Virtual Money & Making Sausage

house.54.592: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Mon 20 Mar 95 02:14

naturaly I was there. and it was really great. wonderful loving vibe,
maybe 60 people alltogether in the most amazing house I have personally
ever been in. unbelievable mixture of ages and types, from the DJ Paul
to people even older than *me*. (I?) I don't know what caused it all,
but have concluded it was any combination of a dozen elements including
PRO-Sex PLUS, the new smart sex drug from the people who did the SMARET
DRUGS AND NUTRIENTS book (we'll have it available in the not too distant
future), the dancefloor which must have been the smallest in history and
yet a microcosm of pure dance joy, truly! and complete with mini smoke
machine and mini laser lights. the people of course. Dan Joy
who is amazingly authoritative and intersting and clearly does the stuff
(and others) himself - he showed up an hour late to prove it. I think
also the "ALCOHOL CONTRA-INDICATED" sign on the info fliers worked
wonders as people came prepared for a different kind of evening. it went
on till 5.30 am though most people had gone by then. the food was great
and lasted all night. some very sexy and some explicit projections.

I must also report that there was no come-=down the next morning at all
amd still not. this is probably a comment on the PRO-SEX PLUS itself.
some people did other things but I stuck entirely with PSP and felt
really "there" and with seemingly endless but totally non-insistent
energy - quite unlike MDMA which seemed to lay out those who added it.

the chap (Johnathen) from PLAYBOY kept wondering aloud how he could ever
describe the party in a thousand words (his brief).

we did some interviews near the end so that we can publish a report on
the evening. watch this space.


PS we'll also have the PRO_SEX PLUS available soon.

house.54.593: genes in jeans (cubensis) Mon 20 Mar 95 08:00

PLAYBOY ???!!!???

The hub of the patri-sexploitation industry ???!!!???

house.54.594: Find your Inner Barney (rik) Mon 20 Mar 95 08:33

No, the Playboy that helped loosen up the Post-War Victorian strictures on
sex. You should be very glad for it.

house.54.595: RUSirius (rusirius) Mon 20 Mar 95 10:42

sorry i missed this one. jetlag glued me to the bed... but give me some of
that groovy new sex drug NOW!

house.54.596: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Mon 20 Mar 95 20:59

we have the PSP but are not quite set up yet to distribute it - mainly
not sure of price.

the book, however,Better Sex Through Chemistry - a Guide to the New
Prosexual Drugs" by John Morgenthaler and Dan Joy is available for $14,95
+ $3 handling: cheques to Megatripolis, posted to Megatripolis, Box 12,
3288 21st St, San Francisco 94110


house.54.597: genes in jeans (cubensis) Tue 21 Mar 95 12:09

Fraser, a nice evolution from Psycho in the London club... :-)

I concede that Playbot has probably helped vent some collectively repressed
sexual energies, and I'm always for that-- and I love the safe, groovy new
chemicals, too--

But I stand firm in my opinion that Playboy and Hugh is a powerful media
mechanism that reinforces a patriarchal view of women-- an objectification
of dimwitted, large-breasted girls of 17 or so, right? If what we are
talking about is liberating expression of sexuality, I'd say the message put
forth by Playboy is inherently repressive to WOMEN.

There are very expressive and *hot* media out thre that treat women with
respect and dignity...

Of course, getting Chemicasutra into Playboy's demographic is a nice hack!


house.54.598: David Dei (megatrip) Tue 21 Mar 95 14:55

I hereby announce the de facto crumbling of the inhuman charade. And
pose the question: what are we going to do about this curious sequence
of events?

World Economy in Freefall as Nato orders 35 000 troops into Iraq

The dollar spiralled out of control last week, following the collapse of
the Queen of Englands personal banker - Barings which folded oweing in
excess of $1 billion triggering a freefall of the dollar after the federal
reserve overextended itself with the Mexican Bailout, and catching Japan
reeling after the Kobe Disaster.

The story initially receives headline news in the US media, but is quickly
spiked after it becomes clear that things are serious:

I'll quote from an article published in a South African Newspaper on March
9, 1995

"The mighty dollar's battering for a fourth consecutive day threw central
banks into turmoil yesterday. As the dollar plumbed new depths of 1,3450
German marks and 88,75 yen in early trade, France, Denmark and Belgium
were forced to raise their interest rates to defend their currencies."

"This could be the big freefall the market has been waiting for years and
years" said economist Dr Azar Jammine. He said if the dollar were to keep
falling, forcing interest rates higher and higher, it could drive the
world into depression."

"There appeared to be little intervention fromthe US Federal Reserve -
something traders attributed to limited foreign reserves because of the
Mexican Bailout. In Tokyo, the Japanese government braced itself for the
damage from a high yen. Continued intervention by Japan's central bank,
which was reported to have intervened in bursts buying US Dollars
totalling a massive $2 billion, did little to alleviate the situation."

"The gradual recovery of the Japanese economy from the Kobe earthquake
disaster could also be affected."

"Analysts said the mark was rising strongly as investors scrambled into
so-called safe-haven harder currencies in the wake of the Mexican
financial crisis, the collapse of Barings and concerns over the massive US
trade deficit. In the past week alone, the dollar has declined more than
6 percent against the mark, and 9,6 percent since February."

"Analysists said central banks were powerless to restore stability because
of the huge sums of money in foreign exchange markets - in excess of $1
trillion a day."

I think the information above speaks for itself, you don't need a degree
in boolean physics to work out whats occured - the line about the central
banks having no control is particularly charming.

AND THEN Folks WITH the Dollar still in an unpredictable fall this week,
comes yet another blow to Japan where terrorists launch a New York Trade
center style attack, with horrendous results

Monday 20 March Terrorists attack Tokyo with Sarin Nerve Gas where 4, 708
people are injured.

SO WE ARE NOT SURPRISED WHEN Later that day, Bill Clinton and the Nato
Allience gives the go ahead for
Turkey to invade Iraq with 35 000 troops. (the event only makes page 10 in
the Chronicle and misses the Examiner). The invasion ostensibly as a
reaction against an "ambush" of turkish soldiers by Kurds, follows
precisely the military narrative that caused such heartwarming events as
the first and second world wars. Unfortunately, no word back home of the
implications of a Nato Member Joining a Bosnian-Style conflict with verbal
support from America's Commander-in-Chief

Now, I frankly can't believe that folks over here are so dumb as to not
have any opinions on this alarming turn of events. And there's a lot more
of them lurking in-between the lines of your local newspaper. As one
post-modern critic once said - communism censors at the production point,
capitalism censors at the distribution point, ie. in a multiplicity of
competing voices, you're bound to miss out on a few important facts.

- david dei, san francisco 1995

house.54.599: David Dei (megatrip) Tue 21 Mar 95 15:13

I would just like to add, considering the seriousness of the situation,
that caution is advised in releasing this information over the internet.
I for one, am fully aware of the possiblities for mass panic if we push
too hard without having an alternative solution. Thus any talk of the
economic collapse that has just started, should be prefaced with at least
a couple of good solutions as to how we are to get out of this mess, and
steer things to dry ground. But I would also add, that any attempt by
central authorities to prevent ordinary people from making decisions, or
the circumventing of democratic structures will also be met with an
equally decisive force. All it will take, for the Collapse of the World
Bank and the Federal Reserve, not to mention Chase Manhatten et al, will
be for any number of anonymous individuals to release documents freely
available elsewhere onto the INTERNET and to draw the correct conclusions,
as I have, about the true nature of what has happened. This would then
create the necessary loss of confidence which is all that is holding the
ship together at this time. One spark, one act of panic, and the entire
freefall with be accellerated along asymptotic vectors with the loss of
western civilisation as we know it.

I would say we have them by the balls, but now what?

- david dei

house.54.600: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Tue 21 Mar 95 17:04

yo, 600 is mine!
and what a number it is!
for the end game of competition has begun!!

now what can we do? let us have serious but fun discussion, the subject
being, remember, Rave Culture and the End of the World as we know it.

what we do, I'm certain, is continue the work we've been doing these past
few years - preparing the alternative. our aim must be to continue to see
it as the opening game of cooperation.

as david says, the Old Paradigm has now entered its end game as we have
been predicting for years. remember this is positive - the planet was
dying. what has started to change dramatically is that the people at the
top can no longer control the events or, more particularly, the coverage,
the PR - it is escaping from their grasp. and with it their final figleaf
- confidence, the confidence game that keeps the whole charade going.

that's why the internet is becoming so important. and RC (Rave Culture) I
think, in this time of falling apart/increased news management, it's our
duty to release any facts we are able to get our hands on. of course that
will accelerate the collapse and we must have a responsible attitude to
all this, but it is my opinion that the faster it goes the better. not
that there will be no pain, but rather the realisation that there has been
an overabundance of daily pain for far too many people for far too long

cooperation. what does it mean - it has many many ramifications. RC is a
very good example of it. where will you find a movement of people with
very similar beliefs and ideals about cooperation who can agree and hold
together around some comon ideas and ideals? if things really fall apart
where will large groupings appear who will be able to cooperate? both
locally and nationally and globally? are you going with the Born Agains?
will they hold together anyway?

the debate of competition's end game/cooperation's opening game has

let's discuss it.

here's my own simplified suggestion - simple because it bypasses most of
the complexities and corruptions of the Old Game.

all we really need to survive the coming collapse (until a new "system"
has been agreed by all the people, is that everyone is assured of enough
to eat and a roof over their head. and I mean globally, not just here.

well, that is really not so difficult though many sacred political cows
will have to be sacrificed. we need a UN FREE KITCHEN on every block -
globally. and an announcement by the government in collapse that no rents
be paid in the meantime. sounds simplistic. sounds politically
impossible. yet it answers the question: how do we stop the collapse of
the Competition System from tearing apart the social fabric as it falls
apart. it's the Western Economic System that's collapsing - it doesn't
have to mean the collapse of Western Civilisation, indeed it can mean the
beginning of its renewal. and, compared with landing on the moon or
invading Iraq etc it is simplicity itself and will cost relatively

I know it sounds outlandish right now. but soon enough it will seem only
eminently sensible.

reactions? other ideas?
over for now,


house.54.601: Knowledge (aasgaard) Tue 21 Mar 95 19:19


house.54.602: David Dei (megatrip) Tue 21 Mar 95 19:37

No wonder we got into this fine mess in the first place with such
constructive and brilliant thought as MR ASS would have, I shudder to
think what will happen next. This BBS is supposidly the foremost example
of new paradigm thought/community. I sincerely hope it gets better than
this, or the De- Evolution will continue. Give me one reason why American
Society should NOT get sucked into the Dark Ages along with other bad
ideas like the Roman Empire your politicians model themselves after nowadays?

- david dei

house.54.603: RUSirius (rusirius) Wed 22 Mar 95 09:46

in liquid money, that's the way the cookie crumbles for sure... but HOW
LONG? I give it through the end of the century but then again horrible
weird repressive things that we predicted in our mutate the world book
outline have already happened before we could get to press. And will you
have to go through 7 forms of security to get on the bart tommorrow, like
fucking Heathrow airport? stay tuned.

The Sirius Plans will be announced as soon as the czech clears...

house.54.604: Knowledge (aasgaard) Wed 22 Mar 95 11:13


house.54.605: David Dei (megatrip) Wed 22 Mar 95 14:38

good, aasgard,I was just about to write you to see what had happened to
you - I have this note in my book that says "quite wise"

house.54.606: Radio Free Zippy (almedia) Wed 22 Mar 95 20:21


house.54.607: David Dei (megatrip) Wed 22 Mar 95 22:27

IMHO what we have emerging in the world right now, are rogue A-Life type
Corporations, whose basic driving program is the maximisation of profit.
These essentially parasitic organisms are literally our of control, with
no human at the helm. The sheer volume of shares and foriegn exchange
trading each day has bust the federal reserve and all attempts using the
normal financial regulatory measures have proved futile. The only
solution I can think of, would be to conduct a Mandetory AUDIT under the
auspices of the UN or World Bank, which would have the power to unplug
any corporation fitting this profile. I don't see any other way this
thing could be stopped. Japans foreign reserves have been drained and if
this continues we will see the rise of HYPER-CORPORATIONS beholden to
absolutely no earthly authority. The very next day we will see the loss
of all forms of democracy as these new forms assert their newly won
power, and working out that they now OWN the world, start formulating
public policy via decree.

By that time, with all capital now in the hands of a few rogue
corporganisms, we see the stagnation of all other forms of economy as they
freeze all attempts to compete by other multinationals and parastatals. Then still using that maximisation of profit principle, the
freezing of the world economy into a perpetual third world winter of
dependency on agribiz, (no reason to manufacture luxury items except for
10 or 15 executives who get to ride in the space shuttle) and so on.

- david dei

house.54.608: genes in jeans (cubensis) Wed 22 Mar 95 22:37

this is like making sausage.

house.54.609: Radio Free Zippy (almedia) Wed 22 Mar 95 23:04


house.54.610: David Dei (megatrip) Thu 23 Mar 95 04:57

let it throw itself away? and get out of the way? and think hard about
how to survive till the new form asserts itself?

house.54.611: genes in jeans (cubensis) Thu 23 Mar 95 07:17

um, I've got this buddy in Utah...

house.54.612: Knowledge (aasgaard) Thu 23 Mar 95 08:26


house.54.613: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Thu 23 Mar 95 09:51

DD, I'm sorry if our fun doesn't appeal to you, but basically, my reason
for living is to have fun. In the US I get to play with cool toys and
talk to weird people and advance the technology and fuck whomever I
please, in general. Those are my reasons for living, and my reasons for
keeping the US. I too am worried about where we are going, and I'm
worrying about a paradigm shift brought on by the Japanese subway nerve
gas terror attack, though.

Maybe we can hope for Apocalype Lite.

house.54.614: genes in jeans (cubensis) Thu 23 Mar 95 10:19

wow. Am I hearing Fraser "The Hedonist" Clark's new Reality-Tech partner
being poo-pooed for being too serious? And by American Science Guys?

house.54.615: Radio Free Zippy (almedia) Thu 23 Mar 95 11:55


house.54.616: David Dei (megatrip) Thu 23 Mar 95 16:20

The corporaganisms that I am referring to are those entities engaged in
derivitave gambling in a zero-sum economy. They produce absolutely no
wealth value other than pure hard cash. Right now they are accumulating
enormous "war chest" of assets, enabling them to take on the biggest of
economic institutions. All you have to ask is one question.

Where did the money go?

Orange County lost a couple of billion, Barings went down after gambling
their entire assets PLUS 1 Billion of someone elses money. Then there's
the german metal manufacturing giant whose name escapes me right now,
also losing in excess of $1 billion and so on.

I would estimate that right now, any number of small corporate banking
entities could easily have amassed in excess of $1 Trillion literally in
the space of four months.

The question is - what would YOU DO if this once purely theoretical
situation became a reality, and it was YOU that had done it (with a
couple of rocket scientists)?

I would say that you would probably be laying low right now, trying to
work out how you gracefully exit the game and get to spend your money.

The problem IMHO is that I don't think you can exit from this game - its
like a LAS VEGAS con job brough to wall street.

If you bank the money and stop playing, the value of your money will
quickly depreciate as the economy stagflates with rising interest rates,
an undersupply of hard cash etc. Hence you can't spend the money.

If you keep playing, gobbling up the assets of smaller foolhardy
operators like Barings et al, you risk a domino effect rippling throught
the market as each major insititution collapses.

SO right now, you busy yourself in setting up whatever you have created
in a financial haven - like George Soros has done with his Quantum Foundation
And hope that your little fiefdom can go it alone.

Perhaps you could also buy a nuclear power military to protect you and so
on until what we have is the scenario I outlined previously - a rogue
territory that has literally made a hit and run on the world economy and
now wishes to assert itself by force if necessary.

Hopefully we jetison our entire currency mechanism before this happens.
SO that whatever this corporganism owns is literally worthless. But I
fear that given the tardiness of the present administration, the lack of
leadership in the world bank, and so on, we do not have the capablity of
achieving a political solution to this problem.

Therefore a plan B is needed:

any ideas?

- david dei

house.54.617: Radio Free Zippy (almedia) Fri 24 Mar 95 00:14


house.54.618: genes in jeans (cubensis) Fri 24 Mar 95 07:57

{almedia} you've just described a Rainbow Gathering!

Except, key to "securing property" is dependent upon your brothers and
sisters repecting as they would be respected-- and not everybody has the
same notion of "respect" (thus the increasing crime rate at Gatherings).

I'd like to ask some of our Rainbow friends (any still around? {muddy}?)
what they think of all this.

In other words, alternative mediums of exchange are based on trust and
interdependence within a "tribe" of sorts. (which is why it is so unlike
exploitative, stockpiling capitalism with "funny" money taht exists in Alan
Greenspan's hallucenations...) How is this going to be possible ever

house.54.619: David Dei (megatrip) Fri 24 Mar 95 21:22

I am not much interested in the following 2 things:
1. analysing the present system
2. discussing ways of reforming it.

the reasons are twofold:
A. been doing that all my life and came to my own conclusions several
years ago. it simply has to go. it's user-unfriendly (to put it mildly)
to both the over- and the under-class. fullstop.
B. it has had innumerable chances to wake up and is clearly either
unwilling or, much more likely, *incapable* of adapting in any way
significant enough to save itself.

what interests me is discussing WHAT TO DO WHILE IT'S COLLAPSING AND
well, we're doing that now to some limited extent, except where
participants keep going back to 1 and 2 above.

I wonder if people are actually psychologically incapable of actually
considering this. are we? it's very hard and at the same time amazingly
easy once you get into it.

I mean there are a thousand (well half a dozen including social breakdown,
internationsal hostilities, authoritarian rule, back to the caveman, a
reformation and then back to the same thing again but slowly, a Chinese
take-over ... and what else?) possible scenarios, but the one that I feel
should concern us is to think positiely about how, after a period of
necessary and *fundamental* turbulence, a new healthy evolved form might be
gained. basically a successful move of our very culture from Competition to

is everybody following this?

if you are, you'll soon see that how we behave NOW (this
hopefully-soon-to-start discussion etc) can and will affect both how we
proceed through the inevitable collapse (as I see it) and whether we
survive to the new evolved form.

hence, for example, my insistence on the importance of RC (Rave Culture)
because that is the main and growing cooperative meme which could hold us
together and help us to the next step.

if you're waiting for me to get to the answer - forget it! I don't claim
to have *that*. but I do, I really *do* want to see all your fine minds
*thinking* about this.

it's a whole other way of thinking than we have ever allowed our minds to
explore. it begins to get back to basics, to fundamentals, to just whatis
it we value and want. and that's where my last post about UN FREE soup
kitchens on every block globally and rent-free housing where you presently
sit comes in. that's both a way of surviving the period after the Final
Crash (or during the Gradual but Complete Dissolution) and an excellent
cooperative approach that could see us through to a successful new
crystallisation of our culture.

as I say, I've meditated on this a great deal over the last several years
and everything keeps pointing back to WHAT WE DO NOW.


house.54.620: Radio Free Zippy (almedia) Fri 24 Mar 95 23:03


house.54.621: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Sat 25 Mar 95 02:14

Yo, Fraser, if it all collapses, as you are planning for, there is going to
be pain on massive scales. Much more than we experience today. You can
fantasize all you want about what new order (face it) to build, but if you
are unwilling to even *try* to salvage important parts of this whole web of
systems then you will have to make your new society without all the people
who will die or go crazy before the transition starts.

house.54.622: David Dei (megatrip) Sat 25 Mar 95 03:54

good. we're starting to *think* about it! first, almeida's tractor won't
fall off the cliff just because the system has collapsed. nor will
satellites fall from the sky nor the internet go down. they don't
actusally *run* on money, see? so then we're into how people will deal
with it. I suspect a lot of people will rise to the occasion and keep,
say, the internet going. what do we actuall need? food and shelter, no?
(FREE UN Soup Kitchens and rent free homes) there will be lots more
parties - not much else to do for a while, maybe a long while except eat,
sleep warmly and party, talk to that neighbour you never had time to
notice before, long walks, real conversations with loved ones you were
always so impatient with. and, of course, deep talks about the nature of
society, greed, the now dead system, how to avoid it in future. oh yes,
and many many tv shows and extra stations and all sorts of alternative
tips on how to fix your roof, seal your heating escapes, transform yer car
or tractor to run on human shit - indeed all the stuff the alternative
soiety has been studying for years. meditation. yoga, god *we* will
suddenly be the experts and massively in demand. so where is all larry's
pain, then? [of course this all depends on those poor lost helpless fools
in government doing the right "communitarian" thing and not sending in the
troops when the first food riots break out. but honestly I don't think
they will actually be that foolish because ll their formerly rich freinds
will be s broke as everyone else so what's to protect? but that's why we
hae to spread this coopertive meme NOW, so it's plenty big when the things

and one more "new thought": if a monster is crushing you to death you
don't start looking for the good bits that are worth preserving like maybe
the eyeballs or even the balls and so on, you just get rid of the monster
(wrong metaphor since the system iscollapsing by itself and we don't have
to *do* anything to "get rid" of it)

house.54.623: Find your Inner Barney (rik) Sat 25 Mar 95 09:51

If you don't know how things got to where they are (and judging from your
posts, you don't), and if you're not interested in reforming it (it's
hopeless, too difficult, what's the point, etc.), Then I suppose there's
nothing left to do but party. I, however, choose to act locally to
mitigate the suffering, as opposed to composing information-free multipage
rants, bitching about situations you don't understand. This is coffee-house
politics, Fraser. I expect it from high school kids, but you should know

If you don't know how things got the way they are, you can't kepp history
from repeating itself. Go ahead and snow the kids, but they'll drift away
as they grow up and you don't.

house.54.624: RUSirius (rusirius) Sat 25 Mar 95 11:05

well, there isn't a solid IT to collapse anymore, although the notion that
money is value and the fact that their are police, jails, tax collectors et.
al still around to coerce people into doing or not doing even as it gets
more unclear what to do or undo provides some points of focus...

i am planning some form of public dialogue around the meaning of money and
post-economic economics which i'll talk about as soon as i have a coherent
plan. since no one seems to have the answer, maybe a bunch of people can
come up with some... it would be nice if the "4th wave" was humane...

house.54.625: David Dei (megatrip) Sat 25 Mar 95 18:59

who said I don't know how things got the way they are? not I. I think I
know how things got to here. if it matters to you, rik, I could talk
about that for hours and often have. and I agree that if we don't
understand how we got here we might very well end up here again. starter
for ten - monotheism.

house.54.626: Find your Inner Barney (rik) Sat 25 Mar 95 19:48

I'm certain you can talk for hours on end. I've been slogging through the
ascii equivalent for weeks.

house.54.627: David Dei (megatrip) Sun 26 Mar 95 02:22

in Soviet Russia for 50 years or so there were "good, well intentioned
people" like you (I"m taking your word for it that you "choose to mitigate
the suffering locally") who did just that. and there were people like me,
a few but ever growing, who understood that the entire "system" was simply
wrong - meaning user-unfriendly - even for the people at the top of it
(who couldn't control it any better than Newt or Clinton or any of them
now the few people like me got harrassed and locked up as "lunatics" who
"never grew up". [I won't say by people like you because I don't want to
get into a useless slanging match - do you? if not, treat me as the
intelligent, caring person I am - I've been working in the alternative
scene since 1965 - and attack the *ideas* if you want to]
"how can you *possibly* say the whole system and the literally millions
of people running and participating in it is wrong" they were asked. "how
could *everyone* be out of step and just *you* be right?! you must be
crazy and should be locked up as a social menace. or, if you're not plain
crazy, you're uncaring and immature. why don't you, at least, try to
mitigate the suffering locally?" (which, of course they did, as I do.)
but I ask you: where should they have been concentrating most of their
daily energies? to mitigating locally (as any kind, caring persoan would
do anyway) or to working to encourage others to "see through" the system?
it turned out (and we should never forget this) that IT IS PERFECTLY
POSSIBLE for a complete system to be WRONG - user-unfriendly, even for
those at the top. from top to bottom, in every single layer and department
of it. education, medicine, psychology, economics, politics (of course)
militarily, recreationally.
so you may *choose* to disagree with me (I hope you're choosing,
and not just acting from deep, lifelong conditioning) but I really do not
see how you can simply dismiss my analysis out of hand. why? think about
it, instead of just reacting. please. actully stop and look around. do
you see a land of happy, relaxed, friendly cooperative people? or do you
see wasted, undeveloped, repressed people mostly, living sexually represed
lives, stressed by constant (and actually unnecessary) money worries,
hassled out of the enjoyment of simple, uncomplicated pleasures.
me, sometimes late at night, I can almost *see* a great cloud of
unhaappiness hanging over an entire planet with just about *everyone*
living out their entire lives in, what is it, 5% of their brain's
capability (at the very best, like larry, congratulating themselves for
having their new toys and occasionally getting laid) and I *long* in the
very core of my being to help release the unbouded creativity and love
buried so deep in each person's being that they almost don't believe it is
there any more.


house.54.628: Find your Inner Barney (rik) Sun 26 Mar 95 10:42

I see a parasite feeding on the energy of the young. What's worse, I'm
aware that you're smart enough to know what you're doing. This is
bullshit, and I'm out of here.

house.54.629: genes in jean (cubensis) Sun 26 Mar 95 11:19


house.54.630: David Deity (megatrip) Sun 26 Mar 95 13:46

Well, I'm not so sure about Fraser's analysis that the SYSTEM will
collapse by itself. As I argued recently in my as yet unfinished thread
"Underthrowing the State of Unjustice" the System is none other than
OURSELVES - literally, we are its highest achievement. Now IMHO if WE do
not take our unique egoverses out into the streets, form alliances with
other community orientated egoverses and begin CREATING the alternative
society in the cracks of the old, then We might as well kiss this baby

To use my system petri dish south africa - and just one of many amazing
events. Biship Tutu, a man of great genius and social ability, came up
with the idea of organising around the most basic of principles. A
principle for which NO HUMAN could possibly find argument.

At the time there were Whites Only Beaches. So what he did was organise a
multi-racial picnic on one of these beached, complete with children etc.
NOt once, not twice, but until the following occurred. Troops sent in by
the "System" we all had created via our CONSENT - were met by kids doing
the most human of acitivites. Now - even the most thick skinned
condtioned Soldier is going to question his orders when confronted with
this whimsical scene of children making sand castles on a beautiful beach.
HE might be ccapable of committing the act of cruelty of killing children
in cold blood in a setting open to question, like another part of the
city. BUT on a Beach, well who could argue with another humans demand to
swim in the ocean?

The point here is this - we need to find what it is that is fundemental
to our humanity. ONce we have some consensus on these most basic issues,
then we should make a stand. In making a stand for a basic human right -
we will witness the following - the much publicised dissolving of the
SYSTEM as each egoverse part of the SYSTEM OURSELVES joins the growing
throng of people who have literally made a stand for their HUMANITY}

If this involved rave culture, rainbow culture, cyberpunkiness, greens,
pagans, mormons, family owned banks, heretical priests, renegade US ARMY
brigades, then so be it.

We cannot do this on a divisive principle - like what music we listen to,
or what age we are, or what not, we need to extend the idea to be as
inclusive as possible - Only then will we begin to see progress.

As I said before, the world economy is rudderless. Whether it collopses
or not is not what this should be about - we must rather ceaselessly

- david dei

house.54.631: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Sun 26 Mar 95 14:08

I agree with David's concrete notions, but I have a problem with Fraser's
disrespect for what I value in life. Every one in a while, he gets around
to saying, in one guise or another, that all that I value is shit.
(This need not be so personal, of course - he would say this about many
others here too.)

It's another age-old technique that Fraser uses to make his way seem like
the only way.

Do you {megatrip} people and others have time for another GGPark summit?
Perhaps at Prayerbook Cross?

house.54.632: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Mon 27 Mar 95 06:55

sure, larry. and where's curfpunk, I'm dying to see him again. and I send
out a special invite to rik BECAUSE he was so rude. fraser

house.54.633: Knowledge (aasgaard) Mon 27 Mar 95 14:37
{scribbled by aasgaard Mon 27 Mar 95 16:03}

house.54.634: Knowledge (aasgaard) Mon 27 Mar 95 17:50


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