"Megatripolis Forever" Cont'd

Topic 124 [wired]: the Zippies [continued]
#466: Fraser Clark (megatrip)

My controlers have come. The Magatrippers were a ruse. They were all FBI
undercovered operatives. I am no being carted off to prison.

Pronoia no more!

house.54.467: David Sun Dei (megatrip) Sun 12 Feb 95 12:28

oh dear what can the matter be?
uncle fraser stuck in a laboritory?
he stays there from sunday to mad hatters day,
and nobody knew he was there.
Da Dum

house.54.468: David Sun Dei (megatrip) Sun 12 Feb 95 12:53

Notice that the lunatic posting from "fraser" is missing its time & date
and it is numbered 466 of 475 - well as of this posting, there ain't no
475 in this topic!
Its the mystery mailer again!

house.54.469: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Sun 12 Feb 95 18:49

and you think "they'd" have better teckknowlogy

house.54.470: Robert Lauriston (duck) Mon 13 Feb 95 08:59

With our superior technology, we can use and enjoy irony online.
We don't even need smileys!

house.54.471: David Dei (megatrip) Mon 13 Feb 95 12:49

Quick report: Upon visiting at Mr Surfpunk yesterday afternoon, I can
declare that he's got the meanest toons this side of the golden gate bridge!
So while fraser and I sup'd on a gourmet dish, cyrfpunk spun these
incredable rare grooves on his deluxe mixing desk, and the rapsody of
synaptic connections paraded through the evening. grin.

house.54.472: David Dei (megatrip) Tue 14 Feb 95 03:00

of course it seems familiar, aasgard, you read the book several times
around the year 1997, don't you future-remember yet?)



(and continue to this day!)

almost totally and perhaps even genetically obsessed, then, with why their
Ancestors had resisted entering group consciousness and the future perfect
state for so long, WoManity began relentlessly exploring and meandering
the highways and byways of its own historical roots to see for themselves
("to live it for myself" as they put it) and to ask their Ancestors *why*
and *where* things went so badly wrong.

I don't know the half of it and the little I do know comes from the
Megatripolitan faction led by Caleb, my "runner". he has concluded that
we, the Time-Trapped as he calls me when I get too angry, are in the best
position to answer the Question, and that this is a "POWER" the
Megatripolitans need to learn from us Ancestors. I don't really know what
he's on about half the time, but the pay's good, and so he "stays" here
often while I "go" there, don't ask me to be more specific, it's kind of a
bargain basement price but the actual travelling part gives me a queasy

when I say "here", by the way, I mean the late 20th century, which Caleb
and the gang reckon is the likeliest part of the Time-Trap to find their
Answer. why? this part's logical enough. when the Megatripolitans, you
see, near the end of their journey through human history, sinking closer
and closer to the End of Time, they begin to become visible and even start
to emerge from the Outer Edge of the Ball.

what Caleb and his gang ("research team", all right, get off my back!) are
trying to do is bypass the necessity of "living" for "years" in History by
skimming off, through a kind of osmosis, the impressions and maybe even
the unconscious conclusions their fellow citizens have absorbed before
they "fade in the light of the everyday day".

you can spot the 'resident' and "just looking" Megatripolitans most nights
in a rave-style club in London actually called Megatripolis, and several
others dotted about the planet, which were conceived by a loud-mouthed
Scottish rave promoter as "one of the very first appearances of the Future
Perfect State as the Old Competitive Culture around us dissolves under the
weight of its own contradictions; the beach-heads of a benign Cooperative
Culture mutation in the present which we believe will become the dominant
meme by the end of the millennium." (I've met him in a couple of his
clubs, he goes on a bit, like Caleb, but he means no harm, I suppose.)

these kinds of clubs became very fashionable rendezvous points, both for
Zippies and for Megatripolitans, in the last half of the final decade of
the 3rd Millennium. the Zippy lifestyle and philosophy practised there
(if you can call it a philosophy, Clark designed it to be quite simple and
therefore accessible to large numbers of people) of balancing the Tecno
and Rainbow hemispheres of the brain and of the planet, seems to induce
the perfect ambiance for Megatripolitans to re-acclimatise to
non-time-gravity, connect with friends, lovers, neighbours and colleagues,
swap notes, time-addresses and future plans, shower, change, fill out
their travel logs, get high, and prepare for landing once more in the
Future Perfect State just beyond the "absurdly thin veil of Time"..

there are millions of them, lately I've been noticing more of them every
day . indeed, during one of their Time Zone Raves, when they all gather
'simultaneously', there must sometimes be more of them than us. take
another look. Caleb reckons there are *exactly* the same number but,
although he completely ignores me when I get into what he calls my
"opinionated stuff", I always maintain that, since no census is ever
undertaken within the group mind of Megatripolis, his view is as much a
theory as mine.

it would not be fair to finish without this confession (shut up, you
Wettertripolitan! I'm not doing this because *you* suggested it): at my
highest I have sometimes seemed to glimpse that we are actually *all*
Megatripolitans. in some sense. already. whether we realise it or not.
take another look. doesn't this present 'unfinished state' feel more like
the dream, the teaser, the pale shadow of what we're meant to be?

take another look. and then one more. (*SHUT UP* Caleb!) doesn't it feel
like that quite often, if not most of the time? and don't most people
look like they *know* who they are but just can't quite remember clearly
enough? and mostly because they're surrounded by others who can't

I bet you think I'm being "merely poetic", right?

ok, Caleb, this one *is* for you (no I'm not pissed off, it was only an
argument, which is what we 20th century denizens *enjoy* doing):


(and I'm projecting it *back down* the grid to the home audience, and
*all* audiences, I swear)



house.54.473: RUSirius (rusirius) Tue 14 Feb 95 12:06

From the ending of PsychoBeria by David Ruskin
Some might call me naive for taking PsychoStar seriously as an intellectual.
But why not entertain the belief--as she does--that the moon is made of
blue cheese, pigs can fly, the earth is hollow. and if we click our heels
together three times and say, "There's no place like Psychoberia" we'll find
our instant nirvana? Sure, I was slightly influenced by the fact that she
showed up for interviews wearing only a white raincoat, black gloves, heels,
and crotchless panties. Still, I was somehow moved to spend many weeks
trying to understand just what PsychoStar meant when she said to me on our
last night together, "Yiiiii Yiiiii Yiiiii Yiiiii"
And maybe that's the meaning of life. A sexy young psychotic rich
chick in crotchless undies who believes that pigs can fly.

house.54.474: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Tue 14 Feb 95 21:08

works for me

and for not too much energy outlay either . . .

house.54.475: say what again mothafucka (reid) Tue 14 Feb 95 22:42

crotchless undies? yum yum.

house.54.476: Robert B. Gelman - B.G.& Associates (cyberguy) Wed 15 Feb 95 07:30

Whew! I was gettin' worried, in the clues of the past several days posts,
that Fraser and RU had actually been abducted and replaced by human
intelligence. That last encapsulation about crotchless panties put my fears
to rest tho. Nice to see you back here, ol' cyber-salt. It's good too that
these spewings don't bear too heavy a burden of relating to the conference's
topic heading. After all, how far can you go writing about music? Isn't it
kind of like thinking about sex?

OK, nevermind, it works fine for me. What flavor did you say those panties

house.54.477: Robert Lauriston (duck) Wed 15 Feb 95 08:46

This topic is linked to at least three places.

house.54.478: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Wed 15 Feb 95 13:06

yeah, and from what i hear those panties aren't exactly "fresh" either

house.54.479: David Dei (megatrip) Wed 15 Feb 95 14:28

it's not so much the music, cyberguy, it's the culture that grows up
*around* the music. RC. it was just that people were starting to refer
to the Megatripolitans and I reckoned a little bit of intro to the theory
wouldn't go miss.
I suppose, as usual, it went so far a'miss that we've ended up nose deep
in edible crotchless panties. ah, well, such is life I on this planet in
the mid '90s.


house.54.480: David Dei (megatrip) Wed 15 Feb 95 14:40

Today is my birthday - so I'll let my ego absorb praise from any quarter..

Behold the rapture of evolutionary possiblity
an exquisite sky-blue day realizing life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness - values only a bunch of stone heads could truly appreciate.
Maybe it was the valentine thing last night, but SF is incredably
peaceful right now. My planet valentine - loving a truly verdant universe

I demand a summer of love round two - 1995 - a bountiful planet delivers on
its promise to awaken its blossoms to an appreciation of happiness - the
sweet nectar of a fertile civilization.

house.54.481: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Wed 15 Feb 95 15:37

a sincere wish for a Happy Birthday, David - you should've hinted, i bake
a mean birthday cake (special ingredients, you know)

and not to despair, fraser, seems that our land-locked egos can sometimes
scarcely keep up with the accelerating pace of ideas, and confronted with
the enormity of it all, we retreat to the sanctuary of humor . . .

and then of course there are those moments when we haven't a clue . . .

dum spiro, spero . . . from the latin while i breathe i hope

and of course, some days are better than others

(all from the files of "Platitudes are Us")

house.54.482: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Thu 16 Feb 95 02:49


hey, I like "dum spiro, spero . . . from the latin while i breathe i hope"
a *lot* better than cogito ergo sum (I think therefore I am"). as the
existentialists used to say "Existence comes before Essence." thinking is
part of Essence and hence Secondary. breathing, on the other hand, is
much closer to Essence. you could Exist without thinking but not without

if Descartes had said "I breathe therefore I am" he'd have been
much closer to the truth and we'd all be a lot healthier. so, before
anyone jumps in with "but what kind of existence would it be without
thinking?" (you *were* about to say that, weren't you?) the existential
fact is that Existence would scarcely ripple if you stopped thinking, but
very strong qualitative change would occur if you stopped breathing.

what am I saying? I'm glad I asked myself that on your behalf. Dumb
Descartes has basically okayed it for all of us to perceive ourselves as
alienated thinking units. it's like everybody thinks everyone's agreed
and that it's all been proved long ago that thinking's the starting point,
the basic position upon which everything else gets built or something.

but it's not. much closer would be to say that we're basically breathing
a) breathing units are, by definition, *not* alienated - they're
intimately interconnected with an environment such that you can't have one
without the other.

b) thinking's one of the things we build on top of our breathing units -
but just one. so if you're choosing to be an alienated thiking unit
that's *your* choice, there's nothing intrinsic or inevitable about it.

and there's nothing more real or more true about it than any other assumed
attitude to life.

if Daycarts had said "I exist therefore I breathe and think and a few
other things too" he'd have got it right. I think. (I breathe too.)

LAPTOPPLE THE SYSTEM!!! happy birthday, david of the gods! I asked him
tonite over a global dinner in Rehana's kitchen what he'd learned since
his last birthday. he said: "that it's possible to shift the whole System
from the right fulcrum point. I didn't really know or believe that last

yo! what will he say next birthday?!


house.54.483: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Thu 16 Feb 95 22:18

well, i for one, would be interested in hearing that he knew how to access
the correct fulcrum point, and the the correct form of energy to move it
with - but, we ARE working on that, (aren't we?)

at the current rate of synchronistic mergings i'm very optimistic

luv, Polly (anna)

house.54.484: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Fri 17 Feb 95 01:07

Part the Sixth

Looking back from here, that private bay in the Virgin islands was a kind
of fore-taste of zippiedom. Lizzy, my New York Jewish princess, and I
lived, most of the time naked, in a simple shack on the beach - with
electric cables, and frozen steaks (which Lizzy carried down) from the
rich old uncle's big house at the top of the hill. Millionaire
tecno-organic savages were we, and this period was a good introduction to
life on the road for Lizzy and her electric toothbrush.

The old boy spent most of his time sipping rum and peering out to sea
through his telescope which could cover every ship that visited the main
harbour in the adjoining bay. I figured he was retired CIA, probably paid
a stipend by the DEA or whatever organisation handled that stuff at the
time. We're talking 1972 or so.

Tanned and acclimatised, we headed for Aruba in the Dutch Antilles and
ended up living, rent free, with a poor black family of a dozen kids. As
a farewell present Lizzy, with her special chemical analyn dyes, tie-dyed
a tee shirt for every kid. I bet they still stand out to this day,
patched and proud!

One event that stands out as helping me later in my search for a "way out"
involved a ragged Colombian from the smuggling/fishing boats which lurked
on the edge of the harbour. He'd come back to our room with some amazing
grass and I was trying to have a conversation with him. He knew no
Spanish, however, and had never heard of Miami nor been to Bogota or
Cartagena, and didn't even recognise the name of the American president at
the time. Nor had he heard of Europe or, indeed, anything I could come up
with. Russia? America? At each word he shook his head, while I got more
stoned and amazed.

Finally I got it. "Coca Cola?" "Si, si YES! Coca Cola!" We forget how
many people on the planet are not yet unbalanced the way we are. Even
when we meet them we assume they're like us. But it ain't so, and there
is still quite a way to go before the New World Order has monotheised them
with concrete and neatly lawned lives. There is still time and hope, and
it is *not* inevitable, yet, that our Competitive meme will dominate
before it mutates. So they're praying along with us in our efforts.


house.54.485: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Fri 17 Feb 95 01:12


Next stop Cartagena on the Northern coast of Colombia, the original
jumping-off port whence the conquistadores lugged their ill-gotten,
bloodstained booty back to Spain. Though I'd have much preferred to live
in the bustling, slightly scary old cutthroat part of town, Lizzy insisted
we rent a room in the middle class bungalow of Senora Pestana, where I'd
sit out in the back garden, with a gate onto the boiling sandy beach, and
worked on the first notes for New Worlde Trips.

Senora Pestana's son was a "communist", and I'd sometimes hang out with
him and his student friends after dinner in the dining room. His mother,
I thought, didn't take it very seriously, though she chided him often
enough, and I took it all with a considerable grain of salt until, one
day, wandering in the poorer end of the fruit market, I spotted a black
youth reading Marx's Das Kapital. He had two yams on a blanket, a clean
white bandana round his waist, a big smile to match, and not much else. I
was flabbergasted. Of course it was serious, living so close to the
United States. What possible "way out" of the crushing inequalities the
Spanish Empire had left in place could *that* country possibly offer

One day we started chatting to a couple at the next table in our favourite
restaurant. He turned out to be the head of the US Peace Corps/Colombia.
Lizzy, a New Yorker to the core, presented me as a writer and herself as a
photographer (meaning she'd lived with a semi-famous photographer before
he died) and, before you could say REVOLUTION IS THE ONLY WAY OUT, we'd
been offered work writing and researching introductory brochures for
upcoming Peace Corps volunteers from the US.

Working for the System? Lizzy and I had a bit of an argument that
evening. But "I want you to tell it like it is" he reassured me over the
phone. "Our government spends massive amounts of money training these kids
and then, when they finally get into the field, they discover all the down
sides and a lot of them resign. Too many. So I don't want you to make it
sound any better than it actually is."

So I didn't, and got to travel all over Colombia, visiting different kinds
of Peace Corps types, earned mucho money (for a European) and ended flying
back to Europe, via New York, with more money than I'd ever possessed.

But not before spending several weeks "way out" in the jungle, meeting
some pure Indians (one shaman I visited in his mountain top jungle shack,
Don Ambrosio, I can't describe less poetically than that he sparkled with
all the magic of an alien from paradise), taking ayahuasca (or "yage" as
they called it) and noticing how it seems to be the absolute flotsam and
riff-raff of so-called "civilisation" that occupies the forward-point
towns of Monotheism's advance across the planet. Or is it just less
masked, less of the velvet glove?


house.54.486: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Fri 17 Feb 95 01:20

We headed for Scotland because I wanted to start recording the
inner and outer tales of my 2 years in the New Worlde, and because I'd
been getting word that a son of mine, born to a Scottish girlfriend and
now 4 years old, had been temporarily fostered out. I knew that if I was
ever going to claim him, I'd have to do it now, while he was still young
enough to be open to a "way out". Lizzy and I met several times with the
social workers involved and, being both psychologists ourselves, easily
and correctly impressed them. So much so that I was allowed to leave with
him and with the papers that said it was legal.

I remember at our last meeting they told us we could have him. !!! ...
If we got married. I couldn't do anything but laugh, hippy style, and
their last defence came down. Really, short of leaving him with a girl
who couldn't cope at the time, and possibly seeing him end up in an
institution, they had no human choice. Meanwhile I'd begun work on the
honest story of a European hippy's adventures in North and South America,
a project that was to extend itself over the next four years.

Talking of hippies, I believed totally in non-monogamous relationships at
the time but, truth to tell, although we talked much about it, no
opportunity had presented itself on our travels. Over numerous long
debates and discussions in Scotland, I insisted and Lizzy finally
reluctantly agreed that, when we landed in Ibiza (again!), our "free
relationship" would begin in earnest. Remember that this was the era of
"FREE LOVE" and everyone was into it who wasn't a member of the "living

It took a couple of weeks. We were renting an appartment in the old town
of Ibiza, just some cobbled steps from La Taverna bar where we often hung
out, and where we started regularly meeting these two Dutch couples. One
day, while Lizzy and my son were shopping in the fruit market, one of the
wives "dropped by". Long and blond, she sat on the bed, pulled out a

Just woken up, I couldn't quite believe my luck, so I guess she kept
leaning forward to make everything perfectly clear. Finally I reached a
hand down the front of her skimpy silk shirt. I suppose that's all I
expected, but there is an inevitability about these things and soon we
were rolling. She was gone before Lizzy even returned. European women
can be very practical about these things.

The other wife had me a week later, blind drunk on the beach. And so our
"open relationship" was begun. Over the next 2 years I probably had over
50 lovers and Lizzy a third that number. We tried to be as honest as we
could, our agreement being to be open with each other. Not to do it
secretly, behind each other's back, and certainly not to be like the other
expatriates where only the guy was allowed to be free. Though I'm proud
of that, I'm still unconvinced that we succeeded. How do you judge? By
whether it lasts .. forever? It lasted five years for us, does that mean
it was an "unsuccessful relationship"? I can't say that, having never
even once in my life encountered a "happy marriage". (exceptions in a
plain brown envelope.)

The "way out" is not backwards in time to the days of "happy marriages" -
there never were any. The way out has to be the way forward.


house.54.487: Robert Lauriston (duck) Fri 17 Feb 95 09:54

"I know it sounds selfish, darling, but this is about me, me, me!"
--Edina Monsoon

house.54.488: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Sat 18 Feb 95 01:18

ah, Stuck, but don't you remember three score and ten postings back you
posed the Only Question Worth Asking, namely as to whether liberation
shouldn't have to be *both* and *simultaneously* personal and public?

at least when we get back to the main point, the main "way out", the
Zippy lifestyle, Rave Culture and saving the Western World and the
planet, please don't say that it's all p[ropaganda and impersonal and
nothing to do with reality (or whatever your point actually is, or points)

all this stuff (and there's not so much more, though it's not written yet
so I can't be sure) is to some extent to show that, when it comes to the
more mass solutions that get offered, they did not suddenly pop into my head
last week, but rather emerged slowly and organically from my travellings,
from talking with shamans, watching developments in different cultures at
different stages in the "evolution", experimenting, failing, succeeding,
adapting but, most particularly perhaps, emerged from a body of
experience garnered in one Social Moveement for Change and then applied
to the next.

David Dei's story would actually be much appreciated by habitues on this
topic. he's an expert on System Collapse and Peaceful Replacement - ie
in South Africa.


PS Epic's rave in Santa Cruz was stopped last week. another rave org
lost their venue last week and we heard of another being closed. it
ain't making the newspapers yet but a pattern of increased activity is

house.54.489: Robert Lauriston (duck) Sat 18 Feb 95 10:04

Your delusions of grandeur didn't pop up overnight, got it.

house.54.490: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Sat 18 Feb 95 14:50

nor did your delusions of meaninglessness, also right?
how about your story, how you came to your present delusions, and what it
was that convinced you over a long life that there is "NO WAY OUT"?

house.54.491: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Sat 18 Feb 95 21:20

Please justify your assessment of {duck}'s attitude as "NO WAY OUT". He
clearly doesn't care much for yours, but that's all he's said here.

house.54.492: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Sat 18 Feb 95 22:26

larry, try a random stroll thru his past postings. I'll give you a dollar
for every positive statement *you* reckon you can find. (and I'm not just
talking about the Zippy topic in which his postings go back to the very

when I get personal he says it's "me,me,me" but when I get impersonal it's
all "hype". consciously or unconsciously, as I've said before, his role
is that of the spoiler, always there to undermine any *feeling* that there
might be *more.*

imagine the feeling of working really hard and honestly on a piece
which you then post and, SHIT, the very first posting is Stuck with a
snide and easy little one-liner.

anyway, all I've asked him is to give *his* story of how he reached his
conclusion that it's all meaningless or at least Stuck forever. if he
disagrees, he's more than invited to give an alternative view.

but then that would force him to actually *debate* and then *he* might be
exposed and might be given a hard time. and thatUs something heUs shied
away from since the beginning. why?

house.54.493: Robert Lauriston (duck) Sun 19 Feb 95 12:04

I can't explain your projections. I've made myself pretty clear to
anyone who's paying attention, which obviously you're not.

There's a very sophisticated local culture here. Despite your self-
styled status as an "elder," here you're just an unusually clueless
newbie who's so busy talking about himself and his fantasies of saving
the world that he hasn't bothered to check whether his behavior's
appropriate to the situation.

We could debate whether you're an irresponsible, self-centered asshole,
but judging from your autobiographical postings above we seem to be in
agreement on that issue. We could debate whether your dance parties are
saving the world, but that should become clear in due course.

house.54.494: Knowledge (aasgaard) Sun 19 Feb 95 13:03


house.54.495: RUSirius (rusirius) Sun 19 Feb 95 13:57

"R. U. a hippie or a zippie."
"Neither. I'm a quippie"

Ringo Stara, in the Mondo Vanilli film FUCK!!!

house.54.496: Dan Levy (danlevy) Sun 19 Feb 95 22:36

A nd what would be the point of Bullying Fraser away? Just forget the
fucking topic if you don't like it.

house.54.497: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Sun 19 Feb 95 23:29


house.54.498: Robert Lauriston (duck) Wed 22 Feb 95 08:54

Speak for yourself.

house.54.499: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Wed 22 Feb 95 09:53

Sooo, anyway....I'd like to hear more about South Africa, and how public
feeling was changed by interracial dance parties. I think David asserted
that this was true.

How did this happen? Was there ever a crackdown? How many youth
participated in these events? Did they receive attention in the mass media?

house.54.500: RUSirius (rusirius) Wed 22 Feb 95 11:48

really, duck must have some kind of secret attraction here...

house.54.501: Radio Free Zippy (almedia) Wed 22 Feb 95 19:27


house.54.502: Carrier Wave (almedia) Thu 23 Feb 95 10:48


house.54.503: David Dei (megatrip) Thu 23 Feb 95 11:27

Back online finally, after being Mitnicked by the Mitterpolitans, Polled
by Interpol and one out of 1500 with password confusion. Ungodly reason
pico program force megatrip to change code secret manual over telephone
device help by Well Staff who have now stuck password secret on refrigerator.
Will back soon with voice on african thought control gestapo and secret
of underthrowing ungovernment stooges.
over and out

David Dei

house.54.504: RUSirius (rusirius) Thu 23 Feb 95 11:42

i don't give a fuck if mitnick read my email. i have no credit. i have no
secrets (at least not in my email). maybe he's a fan.

house.54.505: Robert Lauriston (duck) Thu 23 Feb 95 11:46

The hosts of the house conference are too wussy to link this topic
to weird, which is obviously its true spiritual home.

house.54.506: RUSirius (rusirius) Thu 23 Feb 95 12:03

hey! i thought this was sposed to be free and anarchistic. don't be
wussie, link to weird and take ths thing to a new level...

house.54.507: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Thu 23 Feb 95 12:19

duh, what exactly does this linking process involve, and how can one access
whatever we get linked to - i b somewhat teknowlogically impaired

house.54.508: Robert Lauriston (duck) Thu 23 Feb 95 12:38

It's discussed in the hosts manual.

house.54.509: Fuzzy Logic (phred) Thu 23 Feb 95 13:21

Why would we want to link to weird? Things are so mundane there.

house.54.510: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Thu 23 Feb 95 14:50

duckster, if you were trying to be helpful, it went over my pinhead
what is a host's manual

house.54.511: Robert Lauriston (duck) Thu 23 Feb 95 15:13

Enter help, choose "use the help menus," choose "master help menu,"
choose "getting more help," choose "access the Well's host manual."

Many of the postings here from the megatrip account are sort of lame
efforts at the kind of style the weird conference has raised (lowered?)
to an art. No?

house.54.512: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Thu 23 Feb 95 15:45

back on line at last. hey guys! been suffering a bit of the ol'
withdrawals, eh? me too! even ol' stuck one sounds like he missed us.
all this talk of weird but nobody's noticed W-I-R-E-D connection.
honestly, though, only Stuck and maybe the RUStafari would feel at home
there, me'thinks. anyway I still want (demand) to know whether mitnick
or whatever'is name was had been impersonating me cos, if he had, his
entry was veryprophetic - "being carried off to jail, do not pass go, do
not collect $200 etc"
as for Radio Free Zippy - the message is clear and has been discussed
endlessly (ASK the STUCK ONE!) I've been giving a personalised
background to some of the zippy ideas evolution and should be posting
CHAP 7 tomorrow - saliva saliva.

over and in


house.54.513: Channel Zippy (almedia) Thu 23 Feb 95 18:21


house.54.514: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Fri 24 Feb 95 03:34

Part the Seventh

Not long to go now, oh Stuck one!
- 2 years in Ibiza in this short chapter (with the first, albeit
unconscious, glimpse of zippiedom)
- another short chapter covering 2 years in the East, mostly India
- 2 years in America again, mostly the West Coast
- and then the beginning of my zippy existence in London, leading to the
Zippy WoManifesto for World ReCreation as published in the first volume of
the Encyclopaedia Psychedelica International (EPi to its many friends and
allies) in the early '80s, some 5 years before the outbreak of Rave.

(Notice, btw, that Zippy need not, by definition, be connected to Rave.
It just is - by History.)

After a few weeks in that "Beginnings of a Free Relationship" appartment
in the walled city of Ibiza, we rented a small finca (farmhouse) a dozen
kilometers up island. From the window above my writing desk, I might see
a peasant couple ploughing the fields behind their ox, or passing with
their wooden cart piled high with corn - biblical scenes - and yet, a mere
20 minutes in our car (or motocyclette, depending on the state of our
fortunes) weUd be in the swingingest little city in Europe where the
smartest and hippest of the Jet Sect would pilgrimage whenever they could
find the time.

You couldn't have actualised zippiedom, the balancing of Hippy and Tecno,
hemispheres, more perfectly than that. But, though the lifestyle Lizzy,
my son and I lived during those two wonderful years was decidedly Zippy,
at the time I regarded it as almost essence of Hippiedom - sea, sun, sex,
spirit, smiles, soft sighkeydelics and easy living (though once a
Gurdjieffian, always).

My daily existence was fairly settled. Early weekday afternoons I'd sweat
out a fixed number of pages of NEW WORLDE TRIPS, the story of a European
Hippy's travels in America - sometimes it would take an hour, sometimes
four - and then, often as not, I'd roar off down the red dirt road to the
sexiest, most happening little city since Athens. Weekends weUd just
beach'n party.

Because of the underground fashion that made Ibiza the San Francisco of
Europe for the newly budding class of media outsiders (meaning outside
the mass man of the '50s and early '60s and still somewhat prevalent in
the US today) there was always, particularly in summer, an influx of money
and ideas into which we Ibizencos, through a variety of trades and
market-places, could plug to support our rather baronial-leisure
existences. Two years later, when we set off for India, the South
American booty with which we'd arrived had scarcely diminished.

Only later comparison with other forms of the Hippy legend being lived at
that time has brought me to the realisation that, in its balancing of
timeless country and sophisticated global village living, it represented a
germ of future zippiedom where I learned the discipline of regular effort
amidst scenes of pretty wildly abandoned lotus-eating.

Just as my years in the Work, the Gurdjieff group, in the middle of the
first hippy wave had also been a balancing act.

Whatever, it was the most fulfilling period in my life until Rave Culture
came along. After all my travels, it now seemed that, though other times
and places might have been more adventurous, dangerous, even inspiring,
during this period I experienced being, for the first time since
childhood, a member of a relatively stable or at least settled community
with a shared RspiritualS lifestyle (as opposed to being an Outsider, a
lone traveller or a pilgrim scientist looking for a Way Out.)


house.54.515: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Fri 24 Feb 95 03:51


It was not to be, as it turned out, we were all too young to have settled
into *any* conclusions.

I, for one, had not yet completed the purely exploratory parts of my
travels, namely to see *India* and die (hopefully only in ego form). I
was, in fact, as near a settled and relatively final lifestyle as a
caterpillar with a turbulent vision of butterflIes, for India was the
unavoidable mecca of any Self-Knowing Hippy of that era.

Nor was the lifestyle one that *everybody* could live, which also prevents
it from being truly Zippy. For the truth was that, with Generalissimo
Franco still ruling Spain, a few thousand of us RforeignersU could live
here like "20th century aristocracy" (as I sometimes called us) but not
all, and only, in a way, at othersU expense (not that I'm saying the local
people were worse off than Westernised Tecnopeople, because I'm *not*.
Indeed I remember winning a bet at the time with an American acquaintance
by proving from UN records that the average Spanish peasantUs lifespan was
actually longer than the American executiveUs ONCE YOU DISCOUNTED BIRTH

When I speak of the Hippy, by the way, I'm not talking of Yippies or more
urban hippies, I'm talking of the Superior Hippy. Before the Stuck jump
on my back, thatUs a reference to the Superior Man/Inferior Man in the I
Ching or Chinese Book of Changes - my guide since early
spiritual-scientific experiments in London and still to this day. The
Hippy, like the Zippy, is the envisioned, idealised lifestyle goal meme of
a generation, an evolutionary tendency - affecting all, but not
necessarily ever *achieved* by anyone.

As such, History will judge this new, burgeoning, globally shared vision
of a "correct and appropriate" way of living in the world as being as
close to a Religion for the latter half century of the Millennium as
Christianity was for the centuries before.

And that's Hippy. BC. Before Computer. Now we're living PC!

Of course we didnUt call ourselves Hippies, except in vaguely
self-satirical vein - Hippy was a media term. We called ourselves "heads"
if anything. While we were perfectly aware of belonging to a new breed of
Womanity with different sets of priorities from the Old Paradigm, some
were less likely to voice such sentiments aloud, and some were definitely
more RlonersS or just plain more competitive and money conscious. All of
us, after all, had grown up within a culture that, while paying lip
service to social responsibility, was largely based in competition.

I guess the truth is that we were each a human flowerchild trying hir best
to be a better, more communally spirited being, surrounded by a hostile,
planet-destructive Culture, and had come only a certain way along the path
of the Hippy - that image of the necessary new cooperative breed that had
to emerge if our limited planet were to survive and even thrive.

None of us were saints, after all, nor thought we were. I choose my words
carefully because there was to be much backsliding, due mostly, I believe,
to larger cultural and political developments beyond our control -
including a massive attempt by Western governments to demonise and kill
the newborn child which was "undermining the war effort".

We were as yet untested, and were, in the end, only PLAYING at this new
lifestyle, or, at best, PRACTISING it.


house.54.516: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Fri 24 Feb 95 03:58


And hereUs where an odd thing happened to me which I have still not quite
resolved today. As the "style" went out of fashion, and other styles,
especially that of calling ourselves "freaks" or "freeks" (the *last*
thing I thought we were, being merely the internalisation of the
condemnation of the unnaturally competitive majority who were the *real*
freaks) began to arrive from off-island and get picked up in hip lingo, I

For the first time. Why?

I wasn't very conscious of my motives at the time except that I
*definitely* did not want this spirit to die, and could see that the
authorities *did*. Its passing I experienced as the beginning of a deep
deep loss that would broaden over the decade and a half ahead. While I
never doubted the truth of what the Hippy spirit has shown me and us, I
had to watch as friends picked up on these new lifetyles and attitudes -
because they were fashionable.

And the more I saw this happening, the more I wanted to sound the alarm
bells, and felt, in the words of Crosby, Stills and Nash, "like letting my
freekflag fly."

This change didn't happen overnight. The Vietnam War was clearly drawing
to its bloody denoument and lots of things were improving. But the chill
had begun and the more ancient and timeless 'way out' wisdom of India was
calling me ever more insistently.


[to be cont]

house.54.517: Robert Lauriston (duck) Fri 24 Feb 95 09:11

Uberhippy! Seig heil, mein furthur.

house.54.518: David Dei (megatrip) Fri 24 Feb 95 11:22

Stuck definitely reminds me of that character in Big Bang comics who
coming upon the Zippy HQ Trip house stumbles upon a meeting where Fraser
and others are talking about saving the world:
Fraser "The topic this evening is saving the world..."
STUCK hiding behind door thinks aloud "sound great, what's this I've
stumbled on?"
Zippy Rocket Scientist "and we have discovered a method of distributing
the love energy via satellite.....effect will be instantaneous love
breakout and collapse of the system as we know it"
Zippy #7 "Yes, and we will all live in a shamanarchy utopia without any
of the capitalist structures..."
STUCK "My god, that means I'll lose my social security, these guys must
be stopped.."

house.54.519: RUSirius (rusirius) Fri 24 Feb 95 12:21

whoa instant groovy brainwashing far out. malcolm x john lennon, stop doing
your homework and come here and dig your mother...

house.54.520: Robert Lauriston (duck) Fri 24 Feb 95 12:46

The intergenerational Ponzi scheme of Social Security will pyramid
out before I'm old enough to cash in my shares. When you've got
nothing, you've got nothing to lose ...

house.54.521: David Dei (megatrip) Fri 24 Feb 95 17:27

An invitation? Only if I get to be Mr X .

house.54.522: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Fri 24 Feb 95 17:51

yeah, Stuck, you're invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal. (we
donUt even *care* if you *are* FBI.) youUll never collect on the promises
the system has been giving you all your life for being a good boy -
meaning keep your mouth shut, fill in the forms, POLICE YOURSELF and,
above all, keep the others in line too with a constant stream of
alienation & hopelessness..

so why go on defending it or, if you don't think that is what you are
doing, then why keep on putting down any positive discussion of working on
an alternative? (and if you do not think *that* is what you are doing,
then, as I have been asking you to do for ages, start a discussion of some
positive *your* long life has suggested to *you* - go on, we promise to
hear you out respectfully and friendlily and not be rude cos we know that
that is far far too easy and contributes nothing)

we agree the system is not going to deliver on *any* of the promises itUs
been making, we agree we got nothin to lose - are we maybe starting to
agree?! well, then, loosen them sphincter muscles and try somethin else!

just keep repeating yer mantra: when you ainUt got nothin you got nothin
to lose. now, how does it FEEL?

fraser (the furthur)

house.54.523: Find your Inner Barney (rik) Sat 25 Feb 95 13:12

Fraser, no one is defending "the system". Belief in a system is something
you share with all those straights you like to feel smarter than. There
is no system.

If there was a system, you have given absolutely no clue as to how to
replace it, or what to replace it with. You are an intellectual fraud.

house.54.524: Robert Lauriston (duck) Sat 25 Feb 95 13:30
{scribbled by duck Sat 25 Feb 95 15:47}

house.54.525: Robert Lauriston (duck) Sat 25 Feb 95 15:47

330 BC: "About that time the weather took a turn for the better; the
prevailing winds followed the Gulf Stream, giving Britain a warmer
climate than one would expect at her latitude. That climate and the
moderate rainfall are the foundations of English farming. The long
coastline meant fishing and ocean trade. Boats sailed as far as the
Levant. The farmers, living in hut villages, brewed beer and mead
from wheat and honey and flavoured them with cranberries and bog
myrtle. Already spices were being imported."--Maxime de la Falaise

1363: "In those days flagellation was pretty much what pot smoking is
today. Especially the High Gothic youth, among whom I could no longer
number myself, sought out the warming stench of the bands of
flagellants, the percussion rhythms that went with their litany, their
terrifying descents into hell, group ecstasies, and collective
illuminations."--Gunter Grass

1993: "Democracy *is* dangerous, and it's *supposed* to be. Ours
claims to allow its diverse population to actually use their wits to,
among other things, strive and contend and oppose in order to pursue
their own individual visions of improvement. This *is* an improvement
over all previous forms of human society, and it didn't--and doesn't--
come about purely on the basis of 'positive' energy ..."--Negativland

house.54.526: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Sat 25 Feb 95 18:58

rik, sounds to me like you *have* discovered your inner barney. let me
backpedal and see what you're saying. correct me if I'm wrong but you're
saying that nobody is defending the system because there is none, right?
and you're accusing me of not having, even if there *was* one, another
system to replace it with. right? hmm. presumably you say "no one is
defending the system" in defence of the Stuck One, whose immediately
following posting quotes Negativland that "this *is* an improvement over
all previous forms of human society"

May I ask *you* a question? Seriously? (meaning that you *will* try to
answer [which you have to admit I'm often doing, unlike the Stuck One]):
would you agree "with all those straights I like to feel smarter than"
that our present society *is* an improvement? (if you will actually make
a statement, then I can debate you, see?)

next, our system "claims to allow its diverse population to ... strive and
contend and oppose" but you're criticising me for doing that, no? while,
at the same time, you say I've given "absolutely no clue as to how to
replace it, or what to replace it with".

I dunno. it's all very complicated, don't you think? most of what I do
is fuelled by an unavoidable *feeling* that *everybody* is having a hell
of a worse time than they *could*. that 99% of the fun and creativity we
*could* be expressing gets repressed from ever surfacing. I hear mass
pain and by-now-almost-assumed *boredom* seeping in great waves from out
there in the suburbs (young girls committing suicide, mothers throwing
themselves and their babies off bridges, guys blowing away supermarket
crowds - need I go on?) and *nobody can work out why*. if it's not the
"system" then you have to believe it's just human nature, is that right,
is that what you believe?

ok, it may not be easy to come up with a "system to replace it with" (I
suspect strongly we want *less* system not a new one) why is complaining
loudly about the mess so bad? I really want to know. would you be
happier with me and friendlier if I just gave up and accepted that this is
how it was meant to be and itUs probably getting better or isn't meant to
or something?

fraser (a bit hurt and low)

house.54.527: Radio Free Zippy (almedia) Sat 25 Feb 95 20:01


house.54.528: ORAC's Waldo/1 (almedia) Sat 25 Feb 95 20:03


house.54.529: ORAC's Waldo/2 (almedia) Sat 25 Feb 95 21:11


house.54.530: David Dei (megatrip) Sat 25 Feb 95 21:54

Is orac related to Barton Fink?

house.54.531: David Dei (megatrip) Sat 25 Feb 95 21:59

As promised:

Underthrowing the state of Unjustice

PART ONE: Apartheid Geography - its global.

The basic premise of Apartheid, or apartness, was a policy of seperate
development. Hendrik Verwoerd the man who coined the term (and who went
fishing with my grandfather) believed in a meritocracy. "The merit which
counts is not only the merit of the individual ... the merits of races and
groups must also count.." he maintained. And so a masterful plan was
developed whereby people were classified by race, and would live "seperate
but equal" lives. Each race group would have its own homeland, and an
entire country was segregated and partitioned along racial lines.

This new system of Grand Aparthied (which I like to characterize as gothic
as opposed to later watered down versions) in which indigenous nations
would receive limited self-government on reservations or homeland areas
was then replicated and patterned in the South Africa's urban centers
necessitating intricate city planning in the modernist vein. Entirely new
suburbs were created and mixed areas destroyed, as Lewis Mumford had
already invisioned. These perfect garden suburben utopias were seperated
by natural and artificial obstacles. Barriers such as highways, industrial
areas and natural boundaries such as mountains were also factored into the

Surrounding the urban city center, which had now been converted into a
giant-size modernist hell (with mammoth layout and elevated highways) were
the suburbs postioned in concentric circles, accessible by only one or two
exits off anonymous highways. White areas had the choicest zones, with
suburbs or townships for coloureds (people of mixed race) further out, and
black townships at least an hours drive from the centre being the most

For an example of this Apartheid townplanning one has only to tour the
city of Los Angeles. There one finds suburbs clearly seperated along class
and race lines, with the richer and whiter areas such as Beverley Hills
occupying the high ground and lower class, black areas such as South
Central isolated from these higher areas by the major arterial freeways
like Earthquake prone Santa Monica freeway.

The idea is an intriguingly basic one - By creating seemingly natural
barriers to personal contact, like sheer physical distance, you
effectively prevent the possiblity of intraclass contact. So a yuppie is
unlikely to bump into a South Centralite going about his business in Santa
Monica or Beverley Hills. The result is a seemingly natural sheen of
orderly existance. As Hobbes has noted, everyone feels as if they have a
place in the socius or body of society. The king or president appears to
draw his natural authority from his position as palace dweller. The
Whitehouse, conveying semantic authority coded via its very archetecture
and physical location.

Power in turn flows through the internal geography of the legislature, its
tiered seating, its positioning of the speaker and parties as in a Royal
Court, diluting outwards into increasingly less important levels. Senate
to house of Representatives to State Legislatures and feudal lords to the
instruments of coercion such as police, military, psychiatrists to card
carrying voting citizens, to prodigal citizens to illegal aliens and
finally to citizens of neighbouring countries and peripheral zones.

The illusion of orderliness is completed by the maintenance of permanently
disenfranchised outsiders. These Economic and Geographic serfs of the
Third World can never enter the inner sanctum of authority, the security
council/whitehouse. More importantly, they are not even aware of their
position, for the illusion at this most basic level is complete.

Military Strategy dictates that in order to rule a people, one must first
divide and then conquor., the basic ballgame invented by the Caesers of
the Roman Empire is seen in the establishment of feudal warlords or
fascists these tithe collectors (from those who carry the fasces or ritual
sticks of power) carry out the will of the president/king/emporer/security
council, insulating the emporer from rebellion. Any attempt at uprising is
doomed to failure, as the riots in Los Angeles and Central American
conflicts so clearly demonstrate.

NEXT: Why the underthrowing of the system in South Africa, being but a
branch of the global tree, gives us a key to underthrowing the entire bushel.

- david dei

house.54.532: Radio Free Zippy (almedia) Sat 25 Feb 95 22:14


house.54.533: ORAC's Waldo/3 (almedia) Sat 25 Feb 95 22:16


house.54.534: David Dei (megatrip) Sun 26 Feb 95 00:20

Hmm interesting channel surfing we got here - maybe its Zippy Hemisphere
Overload, but what the heck


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