UK (pre-tour), Part II:
Preparing For the Jump

house.34.52: dresses like lady godiva (humdog) Thu 19 May 94 07:30

i am not sure that i agree with duck's analysis of
origins of rave...all of these forms that he bunches
together have different intents, i think...

house.34.53: disco, disco duck... (cubensis) Thu 19 May 94 09:50

A quick note from me, your friendly cyberspace liason ...
1- The quality and depth and range of posts have been FANTASTIC.
The honest feedback is really evolving the zippy meme as much as any one
EGO, which brings me to
2- We see why Michael John was spanked by the Rainbow Council.
There is a reason he did not "represent" UK Zippies in Central Park
as HE planned... one or two or even three well meaning egoists does
not a cultural virus make.
3- RE number 38-- yes, my damn ' key is broken. :-)
4- As long as the concerns and opinions and even flames , keep rollin' in,
I will keep downloading and converting. A newsletter is being put
together in both electronic and hardcopy format. You own your own
words, of course, so I may ask some of you if I may quote you.
5- Despite the concerns, both legit and not so legit--

house.34.54: John Bagby (cubensis) Thu 19 May 94 09:56

Now back to our fascist, over-the-top, religious extremist spokesperson,
who, although he likes to pay the rent as pointed out, is actually a pretty
low key kind of guy.

From Fraser:

PRONOIA ONE: Bucks? What bucks? You havent noticed the System
dissolving around you? Yes, our intention is to save the planet at any
cost, and that wont be a low one. Weve been totally clear about this since
we stated our intention six years ago: SAVING THE PLANET BY MAKING A
BILLION BY SAVING THE PLANET. We could argue this all night, and often do,
and will probably do so for the rest of our lives, but weve never been
accused of being hypocrites or dismissed as mere romantics.
Historically, weve published 15 Encyclopaedia Psychedelicas and Zippy
Times. Weve run clubs, parties, festivals, lecture series (with Ram Dass
tonight) and all the rest of it. Starting last summer, we managed to
establish a club which keeps its ticket cost SO LOW (average $5) and its
number of paid staff so high (35 for two nights a week) that the best the
most of us have managed is to get off unemployment and end up with the same
weekly income.
More central in our grand strategy so far (see PARANOIA FOUR) and the
real reason the club has been so successful, is giving people what they
NEED- like philosophers on the dance floor, music free rooms to chill out
and actually talk- real revolutionary stuff like that. It is simply a fact
which Im not prepared to argue that we all long to come together. Indeed,
as evidenced by the titantic wave of optimism unleased in Megatripolis, Id
say that people are determined to overcome all manners of hassles to DO IT.
Being with crowds of interesteing people is BETTER THAN VR WILL EVER BE.
But heres the really good news, cybernauts-- you dont have to choose
between subcultures. You can even use each to evolve the other!
I second the motion that RU Sirius come to the GatheRave. There let our
senses of humour duel to the last death by haiku.

house.34.55: Gaia Passage BBS 912-265-0784 7pm-7am EST/EDT (mle) Thu 19 May 94 10:34


house.34.56: Robert Lauriston (duck) Thu 19 May 94 10:41

"... giving people what they NEED- like philosophers on the dance
floor ..."

Are we having fun yet?

house.34.57: RUSirius (rusirius) Thu 19 May 94 10:57

Frazier, I must admit that nothing scares me more than being stuck out in
the woods in Wyoming with a bunch of old hippies and young ravers talking
hippie politics and croaking brothersister at each other while eating
organic food. NO! We will debate each other on board a clean, sterile
Mothership w. Fiorella Terenzi moderating before an audience of angry
embittered French Semioticians... and I'll still whip yr butt...

house.34.58: deja dit (humdog) Thu 19 May 94 14:36

for myself i have always insisted that
michael jackson was a work of art by quincy jones

house.34.59: Mild-Mannered Memetician (kreth) Thu 19 May 94 18:08

r o t f l (!)

house.34.60: Joshua Aasgaard M.A. - Freedom's Cradle (aasgaard) Thu 19 May 94 18:31


house.34.61: Mild-Mannered Memetician (kreth) Thu 19 May 94 20:45

Radical Fairies light show is the _best_. They're the token Situationists of
the Gathering.

house.34.62: John Bagby (cubensis) Fri 20 May 94 08:20

"I appreciate the rave scene. I recognize it for what it is.
But, you have to remember to keep it fluffy; you know, sensitive and
-Ram Dass
Megatripolis Club\
May 19, 1994
RU Sirius, my rainbow brother, I will pass your response on as a glove
across gentleman Fraser's face. Keep it fluff--

house.34.63: Gerard Van_der_Leun (boswell) Fri 20 May 94 11:04


house.34.64: Gareth Branwyn (gareth) Fri 20 May 94 18:14

Yeah...I think "fuzzy" is the exact thing I hate about the
new age and the new edge. Keep it sharp!

house.34.65: Bury everthing sacred under the ruins of thrones and altars (mediak) Fri 20 May 94 18:39


house.34.66: Robert Lauriston (duck) Fri 20 May 94 18:44

"All that matters is hair and fingernails."--Penn Jillette

house.34.67: RUSirius (rusirius) Fri 20 May 94 22:33

WOW! Roger Ram Jet just told me the same thing... cosmic...

house.34.68: gregor markowitz (muddy) Fri 20 May 94 23:29

Why OMing when you could make the sound of each animal as you eat it.
OM is the sound of a barnyard vegetable.

But Siriusly, the Gathering is the place to connect with the way down
under grassroots of amerika. The organic food is a necessary (evil)
and is actually like a new drug.
It would be difficult to stay current on the social tide tables without
dangling yer toes in the big water sometime, somewhere.
There is something higher and weirder than high weirdness.

If you don't go I'm going to make a RUSirius life size doll and watch
people talk to it. The doll will have a swollen pineal gland and the
pincer-like claws of the dogon visiters. If Aron Kay can make it up
the trail, then you can too...

house.34.69: Gareth Branwyn (gareth) Sat 21 May 94 09:01

The last gathering I went to was YEARS ago (West VA). I went with this
gorgeous German women. As we hiked in, there were lots of people (mainly
men) along the path. They would hug each of us and say: "Welcome home,
Brother," "Welcome home, Sister." They would give me a short, superficial
hug and her a LONG "soulful" hug. After about the fifth encounter, she turned
to me and said: "The next asshole who hugs me, I'm gonna scratch his fucking
eyes out!" She was very feline and predatory in demeanor and had long, sharp
fingernails. I enjoyed watching the subsequent hugs, waiting for her to
pounch, but she never did. Keep it sharp!

}Or as Penn and Teller say, "That's newage, pronounced like sewage."

And that's why I like the term "new edge," 'cause it too rhymes with sewage.

house.34.70: RUSirius (rusirius) Sat 21 May 94 12:44

Will Aron bring me some pie?

house.34.71: Eddie Amazin' Blazin' Mystify Joe (mz) Sat 21 May 94 12:55

Alex Bennet's line, not Penn & Teller's.

house.34.72: gregor markowitz (muddy) Sat 21 May 94 12:56

Hey, at least it's better than some club or bar where d00ds *want* to do
the hugs and chix want to scratch them but all that happens is that
gunius alcohol marketers subliminally turn this into the urge to buy
consumer poisons and dance to beat into your head beats.
Like Hakim Bey says, when you reach out and touch someone with a
phone, you don't touch them at all, in fact, it's a good way to deal
with someone you don't want to touch at all. But the inner urge to
actually reach out and touch someone is buried deep inside there somewhere.

So you see, the gathering isn't perfect, merely a disrorted mirror of
a society where the need to touch others has been coopted by societal
and economic control forces. Thus the weird overhugging of some

There is no more new. New is old automatically.
Same old new - I've heard that before. Either events just *are*
or they've already happened and are new. New just means released to
the public. Better to keep hugging and sqeezing out some faith that
things are going to be fabulous and beautiful.

I'm going to risk the unwanted hug.

house.34.73: John Bagby (cubensis) Mon 23 May 94 03:46

Right on. Don't let the alienated bastards get ya down. :-)

several announcements:

1- if you wish to subscribe to the new Zippy Pronoia Tour Newsletter (the
electronic version, that is), please send me a quick e-mail. Many of the
same studd will be posted here, but you won't have to dig through piles of

oops. that's "stuff", not "studd", though I suppose a long, *soulful* hug
is possible...

2- Here's Fraser Clark's PARANOIA TWO and THREE, from the original SIX.
Comments on subsequent postings are coming, but there is a --ahem-- a
bit of a Zippy "lag"....


PARANOIA TWO: We're "new age" travellers into penniless anarchy and soap-
dodging irresponsibility.

PRONOIA TWO: It's worth reading the original Wired piece again, which was
a rather fine description of the disparate trends out of which the whole new
"Zippy Movement" in the UK emerged, from megabuck bands like the Shamen to
homeless squatters. Zippy emerged from this "chaos" as someone who has
noticed imbalance and is moving towards harmonising her/his Hippy-ish
hemisphere with his/her Technoperson hemisphere. Most people, when they
first come across the concept, actually realize they ALREADY ARE Zippies!
All the term adds is a tighter focus and -- hey, hey--

Are we pennliless, soapdodging New Age travellers? Some of us were. A new
age traveller who puts together a blanket merchant-stall at a rave is
activating the organized, practical hemisphere. Some of us were corporate
bizmen and women who bought a green magazine and woke up. In some new way,
we're ALL THE SAME! We're all aiming towards balance, in ourselves and in
our environment.

PARANOIA THREE: We are cynical hype-merchants pushing our own ego agendas.

PRONOIA THREE: Ego, ergo, therefore! The ego goes before most of us!
Let's hope we can eradicate IT before it eradicates us. Our agenda is
hyping PRONOIA.

house.34.74: Robert Lauriston (duck) Mon 23 May 94 10:41

Mi sembre invece la noia.

house.34.75: Matt Black (mattb) Tue 24 May 94 13:24

The WIRED piece was the most clued - up US press on the UK scene I've yet
seen. Techno is so large in the UK that it has spawned a huge alternative
scene, where utting a distance from yourself to the dance mainstream is de
I hope the Arizona things come off - they will need more than
pronoia to organise. Certainly, I think it's time for the new sounds and
energy to flow across the atlantic.
mixmaster morris

house.34.76: Bruce Sterling (bruces) Wed 25 May 94 06:57

I'd like to hear more about these weird Tory laws that make it illegal
for more than ten people to publicly listen to loud music with lots of
repetitive beats. Also the British national database of suspicious
hippie buses. The Tory anti-rave crackdown is one of the weirdest
counter-counterculture things I've ever heard of. I can't figure out
whether the Tory Regime is seriously scared, possessed of fascist impulses,
or just doggedly determined to transform itself into an international

house.34.77: Gaia Passage BBS 912-265-0784 7pm-7am EST/EDT (mle) Wed 25 May 94 08:35


house.34.79: John Bagby (cubensis) Wed 25 May 94 08:54

um.. thanks. Cool info, my friend... but there IS a "Ravin' In the UK" topic
just above this one... perhaps your spacebar-addicted posts might fit better
there so people into the Zippy USA thing don't get carpal tunnel syndrome.
Please don't misunderstand, the stuff is great... just DAMN LONG.

house.34.80: John Bagby (cubensis) Wed 25 May 94 09:13

RE Bruce Sterling--

They're scared, man.

They're not dumb, just conservative and alienated. Too much paradigm
jumping and too many barriers dissolving is terrifying to some of them (like
Michael Howard, the UK Home Secretary).

Next thing ya know, they'll be sending little assassin-drones to gun us down
at private beach gatherings. :-)

On a personal note, thanks for your incredibly empowering art.

house.34.81: come and hear... (miga) Wed 25 May 94 14:35

Yes, Bruce and Marcus [and anyone else!] you are welcoem to check out the
house/rave conference from whence this topic came [it's linked to fringeware
and wired.] g house and have a look at "Ravin in the UK" and a number of
other topics.

house.34.82: gregor markowitz (muddy) Wed 25 May 94 15:55

There is some concern about past trouble the zippies who resolved to
play music as loud as possible for as long as possible and the penchant
for drugs which have caused police crackdowns.
This is the basic problem with the sizzle instead of the stirfry.

Of course the media are going to use the loud loud music and the drugs
no matter how healing or beautiful they are to make negative press.
That is why the Rainbow Family does not use the media to communicate
with potential gathering participants. In fact, any group which calls
for the use of drugs to be a participant is not going to find agreement
in the Rainbow circles. There are too many brothers and sisters that have
been in bad spots with bad or good drugs that have come to the gathering
to get away from it all.
For a scene with glossy magazines, cops, drugs and amplified music,
the dead tour would be a better bet.

In America, there is a branch of government, the National Forest Service
which is trying to publish new laws which would require a permit for
any group of more than 25 people that wanted to use any national forest.
The new guidelines have been nicknamed the "Rainbow Regulations" because
it is clear that even though the publication would effect everyone, it
is specifically being written to effect the Rainbow Gathering.

This year, through dogged and exhausting work by many individuals,
like going to every forest service public meeting all over the US,
getting congresspeople to demand further investigation on this matter,
and a deluge of mail, we have stalled the guideline publication past
the May 28 date which would allow them to be used at this year's national
gathering. The new guidelines may still be in effect for the Grand
Canyon event.

We saw Michael John in New York City yesterday and he confirms that
very few people are coming from the UK and they will only be armed
with attitude and sizzle - to try to use the media to make rave/gathering
more popular. If Michael John is turning from shaman to showman,
he would be smart to remember that he has yet to be a shaman.
He should remember how dangerous it can be to have amounts of people
come to a wilderness area without proper support. Many people have been
saving food, kitchen gear, medical goods and the like all year for the
gathering in Wyoming and they will not necessarily be prepared the next
month to support anything. Leaving it to the goddess may be tempting,
but the goddess works through real peoples hands and pocketbooks.

I would like to know how misinformation in the WIRED article, then a
statement that zippies will respect the rainbow family and then another
announcement of amplified music in the parking lot is anything but
You say you have sparked a lively debate and have now come to end
our hysterical questioning with more confusion. Is that how your
goddess works. Many people are going way out on a limb in their lives
to circle in Wyoming and this is not a game or an intellectual
excercise. We need real reliable information.

Michael John, the vision of you dressed in wizard robes dancing on
a platform above the young zippie drinkers at the megatripolis does
not mean to me that you have infected the UK with the rainbow idea-
it sounds like they have made you some kind of hippy spectacle
gogo dancer.
Showman not shaman indeed!

house.34.83: Bruce Sterling (bruces) Thu 26 May 94 07:08

That's the WELL for you; ask and ye shall receive.

house.34.84: THE ELECTRONIC TRAVELER (mle) Thu 26 May 94 07:34


house.34.85: Robert Lauriston (duck) Thu 26 May 94 09:39

I think the NFS is entirely right to insist on permits for events that
draw large groups, and the Rainbows are profoundly hypocritical for
pushing such an environmentally insensitive agenda.

house.34.86: THE ELECTRONIC TRAVELER (mle) Thu 26 May 94 14:50


house.34.87: Robert Lauriston (duck) Thu 26 May 94 14:51

How's the potable water situation there?

house.34.88: Mild-Mannered Memetician (kreth) Thu 26 May 94 17:17

In '89, it was fine. I didn't have to boil water to kill giardia (sp?)

house.34.89: Gaia Passage BBS 912-265-0784 7pm-7am EST/EDT (mle) Thu 26 May 94 17:45


house.34.90: John Bagby (cubensis) Fri 27 May 94 05:53

In response to some of the concerns raised, I'm going to post another
excerpt from an interview I did with Fraser Clark.

JOHN: You're meeting up with the American Rainbow family and other hippy
types, and offering them an atmosphere not unlike what the Dead originated
in the 60s, but on a nineties level. Remember the reaction when Dylan went
electric? How can Zippies attract the neo-Luddites who find amplified music
"soul-less" and want to unplug it all in favor of drums and acoustic
instruments? How do you get these people on your bus?

FRASER: This is really the biggest problem we face, much bigger than the
police in my opinion. In England, it's taken five years to get that
crossover between the two scenes going, and we had some terrible problems
along the way. The 60s hiopy type turned out to be the most resistant of
everybody. What I've said to them, and what I think they remember finally,
is that as hippies we started off to change the planet. Before the rave
phenomenon came along, we were down to our last little free patch of ground
available for a festival, and we were holding on like grim death. We had
forgotten what our original purpose was. We just wanted to survive, keep as
quiet as possible, as low a profile as possible, so we wouldn't get bumped
off our last refuge. WRONG!
What's happening with the Zippies is millions of reinforcements are
coming over the hills, tens of millions. The reinforcements we've been
praying for during the last 25 years... here they come! Let's acept them
for what they are. Now we can win!
I say to the Rainbow people: this is the Godess' answer to our prayers!
This is the middle class, this is the techno people, this is the sons and
daughters of the ruling class. This is what we asked for, so let's not look
WISDOM. How are you going to get urban youth out into the country unless
you offer what they think they want? We're doing a Megarave at the Grand
Canyon, and while they're at the Megarave they discover the magic ofthe
canyon! Then they discover cacti, then they discover Native culture, and so
on. They're not going to discover these things unless there is something to
get them out of the cities.
A note from John: The Zippies are not intending to broadcast to the world-
"hey, come pee in the Wyoming wilderness!" We'd like the Gathering to have
only a contingent of Zippies to meet in summit. I'm an American who loves
my country and the sacred earth in inhabits. I've been active with EF! We
don't want lots of confused, hungry, insect-bitten city kids out in the
wilderness. There are Rave festivals being planned for them. The Gathering
IS VERY MUCH RESPECTED... We are on the same team, sisters and brothers!
The British are coming, and nothing any ego-saturated hippy gogo dancer says
will change the cultural virus we hope to spread.

house.34.91: Robert Lauriston (duck) Fri 27 May 94 09:36

You're going to barbecue all the dogs the wise hippies bring to this
event? Now, that's starting to sound like a party.

house.34.92: gregor markowitz (muddy) Fri 27 May 94 09:44

Michael John got connected to alt.gathering.rainbow. Since he claims that
speaking with him is speaking with brother fraser, we'll have to go with
that for now as "straight from the horses mouth.

I'm coming from the perspective of temporary community, from having
witnessed first hand the media manipulation experiments of the Yippies!
and being a regular gathering participant. I am filled with love for the
rainbow family and all brothers and sisters who want to at least try
to make the world of humans a better place. I prefer to use plain talk
even about the majical way people feed themselves on the land, so
forgive my not coding this all in the new rave language parameters.

Posted on alt.gathering.rainbow:

In article {2s2eg0$n9f@usenet.INS.CWRU.Edu}, {dr321@cleveland.Freenet.Edu}

} From Michael John
} I am on line now in person to this conference. My address will be moving
} around.As for any questions regarding the ZIPPIES or MEGATRIPOLIS please
} send directly. This is a gathering of gatherings; the Grand Canyon event
} a gathering of several tribes, diverse tribes. The volume of love and
} creativity that will come of this event is beyond my imagination. Love
} more. Be more pronoid. Life is a resource to discover, not a problem to be


OK. Questions:
Who is providing foods at the grand canyon, as it is far from food sources?
Who is going to care for medical cases/emergencies?
Who is bringing the sound system?
Who is deciding which music everyone will hear?
Are the zippies bringing the drugs (hash spliffs or DMT for the hip and
well connected)?
Is Fraser Clark going to be there?
How many people do you expect?
Is this part of the sacred native druming ceremony? If not, will the
sound/air rights of the quieter, native american drummers be respected?
What is the zippie policy for dealing with violent people?
What is the zippie policy for dealing with police?
What is the zippie position on the "Rainbow Regulations"?

Resources? The answers to these questions in plain talk would be a
beautiful, powerful resource. Thankyou and huge love beams to
brother Michael John.

---end of forwarded message

house.34.93: smiles in the morning (tow) Fri 27 May 94 13:07


house.34.94: Knowledge (aasgaard) Fri 27 May 94 13:27

house.34.95: Robert Lauriston (duck) Fri 27 May 94 15:04

The constitutional right of assembly does not guarantee the right to
assemble thousands of people in a park without a permit or portable

I didn't praise any loggers, and if I have an ilk they're in Scotland.

house.34.96: Knowledge (aasgaard) Fri 27 May 94 15:15


house.34.97: Gaia Passage BBS 912-265-0784 7pm-7am EST/EDT (mle) Fri 27 May 94 16:18


house.34.98: gregor markowitz (muddy) Fri 27 May 94 19:25

love love love love in theory and practice. I'm going up to vermont for
the spring gathering. I really wish the zips well and I have special
admiration for Michael John (even in critique) for standing up and
saying what he says. Strength brother.
This issue is pretty well talked out and I've enjoyed it, but time has
come to do and not say, for me.
love love love love is in the air!

house.34.99: Knowledge (aasgaard) Fri 27 May 94 22:18


house.34.100: jonl (jonl) Sat 28 May 94 08:19

go for it, muddy! indeed right, time to DO and not SAY...

house.34.101: Fuzzy Logic (phred) Mon 30 May 94 21:18

For what it's worth, Ian Smith, a DJ at the Heaven club which is held at
the same place, had high praise for the way Megatripolis is organized
although Ian said it "wasn't his kind of thing." I respect his opinion
on these matters a lot, and this came during a parallel discussion of
these issues on one of the net mailing lists.

I pass this along only because it brings forth the possibility of some
interesting activities by these folks, but it depends on who comes
over from the UK and what they end up doing.

house.34.102: I've got Nothing To Say But It's OKAY! Good Morning! (cubensis) Tue 31 May 94 05:39

Doing, not just talking--- were there more of us, muddy. I am not a
rainbow, and do not speak for them. I AM a zippy, and I do not speak for
them. I DO see Fraser at least once every day for strategy sessions and the
like. We are de-centralised, as are the rainbows. The fact that Michael
John is now back on the NET is wonderful-- Ive been trying to do the things
that he is more qualified to do-- like connect with the rainbows and answer
their concerns. Thats his rap-- Im a Rainbow Leader. He is, indeed, a
weaver of many nets, and the energy and enthusiasm he can generate is
admirable. ALWAYS-reliable information is hard to secure from ANY source,
but he and I will be in NYC together next week to re-connect and delegate.

The voice of Fraser Clark? Only Fraser can be that. When I use his words,
there is a clearly defined FRASER SAYS:. I speak for myself, but also as
someone who has perspective from the center of the London HQ. Michael John
has not been heard from in four days. The number he left is no good.
Doubtless he is weaving another node of webwork, so get your info where you

There is no code. Please continue, as you *do*, to help us organize by your
vocalising concerns here on the WELL. You are a valuable talker, brother, I
look forward to *do*ing with you!

house.34.103: Robert Lauriston (duck) Tue 31 May 94 11:16

This discussion has helped me better understand why I find new-age stuff
so annoying.

Perhaps the biggest common element uniting the disparate threads of the
new-age movement is a purported cherishing of nature (aka Gaia, Mother
Earth, etc.) and a rejection of nature's supposed opposite, the material
consumer-industrial culture. Philosophically this is generally painted
as an embrace of holism and a rejection of dualism.

Except--what could be more dualistic than the division of the seamless
whole of the world into "nature" and "not nature"? Rather than an
expression of holism, new-age philosophy is actually a particularly
extreme form of dualism. The dividing line between nature and its
supposed antithesisi is basically aesthetic, and in fact derives
directly from the values of the culture newage claims to reject--no
big surprise, given that the middle class conventionally defines its
own values in terms of rebellion against itself.

house.34.104: Jef Poskanzer (jef) Tue 31 May 94 12:19


house.34.105: come and hear... (miga) Tue 31 May 94 20:41

Thanks for the alt.rainbow posts above - I'd be interested in reading more
stuff from the net if they're still discussing it. And thanks John for
being here and relaying info back and forth and getting some of our
questions answered.

I agree with Phred - it all depends on who comes and what they do. Any more

btw, anyone who hasn't yet read the Wired article can now get it on the net
with mosaic or lynx at [look under back issues.] d;)

[another good URL: the sfraves archive at ]

house.34.106: John Bagby (cubensis) Fri 3 Jun 94 06:47

PARANOIA FOUR: I am personally a fascist, over the top, religous extremist
with a thought control agenda for world domination.

PRONOIA FOUR: I sometimes get impatient, I admit it. But then, there are a
lot of things holding us back and you can get too patient-- as in saying
nothing can be done about it, let s look after numer one.

I asked Ram Dass when he was at Megatripolis for some Real Advice. I said
were going to the states to do this at that... and he interrupted me and
said: if you think youre doing it, youre in deep shit already. Thanks,

So, let me put this on the record: we wont be CREATING the youthravequake
this summer, well be trying to help channel the energy positively,
explaining it to a bemused public (what do this kids WANT?) and helping
protect the Child against King Herods irritation.

Im extreme, all right. Not a soft centre wholl go down quietly. If society
is doomed, let s go out in a riot of noble moral colour, not in grey
alienation. BUT, WE ARE NOT GOING OUT!

World domination-- definitely! Were dealing with global financial systems,
if we dont root ourselves in the cosmos, well never navigate the Paradigm
Falls-- and the increasing turbulence announces they re just around the

----Pronoia must be the most significant metaprogramming insight of this
millennium.--- TIM LEARY


next stop, U.S.A.

See ya there, pronoids!


The Zippy Pronoia Tour site was developed by © 1995.
Extra special thanks to the gracious, skoochin' internet love-fest.