midnight.) At my first acid house party there were
20,000 kids going for it by 2am. Massive energy as you can imagine.
WeUre now participating in a tribal gathering Love Dance to absolutely
nonstop shamanic rhythmic drum rolls and electronic bleeps that slightly
unhinge the mind (where am I? who am I?).

Gradually the Group Mind becomes more dominant. It becomes WHO ARE WE?
I'm part of something. I'm part of something that's actually bigger than
myself. I'm one of the people, these are my people, this is US!

In "Noise. The Political Economy of Music" Jacques Attali says this:
"Music is prophesy. Its styles are ahead of the rest of society because
it explores, much faster than material reality can, the entire range of
possibilities. It makes audible the new world that will gradually become
visible, that will impose itself and regulate the order of things."

By the middle of the night people are taking a break (some go all the way
through nonstop of course) wandering around, huggng old friends and new
friends, lots of hugging, not much direct sexuality because of this group
Mind entity thatUs beginning to be felt by everyone present. Ego meltdown
into Group Mind and Consciousness.

Sunrise approaches. Crucial time - definitely the mythological heart of
the Rave. Everyone back on the dancefloor now, dancing up a storm as the
music gets louder and faster and more cosmic, possibly with angelic choir
samplings and even classical music samplings to help arouse a religious
sense of awe.


Like the old pagan festivals, weUre all in this together, this is our
planet, She is indescribably beautiful, gigantic, we are atoms of that
Living Goddess. Personally I canUt see a better way to help people learn
a love, respect and reverence for Nature than the classic open-air
all-night Rave. Can you imagine what it felt like with 20,000 people
going for it and actually feeling together,and the power of a people
together ... and then dancing the sun up?! It is awesome, it is
religious, and it is life-changing.

The current Yoga Journal has an article called Sacred Raves which says:

"These all-night dance marathons look like hedonistic escape, but raves
may just be the defining spiritual expression of a new generation."

The Rev Matthew Fox of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco is quoted as
saying: "These kids are showing us how to pray in a new way, which is
also an ancient way - with fewer books and more dancing".

[speech end]


The Zippy Pronoia Tour site was developed by cubensis@well.com © 1995.
Extra special thanks to the gracious, skoochin' internet love-fest.