"Laugh-a-while you can-a, monkey boy!"

house.54.535: David Dei (megatrip) Sun 26 Feb 95 00:24

PART TWO: Apartheid Geography - its definitely global
David Dei confronts a conundrum, age 16.

Decoding the Geography of Apartheid helps us to understand the Global
System. I have touched on how this model creates the illusion of order,
and controls by dividing territory into racial and class units dividing us
ultimately into individual desiring machines (Delueze and Guatteri) or
economic units (Marx & Engels). This political geography as I have pointed
out is observable in the layout of a modern city such as Los Angeles as
well as in the archetecture of our present legislature. And as I
mentioned, part of the illusion is invested in distributing power
seemingly amongst feudal warlords or lower order structures so as to
minimise the effects of rebellion and insurrection.

Growing up in South Africa, I was born into a system that was taught to me
from an early age. Thus while I managed to understand that all humans were
born equal, I could not think or describe people in any way other than
along racial lines. But there were greater things at work, for as early as
age 8 years I recall having an immense desire to solve the problems of the
World that I had been born into. At first I was more concerned with
problems of a broad nature - how to replace the ozone layer (this was in
1977) before much press had been taken up with this topic, but I
invisioned a time when we would be sending shuttle missions skyward for
this specific purpose.

As I developed in my problem solving capablities I came to a particular
humiliation. When age 16 I was confronted with the problem of how exactly
we were to solve the problem of Apartheid. This particular problem is one
which most of my generation of South Africans had began to concern itself
with, and at the time the picture looked like this:

There was one parliament in which all white voters had representation,
which effectively ruled the country while each indigenous black nation had
its own homeland taking up about 12% of the land, some 16 or so seperate
areas dotted around the country exactly like Indian Reservations in
America today, which the white parliament liked to treat as "independent"
countries. And as these reservations had their own legislative bodies,
their was no need for representation anywhere else in a "seperate but
equal system" And seeing as there was not much work available in these
rural areas, a policy developed which was called "Influx Control" also
known as the Pass System. Basically a Green Card system for the black
majority. If you did'nt have one of these green cards, then you could'nt
get work outside your homeland/reservation, and employers faced stiff
penalites for hiring illegals.

But even this system of control was unable to stem the tide of
urbanisation, and the black urban suburbs were becoming "informal
settlements" or shanty towns. And while this was happening, if you were
white, going about your business, you would never bump into a black person
who was not a servant - because this highly efficient geography had
factored in this possiblity. It had even seen to the eventuality that
these black people, who where so clearly in the majority, might rebel (as
they had been doing since the turn of the century), in which case, those
one or two highway roads leading to the black township were simply closed,
(a system invented by the nazis cf. the warsaw ghetto) and still in use in
America today. So whenever anything came close to rebellion, all you were
likely to hear or see was perhaps a news item or two. In no way was I
ever exposed to the mob - except by way of television and psychic

To get back to my humilation - my answer to this set of social problems
age 16 was the following:

Simply give these people "representation" in parliament! Like affirmative
action or bussing, lets institute a mandatory amount of seats for each
race group. Pretty much along the lines of todays United Nations, with say
a security council of elder leaders.

At this stage I would like to point out an interesting political anomoly
namely the existance of a political structure called the UN Security
Council which forms the main powerbroking entity of he United Nations. In
order to discuss this anomoly, I should mention that any talk of such an
entity is hamstrung by the enormous amount of bullshit that passes for
political analysis in this country, and I include all those pop conspiracy
theorists who would like there to be some hollywood style plot to the new
world order.

As far as I am concerned, one has only to understand the following simple
statement to get the picture of what our world looks like - our political
system can be decoded simply by looking at its geography - there exists
within our present system of local and global government a pattern of
power distribution that is no different from that practiced by every other
Empire in history and as I shall demonstrate, Apartheid South Africa . It
is observable by anyone with the a wish to re-examine the reality of what
we already know. And what exactly is this fact that we already know?

Our planet is ensnared in a global system that on a political scale is
closer to the Duma of the Russian Czar or the court of Louis XIV than any
democratic ideal we might enjoy. For as we have all been taught at school,
and for us post-world-war ii beings, in fact BORN into, is a system in
which the highest planetary authority is not an elected body, nor a
representative structure but rather a small club of FIVE nations and this
elite UN Security Council Club (on which sit individuals many of them
unknown to us) claims to speak for this entire planet exercising a veto
power over every other nation on Earth, backed up by a nuclear arsenal.

NEXT: the reason for my humiliation (if you have'nt gotten it by now) as
well as a brisk synopsis of how we underthrew the system, giving us all
hope for the world in at large.

- david dei

house.54.536: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Sun 26 Feb 95 00:30

Please continue, David. This is good stuff!

house.54.537: Radio Free Zippy (almedia) Sun 26 Feb 95 01:10


house.54.538: ORAC's Waldo/4 (almedia) Sun 26 Feb 95 01:13


house.54.539: David Dei (megatrip) Sun 26 Feb 95 02:34

Underthrowing the State of Unjustice

PART THREE: the basic idea, and its fractal.

During my adolescence I was somewhat of a socialist mystic finding
inpiration in HG Wells, Marx and Plato with a bit of Zen thrown in for
good measure. But while I found utopian ideas fascinating, I was still
very much caught in a mindset, that as I later discovered, was inherently
racist. And hence the following conclusion - The chasm between theory and
practice is not merely the difference between an idea and its translation
into reality, but also the struggle to understand the full implications of
an idea. Which is what I will hopefully illustrate, because although I
professed my desire for equality, I had come up with a political scenario
before an expectant crowd of 200 (in answer to the question posed - how do
we solve this apartheid problem?) that was exceedingly close to what Prime
Minister PW Botha arrived at in 1985 and which bore no relation (as we all
know) to the solution arrived at by the entire country in 1994.

What I had glimpsed in my foible and acute embarrasment was an interesting
insight, realized before the seriously shocked silence of my teachers who
had come to expect more from me. I had mouthed the shocking realpolitiek
that arises from ones tortured attempts to keep the peace at all costs, to
see both sides of the equation and to even settle for half measures in
spite of knowing better. Which is not to say that having a relativistic
outlook and compromising is a bad thing, but rather, that there exists
beneath all our abstractions and roleplaying some fundemental things for
which we can never compromise. That there are basic ideals from which all
else stems and that to forget this, is to attach an equality of meaning
which sets you loose on a relativistic ocean. An ocean which may
ultimately swollow you, ideas and all. For in this sea of existential
meaninglessness - where everything is permitted and nothing is sacred
(including the idea that we are all born with equal rights), there always
exists the possiblity that it might be you on the other side of the fence,
that it might be you that awaits that decision for or against your
intrinsic right to exist as a human being.

Two years later Neville Alexander, a United Democratic Front political
theorist explained the word that had been missing from my vocabulary until
then. "non-racial - its not good enough to merely be against racism, what
you are looking for is the absence of race-based thinking". Something
which I still find difficult. to accomplish, because words fail me when
confronted with the sheer diversity of humanity that we are dealing with.

Now those not growing up in a society overtly divided along racial lines,
might find it difficult to empathise with my niavete and difficulty in
realising something so exceedingly basic, but I bring this up in order to
explain the significance of our political geography. As I promised, I am
going to attempt to prove to you all, beyond any shadow of doubt, that the
events in south africa, are really a fractal subset of a wider global
political movement. That in essence, I have already lived through the
political events shaping our present, and that I have already struggled
with the future so to speak. Think of this as the first application of
chaos theory to political discourse.

NEXT: I get to the down and dirty of how a complex political landscape
arises from simple concepts and how just one simple idea with the aid of a
prelingual translation device underthrew apartheid south africa.

house.54.540: ORAC's Waldo/5 (almedia) Sun 26 Feb 95 02:59


house.54.541: David Dei (megatrip) Sun 26 Feb 95 03:56

this is great great stuff. I am not down any more. I may never (or seldom)
have been more excited. a Great Fractal is happening here. thankyou,
thankyou, both of you, all of you. it is a privelege to be here for


house.54.542: Radio Free Zippy (almedia) Sun 26 Feb 95 10:47


house.54.543: ORAC's Waldo/6 (almedia) Sun 26 Feb 95 10:55


house.54.544: David Dei (megatrip) Sun 26 Feb 95 15:03

In one sentence - what is the point you are trying to make almedia?

house.54.545: David Dei (megatrip) Sun 26 Feb 95 21:11

Underthrowing the State of Unjustice

PART FOUR: Inclusionary Evolutionary's

Cutting to the Punch - there is a single reason for the sudden emergence
of a democratic South Africa, and it is this - the freedom struggle
reabsorbed its own ideal of non-racialism that I had been so unable to fully
understand while racking my brain for a political solution age 16. In
other words, the struggle for a democratic South Africa did not start off
as a non-racial venture. Quite the contrary, one has only to read early
versions of the African National Congress's Constitution and Freedom
Charter, to see the significance of this statement.

Herewith a quick Exhibit and Decoding of equality-speak in South Africa:
Exhibit A:

1958 ANC Party Constitution:

"The aims and objects of the Congress shall be:

(a) To unite the African people in a powerful and effective
instrument to secure their own complete liberation from all
forms of discrimination and national oppression.

(b) To promote and protect the interests of the African people
in all matters affecting them."

[contrast the above exclusive wording, at that time "African" was
synonymous with "Black", with the more inclusive 1991 version:]

1991 ANC Party Constitution:

"The aims and objectives of the ANC shall be:

1. To unite all the people of South Africa, Africans in
particular,for the complete liberation of the country from
all forms of discrimination and national oppression.

2. To end apartheid in all its forms and transform South
Africa as rapidly as possible into a united, non-racial, non-sexist and
democratic country based on the principles of the Freedom

Exhibit B: billing your rights on the right word.

The Exclusive "African Bill of Rights" of 1923 evolves into the more
inclusive "Freedom Charter" of1955. But even this document displays a
curious ambivalence between concepts of equality/non-racialism and
group/race protection:

Freedom Charter 1955 - A good start:

"That South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white,
and that no government can justly claim authority unless it is
based on the will of the people"

"All shall enjoy equal human rights"

is marred by group-thinking later in the same document:

"All national groups shall have equal rights"

"All national groups shall be protected by law against insult
to their race and national pride"

Contrast this early attempt at defining equality with the later, more
inclusive and non-racial Bill of Rights negotiated in 1994:

SA Bill of Rights 1994

"(1) All South Africans are born free and equal in dignity and

(2) No individual or group shall receive privileges or be
subjected to discrimination, domination or abuse on the
grounds of race, colour, language, gender, or creed, political or
other opinion, birth or other status.

(3) All men and women shall have equal protection under the law."

And we see how the transition from exclusive anti-racism to inclusive
non-racism has been achieved, as even the ANC admit in an official statement:

"[The Bill of Rights] was our answer to those who were insisting on racial
group rights as the foundation of constitutional development."


What is of interest to all of us in the above examples, is that these
documents are, for the most part, all excellent renditions of politically
correct speaking with only a few needle-in-the-haystack differences of a
semantic nature, which I have hopefully exposed. But more importantly
these minor differences which many would chose to ignore on paper,
translate into curious street renditions, one example that springs to mind
is a Freedom Charter T-Shirt that had translated ""All national groups
shall have equal rights" to "All national groups - whites, blacks and
coloureds shall have equal rights". Which is really a good translation of
what the original sentence means. What the writer really wants is a
society of "seperate but equal" citizens who continue to maintain their
race identity.

And as we already know, the idea of "seperate but equal" is the basis for
the policy of Apartheid. Which is the crux of what I am trying to
illustrate - because in the eyes of a lot of people, equality is merely
the call for equal rights in an unequal world, and not a call for the
dismantlement of an unequal system that categorises people by race, color
or creed. A system that affords equal treatment and equal legal status
without dismantling the basis for categorisations of difference can never
substitute for a system of inclusion, a system that is blind to notions of
race and class. Or put another way, would the realisation of the Apartheid
System, to create a "seperate but equal" world, be any better if it had
somehow translated itself into its most purest form, a Utopian Apartheid
with each group-category given truly equal rights?

NEXT: Utopian Apartheid is the true expression of 20th Century Global
Politics and I'll examine the South African evolution for more clues.

- david dei

house.54.546: not counting *your* sentences! (almedia) Mon 27 Feb 95 02:41


house.54.547: Robert Lauriston (duck) Mon 27 Feb 95 14:29

}}there is a single reason for the sudden emergence of a democratic
South Africa{{

Yeah, your insistence on reducing complex events to simplistic


house.54.548: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Mon 27 Feb 95 16:40

seemingly complex events often arise from naively simplistic occurences . .
or didn't your ancestors at some point crawl out of primordial ooze . . .
or are we all still learning to crawl?

the lesson of the spider's web . . .

or to quote from Paul - "If I should speak with the tongues of men . . ."

house.54.549: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Mon 27 Feb 95 18:22

I'm truly interested in debating anyone who wishes to debate any specific
issue raised in this topic or the general zippy outlook on things. But
debate involves discussion of points of view and opposing them with other
points. This the Stuck One has consistently avoided doing (despite
freindly and not so freindly attempt by several participants on this
topic) merely resorting to adolescent farts like his latest above. (If
you donUt believe this, try arguing with his latest posting.)

David, a lot of your recent posting is invaluable stuff and I hope others
will jump to your defence. Please please don't be depressed by Stuck's
behaviour - IUm considerably older and a bit more thick-skinned about this
kind of negativity, so I know very well how, after labouring with love,
intelligence and patience to build some kind of case, to be immediately
followed by this boor with his cheap snide one-liner can easily make you

I, for one, was very appreciative of your recent efforts, especially as
they came immediately after rik had accused me of being an "intellectual
fake" for criticising a RsystemS he thinks is non-existent - imagine my
appreciation, then, when your obviously hard-worked pieces helped clarify
and bring to immediate everyday view some deep strategies of exactly how
the system works, so I do mean this very sincerely when I say thankyou.

As I've said before I am of the firming opinion that Stuck *is* an FBI
snoop and spoiler. I hope his {forget} means he is gone forever but I
seem to remember he's done this before, only to return again, slimier and
nastier than ever.

Several people have written me in private how much they loathe this
character - please put it on the board so we don't feel "isolated" - which
is exactly what Rthe systemS is set up to make each of us feel (viz your
own piece.)


house.54.550: Radio Free Zippy (almedia) Mon 27 Feb 95 18:41


house.54.551: David Dei (megatrip) Mon 27 Feb 95 19:52

So far its three votes for and one against me continuing with the
"underthrowing the system of unjustice" thread.

But since, I already anticipated fraser's vote, its really only 2 to 1.

Hmm but then I also knew what The Stuck One's response would be to make
it 2 votes for and none opposing.

"And the green vase goes to the zeta
reticulan wearing the green bandana or do i hear another bid...?"

house.54.552: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Mon 27 Feb 95 23:11

david, you should feel free to ALWAYS presume my vote . . . .
i, of course, feel free to post questions, quips and "seeming" non-
sequiteurs *;+)

and does anyone know what's become of the cubester and owlmed?

house.54.553: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Mon 27 Feb 95 23:18

Now wait a minute here!

I hate to say this, but what David is saying *now* is coherent analysis, and
what Fraser says is generally something else. I am all for this line of
writing from David, and would prefer to see less, for now, from other
essayists here. But to me it is very different that what I've seen
before it.

{duck} is not an FBI agent. To me, that's crazy stuff. I've heard the
allegation made by the same person before and at the time, I felt it best
to let it lie. But now, in this forum? It looks crazier. Get real,
Fraser! Demonizing one's (real or imagined) opponents is a TACTIC. I
hope everyone sees it for what it is.

I think {duck} should have been more positively disposed towards David's
latest efforts, but since Fraser's been willing to match him COMMENT for
COMMENT in the last few weeks, I'm not surprised he wasn't willing to
halt the pissing match.

house.54.554: the crew's coming through real stable, enabled (reid) Tue 28 Feb 95 02:32

ledelste. Do you think you might be able to give us a comment by comment
analysis of the last two or so weeks of this topic?

house.54.555: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Tue 28 Feb 95 11:44

You are being sarcastic, yes?

house.54.556: RUSirius (rusirius) Tue 28 Feb 95 11:52

Duck is an agent of the Austrian Monarchy which to this day still controls
everything. The entire fate of the world hinges on this topic!

house.54.557: David Dei (megatrip) Tue 28 Feb 95 14:09

And Galactic Commard is monitoring our activities closely. Will earth
be saved or not? Will this conference laptopple the System? The rustle of
paper resound through the universe as Control Cohorts franticly re-read
Earth art and literature for the past 5 millenia, desperately attempting
to find a clue as to why the zippys can unravel the entire thing with
such ease. (hint - read DUNE)

house.54.558: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Tue 28 Feb 95 14:14

the spice must flow - and where do i get some

house.54.559: David Dei (megatrip) Tue 28 Feb 95 14:20

After that reassuring bit of advice, here is part five:

Underthrowing the State of Unjustice

PART FIVE: Clubbing U Conscious

I am attempting as promised,to prove to you all, beyond any shadow of
doubt, that the events in South Africa, are really a fractal subset of a
wider global system, and so as not to forget the original purpose of this
story, I am going to introduce you to an African Dance Party - not just an
ordinary getogether, but an underground pre-rave bash. Whereupon I can
distinctly hear a collective sigh of relief, as David Dei steers this
thread back to saving the world - the Zippy Method, (which is evolution
whilst having an enormous amount of fun). So I hope you will all forgive
me, If I do this via way of reintroducing a character which is is none
other than myself - age 19, at an allnight party.- somewhere in 1987 and
slightly stoned.

Maybe you've been to one of these things? Since its Africa, there is a
Jazz-Highlife Band which has been playing since I arrived, and as a
curiousity factor which I'll come back to, continues to play while picking
up speed for at least 6 hours. Everyone is smiling it seems, and I put
this down to the many beautiful nymphettes bouncing around the dancefloor,
in fact I am particularly attracted to one girl who seems interested in
talking to me (I'm 19 for godsake). So gazing across this intimate club
venue, I move toward her where she is sitting at a table of what are
essentially, anxiously concerned white youth, particularly conspicious
because about half of the crowd is black, and this is the middle of State
of Emergency Apartheid South Africa.

At this table you find sex and revolution - you know the stuff - a
discrete node set up so that YOU can aquire that instantly subversive
information your mother warned you about - illegal information, stuff that
could get you sent to prison. There are copies of the freedom charter I
discussed above which since its 1987 is a felony to possess. There is
literature from the End Conscription Campaign calling on you to resist the
draft, and the list goes on of stuff you should be doing in wonderful
rainbow colours of hand-silkscreened appeals to join the liberation party.
The entire experience of sexy girls, groovy music and inter-racial mixing,
is so natural, that your only conclusion is - where have i been all my
life, this is one kickin party.

Any guesses as to what is really happening here? Well I'll turn the
analyisis guage back up:

This basic idea of non-racialism which I hold responsible for the events
of 1994, really entered the South African Political Landscape in full
force during the period 1982-1987 in the form of a broad coalition of
loosely connected anti-apartheid forces under the umbrella of the United
Democratic Front (UDF). Although an interesting observation is that the
movement had really been inoculated with this seedconcept from its very
start, it however remained dormant beneath a marxist veneer awaiting a
chance to bloom, ( Picture a meme in cold storage in the form of the
personage of one Xhosa man by the name of Mandela, isolated from the game
by a life sentence on South Africa's version of Alcatraz.)

[Megatripolis Footnote: Mandela's personal defence in the 1960 SA Treason
Trial where he flirts with the death penalty to establish his non-racial
identity becomes one of the most popular repeat experiences in the Future
Perfect Galaxy alongside a certain greek philosophers Pre-Execution
Hemlock Lecture ]

So while we could characterise the ANC Party circa 1982 as anti-racist, or
against the discriminatory policies of the Nationalist Government we would
not have been able to apply the word NON-Racial to their strategy, for at
that stage the entire movement had defined itself in terms of race, as it
had been doing since the turn of the century.

The ANC had concerned itself with the intrigues of Stalinist, Leninist and
Trotskiest ideological factions. In fact a major ongoing debate was
whether or not to institute socialism "before, during or after the
revolution", with opinion swaying towards what people termed a "two stage"
theory - that the ANC should first stage the revolution at all costs, the
ends justifying the means after which true socialism would be instituted -
the second stage. One can almost hear the yawns at those endless committee
meetings where everyone referred to each other as "comrade" and addressed
the "comrade chair" to argue some arcane point in Marx's "Das Kapital".

The interesting thing about an "ends justifies the means" approach was
that it did not take into account the outside chance that while you were
executing other comrades in the name of the revolution (your end), that
some misguided individual would suggest you use another means, purely in
the way of strategy, of achieving that same end, which in reality could
subvert your beautiful marxist revolution entirely and replace itself as
the dominant meme

In fact being a hardened Marxist/Nationalist, you would probably welcome
any method of achieving your goal in the shortest possible time, which is
why a hierarchical, male-dominated, predominantly Stalinist organisation
such as the ANC, gave the go ahead for the establishment of a non-racial
umbrella movement inside South Africa as a means of co-opting those
sections of the population who had been alienated by its predominantly
pro-black stance - namely, the white youth and the "coloured" and Indian
population groups.

The ANC was gambling that this United Democratic Front would merely
further its strategy of "making the country ungovernable" and deliver the
white youth, me included, on a platter who were to merely cease their
military training so that the revolution could proceed as planned,
unhindered by the South Africa Defence Force..

But as we already know, this Stalinist organisation and its Marxist
Revolution, no longer exists because what we have now is a movement whose
goals are a non-racial, non-sexist and non-nuclear South Africa.

So what have we got? An Anti-Racist Heirarchical Structure with shit for
policy allowing the rise of a decentralised, non-racial movement getting
transformed beyond recognition - Question: which is the stronger idea -
anti-racism or nonracialism? Hierarchy or decenteralism?

I find it surprising that this simple observation has not been made by
other political analysts. But we can forgive this oversight by examining
an interesting phenomenon. It appears that humans, once arriving at an
important new conclusion, act as if they had always thought that way. Much
the way a computer may have no recollection of ever running a previous
operating system. Or to use another analogy - upon learning the knack of
riding a bicycle, we promptly forget our difficulty at mastering the art
in the first place, and act as if bicycling is a purely natural process -
which accounts for the lack of books on the subject - how to ride a

These basic modifications in our life operating system are responsible for
amazingly complex forms of social behaviour. This idea is not hard to
grasp if we apply the recent discoveries in Chaos Theory to social
behavour. The basic principle is this - seemingly chaotic social patterns
can have a hidden order which arises from one or two basic tendencies or
principles. And what I am trying to illustrate, is a basic idea which I
uncovered at the heart of the social evolution in South Africa.

Complexity arises from basic principles -which is why a simple policy
change, a simple idea, can change the entire course of history. Which was
exactly what was happening at that Fat Party I described to you. In fact,
what was anomolous and unusual about the entire event, was that it was
defeating the basic strategy of Apartheid, of seperate but equal
lifestyles. Because what you had there was the prime of South Africas
white and black youth talking, laughing, dancing and fucking each other.

Imagine a system where it is illegal to fuck another person? The Apartheid
geography had extended itself not only into the control of location and
social contact but also into my very body. Having sex with a person of
another race was Verboten, and this law, had diffused itself quietly into
the STATUS QUO of what was considered natural. Do not underestimate the
virulent nature of this system which informed every sense-aspect of my
existence. I had been born into a system established two generations
before me, which guided me via subtle clues. There was no need to Police
if you were Policing yourself and so the average person could not even
tell you what Apartheid was, or what laws it used. For reality was
Apartheid and the seperate but equal system infused the very landscape of
existence. Which is exactly the situation with the world today. We are
unable to describe the system, because we ARE the system.

NEXT: Armed with some clues, I expand my analysis to include Global or
Utopian Apartheid and Music as a subversive tool (this time, I promise)

house.54.560: Fuzzy Logic (phred) Tue 28 Feb 95 22:39

Was that really *highlife* you were hearing in South Africa in 1987?
I rather doubt it. I'm not one to stick too closely to musical labels,
in fact I try to fight the ever-growing amount of labeling under the
broad tent of house and techno. (A very funny posting on uk-dance
recently came up with a number of improbable combinations, like gabbabag,
which is "handbag gabber." In this day of "intelligent ambient jungle"
and whatnot, labeling styles like this is annoying at best.) But labels
are needed to some degree and do tell us something about context and
history and general musical style. I'm a stickler on the issue of
labeling African musical styles, because there are so many styles really,
and the labels -- even highlife -- lose some of their meaning as a result,
and shmoosh together highly disparate musical styles and history into
convenient but indistinct lumps.

All the same, hearing a highlife band in South Africa in 1987 would be
sort of like hearing zydeco in Seattle. Not impossible, but a
real stretch. Besides, as Ronnie Graham says in the South Africa chapter
of his authoritative guide to African music, "The vast expanse of South
Africa has produced a diversity of music unequalled in any other African
country," ranging from kwela ("pennywhistle") to mbaqanga ("township jive")
to South African jazz to much more.

I've never been to Africa, so discount my opinion accordingly. No doubt
South African bands play an amazing variety of astonishingly good music.
I just think it's important to give stylistic credit where due.

house.54.561: David Dei (megatrip) Thu 2 Mar 95 16:42

Then there's the stuff that never got recorded - but I would settle for
it being a form of stoned out Cape Flats Dagga Jazz with some Khoisan
Blues and Cape Goema with guest appearences by a mysterious Zulu Harpest and
lots lots more.
Pretty much a HIGH life if ever i saw one...

Film Credits at the end of the movie

- David Dei

house.54.562: Fuzzy Logic (phred) Thu 2 Mar 95 19:23

Mm hmm. Still doesn't answer my question.

house.54.563: David Dei (megatrip) Fri 3 Mar 95 10:05

OK Phred - just for you a one word clue "Mannenberg" said the caterpiller
in a larconic mood.

[topic plug: explosive part six comming up, hang on to your hats]

- dd

house.54.564: Fuzzy Logic (phred) Fri 3 Mar 95 19:32

Right. Forget I ever said anything. Carry on.

house.54.565: David Dei (megatrip) Sat 4 Mar 95 23:32

Hang on while I Relocate my modem to the SF Fourth World Mission
District...Moving house for further raving - part six soon!

house.54.566: David Dei (megatrip) Tue 7 Mar 95 20:14

me too, been super busy on all sorts of delicious things coming up soon.
hope you're all well. we hve a rather amazing event on the 18th. more soon


house.54.567: David Dei (megatrip) Wed 8 Mar 95 01:21

Underthrowing the State of Unjustice

PART SIX: This Zippy-tista pebble might laptopple the entire System.

FIRST MY RE-ENTRY BY WAY OF CONVERSATION: As synchronicity would have it,
I happened upon a screening of "Guess Whose Comming to Dinner?", on the
Disney Channel last week, a cinematic marker of American Liberal thought
in the 1960s and certainly an historical marker for analyzing the Politics
of Difference in the 90s (cf with racial-semantics characterising the
90s). This interesting although somewhat painful tale of interacial
marriage contains an engaging structure and series of monologues which
demand re-view. Enhanced by an everpresent San Francisco Scenic
Background, I'll bring note to a few paraphrased nuggets:

Sidney Poitier to his mailman Father "the problem is you think
of yourself as a colored man while I think of myself as just a man"

Priest to the Fiancee's liberal father opposing interacial
marriage: "your liberal chickens have come home to roost"

Poitier's Mother to the Liberal father: Why do men forget how
to love when they grow old?"

Poitier to his Mailman Father (who has just given him the "I
walked 100 000 miles to put you through medical school" shtick):
"I don't owe you anything, even if you walked a million miles, when
you brought me into this world, you took on that responsiblity, as
I will too someday. You do not own me, when will your generation
understand this. Only once we have unshackled ourselves from the
burden of your generation can we be free"

In essence, this story is about the Poitier Character's implicit demand
for recognition as a HUMAN BEING not as a black man or as a doctor for he
has literally demanded that the two families concerned (like a 60s Romeo)
cast a judgement on this matter only. This central yet unstated issue is
essentially the crux of the film, and I believe THE EXISTENTIAL ISSUE of
our time (while the issue of whether or not the interracial marriage
should proceed is the more overt yet less important narrative). Do we as
humans have an intrinsic value for _each_other_ beyond categorisations of

[ zippy-tista oactionary entry: NON-RACIAL - having no race.]

Notions of Difference such as RACE are merely the semantic edges of our
existence. They are categorisations of measurement much in the way an
individual might need a starting point to describe the universe in which
one is born BUT although convenient they cannot replace the actuality of

Our problem as I see it is that we have confused our edges, our parts for
the WHOLE. We have obscured our Social, Political and Cultural Geography
in a range of abstractions, pointless adjectives and very real physical
barriers. What remains is for the uncovering of our true nature like the
uncovering of a higher dimensional object hidden amongst the detritus of
semantic and physical boundaries - the System Ourself. For what we have
before us is a Cultural Ego possessing a two dimensional rendering or
understanding of a three dimensional object.

I said before that "We are unable to describe the system, because we ARE
the system." and thus we must uncover Ourselves, our WoManity in the gaps
betwixt our Notions of Difference just like the uncovering of a paintings

This remarkable feet of depth perception, which our eyesight navigates
everyday, taking two points of information and extrapolating a third, is a
CLUE as to how we are to make visible the totality of our egosystem

The discovery of the Principles of Perspective during the Renaissance
revolutionised art and culture. What we regard as commonplace, the ability
to represent our three dimensional world in two dimensions had remarkably
eluded civilisation until then. I find this a curious idea for the
implication is that the very act of perceiving for pre-rennaisance
humanity was in some way different. How is it, I find myself immediately
asking, that people with exactly the same faculties as you or I, were
unable to understand or perceive the nature of their environment, unable
to represent their geography in any way bordering on reality-as-it-is?

Which is a question that can equally be posed at all South Africans who
lived through that nasty collective loss of depth perception called
Apartheid, and unfortunately, at most of 20th century western civilisation
in particular. A civilisation which has embraced a politics of difference,
a seperate but equal utopia which is really a more sophisticated version
of APARTHEID. I've mentioned that one idea toppled Apartheid South Africa,
and I talked about non-racialism being an antidote to both racism and
anti-racism, but as I have shown this idea of non-racialism (as opposed to
anti-racism) is really a Signpost to moving beyond a PERCEPTION of

The South African system, being but a branch of a global tree, has given
us a key to underthrowing the entire bushel, because it proves
conclusively that humans are capable of transforming their "seperate but
equal" difference perception, just as the renaissance proved that we are
capable of constructing a facsimile of three dimensions on a two
dimensional surface.

A generation of South African children were taught the liberal but
abstract idea of _EQUALITY without EXCEPTION_ and knowing that this was a
GOOD THING awaiting discovery someday in the outside world, accidently
stumbled across it by merely falling in love with life, falling in love
simply because the barriers to crossing these aboo territories were
serendipitiously removed by the aid of an EVOLUTIONARY TOOLSET -
Communication Freedom (music), Freedom to Live (love), and GEOGRAPHICAL
Freedom (partying).

NEXT: I'll discuss this toolset in greater depth and tighten the screws on
my global analysis.

house.54.568: Fuzzy Logic (phred) Wed 8 Mar 95 10:28

So Fraser, how come you're posting info on the March 18 event on alt.rave
but not here? Such *modesty*. Shall I repost it for you?

house.54.569: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Wed 8 Mar 95 11:07

Phred, i don't know how to get to alt.rave, so could you repost it here
for my information? please . . .

house.54.570: Knowledge (aasgaard) Wed 8 Mar 95 11:58


house.54.571: David Dei (megatrip) Wed 8 Mar 95 12:44

Yes there is difference, but do not confuse the differences for the basic

principle of equality - we are all human. Labels such as culture and race
are really inadequite and simplifications for the truth is that each of us
is really a unique person-state, an individual egoverse.

But you arguing for your own worldview - what I am interested in is
exploring the commonalities - the trick is how do we get 6 billion
universes to interface with each other without destroying their
uniqueness in the process?

- david

house.54.572: Chemicals R US (megatrip) Wed 8 Mar 95 12:51

Apologies for delay, here is the blurb for what is
the first of a series of small parallel university
events... bare in mind that this is just a preview and runup to larger
invites you to particpate in
a Private Preview of the
technoerotic research expedition
celebrate the publication of
John Morgenthaler and Dan Joy's
a guide to the new prosexual drugs
San Francisco, Saturday March 18th
7.30 pm till Sunrise

pharmacological research author Dan Joy
will facilitate and oversee


-Sex on the Web-
a live log-on to internet sex

-Life Enhancement Product Previews-

-Crystal Dildo Video Premier-
LA porno queen's only on-screen orgasm - using Better Sex chemicals

-Sex under the Stars-
your sexual astrology like it really is from Charles Vickers

-Tantra Dancing-
by goddess Daniela Haskara

-Erotic Projections-
by Peter Booth Lee

-Unspeakable Spoken Word Emissions-
by Fraser Clark, zippy extraordinaire

-DJ Lucee spins dynamite liquid sky ecstasy juice all nite long-
inegral massage and intimate massage
plus body painting, chiropractic, table tennis, and more, more and more

*alcohol contra-indicated*
$30 [$50 per couple]
Included pagan punch or three as desired

Expedition members and invited guests should confirm their participation

RSVP & LOCATION INFORMATION: chemicasutra@megatripolis.org

house.54.573: Fuzzy Logic (phred) Wed 8 Mar 95 17:45

We're also doing Friends & Family that night, but as I said on sfraves,
I encourage those who are interested to attend either or both.

btw, alt.rave is available through the Well using any of the usual
newsreaders (trn, rn, nn, etc.).

house.54.574: Chemicals R US (megatrip) Wed 8 Mar 95 18:21

I encourage people who want a larger rave environment to go to F&F an
event with a great record, and those who want a more relaxed intimate and
educational experience to come to the Chemica Sutra Event. The parallel
university is really an adjunct to full raving. Or as phred says, attend
both if you want.
- david dei

house.54.575: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Thu 9 Mar 95 00:01

March 18th sounds pretty interesting, but you could give me an idea of what
to expect, if any, in the nudity/sex department?

house.54.576: Rael Imperial Aerosol Kid (cubensis) Thu 9 Mar 95 09:15

Ack! PFT! He's back again! Sorry I ditched for so long, folks--

the damn power grid in this valley fried my logic board, and It's been in
Cupertino all this time. Gotta love ski-lift power surges.

Yes, it's true: the Gondolas booted the cubester off the net.

I'm catching up on reading the topic-- see y'all soon!

house.54.577: Chemicals R US (megatrip) Fri 10 Mar 95 00:50

larry, IUve been wondering that myself a bit, and I guess the truth is
that we actually donUt really know for sure how people will be together
once theyUre as relaxed as they can possibly be. IUm hoping for an
extremely eroticised and safe friendly gentle funny environemnt, with
maybe (was that over there could it be were they? she was!?) kind of soft
revolutionary thrill of delighted surprise and twinkle of future perfect
state. but thatUs just me. no laws will be broken - but rather large
chunks of the moral social fabric might be teased

I guess youUre *really* asking: will my personal integrity be safe?

And welcome back to the cubester. did ya like Laptoppling the System?
thought you might, you old laptoppler. and are there any roving bands of
zippy-tistas in those colorado mountains? how much do those ski lift
surges cost and is there much of a come-down? whatUs a gondola? never
tried them. anyway, glad your logicUs back intact.


house.54.578: Carl Hollywood (cubensis) Fri 10 Mar 95 11:49

still reading Laptopping the system-- I'm sure to have opinions which I'll
share later! :-)

} zippy-tistas in those colorado mountains?

legions of kind-smokin, thrash-listenin', back-to-nature-gettin'
snowboarder youths ride the _gondolas_ to the top of the mountain (releasing
a puff of smoke as they open the hood of the gondolas)-- they rule this
valley. Are they zippy-tistaa? Well, perhaps they are Reserve units
without realizing it!

these mountains have natural cosmic surges of their own, IMO--
they are free if you open your heart-- and if you don't come down
carefully, you can get the bends.

(P.S. as the first person in this topic to make the "smart quote" blunder
way back when... donUt be insulted if I tell you to go to the preferences
menu in your word processor and toggle the SMART QUOTES box. That'll let
you use " and ' instead of U and R.

house.54.579: David Dei (megatrip) Sat 11 Mar 95 14:03

Well cubensis, I'd love some faith feedback - but be warned - part 7
hopes to be the clincher for egoverse liberation. Timeline Navigational
Systems report major anomolies as Zippy-Tista Rebels ReRoute Earth Space

- david dei

house.54.580: Carl Hollywood (cubensis) Sat 11 Mar 95 17:44

Is that John Lithgow peeping around the corner, hissing:

"Laugh-a-while you can-a, monkey boy!"

Is that Buckaroo Zippy behing that Denon CD-player?

house.54.581: crazier frazier (megatrip( (megatrip) Sat 11 Mar 95 23:32

cubensis, we feel you may have missed (and perhaps others) a brilliant
breakthrough for a mere typo.

Soo o o Ready. Look at every letter in LAPTOPPLING THE SYSTEM. which
makes you and all of us LAPTOPPLERS. OK?


house.54.582: Carl Hollywood (cubensis) Sun 12 Mar 95 08:19

} uncovering of a higher dimensional object hidden amongst the detritus of
} semantic and physical boundaries

Is this what you are referring to? Maybe I *am* missing something. I
thought the whole "technosphere-as-global-consciousness" thing was old hat.
Not that it isn't valid, but where's the breakthrough?

_Look Who's Coming to Rave_

Didn't the renaissance also produce _The Prince_ ?

So we kick it up a notch, turn up the stove under the kettle and it gets
more intense, the brew thickens in scope and potential due to technology and
co-evolution... help me out here...

house.54.583: Radio Free Zippy (almedia) Sun 12 Mar 95 12:03


house.54.584: David Dei (megatrip) Tue 14 Mar 95 00:22

The evolution is also an excavation, an uncovering of structure in order
to underthrough a dominant but destructive worldview. The ediface of
artiface is about to give way, all that is needed to topple the
simulacrum is a soft and gentle nudge with your laptop...cf part seven.

Rumour has it that this amazing feet will occur sometime around the
celebration of the United Nations 50th in San Francisco.

And now for our next trick, the zippies defuse the honorable secretary
general via haiku...online of course.

house.54.585: Carl Hollywood (cubensis) Tue 14 Mar 95 11:20

Fraser, you didn't respond to my points in #582...?


} Timeline Navigational Systems report major anomolies

TNS ? Is this owned by Ted Turner, Terence McKenna-- or is it just a little
pink beam of light? ;-) I'd like a subscription or start-up software, or
whateva, because you sound pretty sure of its accuracy...

house.54.586: Carl Hollywood (cubensis) Tue 14 Mar 95 14:06

wait- I just heard something on CNN that might explain this:

"Right now, there are more humans in orbit than ever before in history."

(and that number, BTW, is * 13 *)

do do do do, do do do do, do do do do, do do do do...

house.54.587: David Dei (megatrip) Tue 14 Mar 95 15:19

all I really meant was for you to notice the second 'L' in LAPTOPPLING.


house.54.588: Carl Hollywood (cubensis) Tue 14 Mar 95 19:11

then why didn't ya just say so, Mr. Cryptic? :-)

I guess #582 and #585 are aimed at David-- some "faith-feedback"
(as requested)

house.54.589: groooooooooovy (cubensis) Wed 15 Mar 95 11:30

cube is brewin' some cube! George Clinton w/ P-Funk
(and special guests Parliament/Funkadelic) TO-NITE !!

See y'all in the stratosphere --

house.54.590: David Dei (megatrip) Sat 18 Mar 95 01:38

topic 54 junkies can participate in the chemica sutra event saturday
night on the IRC channel #chemicasutra - Dan Joy and others will be
popping in to talk about prosexual chemistry and other technoerotic objects.
but I'm looking forward to DJ Lucee spinning Dynamite Liquid Sky ecstasy
juice all nite long.... :-*

house.54.591: technoerotic prosexual (cubensis) Sun 19 Mar 95 14:10

I was home sick last nite, and kept trying to join the 'chat'.. to no avail.
Fraser e-mailed me before crashing this morning to say their service
provider fouled something up, or some such...

Anybody in the topic attend the event in the flesh? (As it were..)



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