Have Aliens/Future People finally infiltrated the WELL?

house.54.347: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Mon 30 Jan 95 05:16

house.54.415: zero corrector (reid) Mon 6 Feb 95 11:05

}do you understand me?

I have two codes I follow right now: follow no leader and DIY. I was going
to do the Grand Canyon fest last summer but a friend I know in Sedona AZ
told me that it was off because of a dispute between Navajo and Hopi over
the location. This was confirmed by a woman who makes drums in New Mexico
about 4 months later. Her words "there was no way I was going to take my
drums up there with the energy that I was feeling." I have enough respect
to know when *not* to get involved and when *not* to trespass and when *not*
to fuck up a balanced eco-system.

I guess we're talking about two different events but I'll let you know, word
of mouth when and where. Do you understand me?

house.54.416: let it shine (cubensis) Mon 6 Feb 95 11:44


house.54.417: David Dei (megatrip) Mon 6 Feb 95 12:06

Word has it that {surfpunk} and {ledelstein} are still caught in the
future perfect time vortex that mysteriously appeared over GG park on Sunday.
Could it have something to do with that grassy knoll that Larry was
surveying last I saw of him, or perhaps that wild borneo man that was
dancing on Jims head. Lord Jim of the flying cantolopes, sorry antelopes.
Hmmm methinks we shall be hearing lots more of this escapade from the
dawn of San Francisco's new edge spring.
As for myself, well you know how it is trying to acclimitise onself to
eating with only two hands." Lets see, this here is universe 733, hmm,
that's the one in which we get to see a whole lot of Zippies taking on
the empire. Hmm, did I see that one, or was it just a promotional universe?"
Might as well get some popcorn, I love reruns.

house.54.418: RUSirius (rusirius) Mon 6 Feb 95 12:09

phraser is write i think i've lost my reznor's edge... see ya on the
foodlines, zippies...

Fiorella has to be there or i can't get it up...

house.54.419: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Mon 6 Feb 95 15:27

reid, the drumming circle hapened even as I have said. what you are
referring to is a group led by michael Dimartino when the authroties were
being unooperative to set up the World Unity Fest on land disputed by two
tribes - deliberately so by the Forest Service as I hear it.
later the event happened as I have said.

"Do you understand me" only referred to the fact that we shouldn't
necessarily take the word of the media or whatever, that's all.


house.54.420: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Mon 6 Feb 95 20:29

Hey, I made it through the vortex and have returned. Thanks for getting
together with me in the park, fellas. I had a great time. That Kundalini
gig was pretty seredipitious. Provided nice counter-point.

Sure wish {duck} had come. Next time?

Unfortunately, my company did, as predicted, slide into the ocean today.
easy come, easy go. You guys need a crack programmer for something?
I've got time for ya. At least for the moment.

I don't know if I've gotten past "identifying with my achievements" yet,
but I'm not hurting too bad over this one, except for some of the
particulars that have nothing to do with me. Now I just have to avoid
getting up in arms over the Puritan Work Ethic, since I plan to get high
as a kite and fuck off as much as possible in the very near future.

house.54.421: Knowledge (aasgaard) Mon 6 Feb 95 21:35


house.54.422: zero corrector (reid) Mon 6 Feb 95 22:56

my friends in berea kentucky said that they were visited by the rainbow
people last year. berea is an extremely southern institution and nice and
old fashiioned -- has a hotel called Boone tavern which is this big white
building with these white columns. One day, my friends said, this purple
bus was parked in front of Boone Tavern and then all these freaky people
start coming out of the woodwork with names like moon dog, asking to borrow
socks and stuff. now berea is a slacker attractor-- my friends regularly
quit their jobs just because they get sick of working at Hardees and it is
in e ky, summers there are humid and hot and all you want to do is revert to
a more amphibious self. Organized hitson the cafeteria by a network of
rainbows and their student conspirators, whole tubs of peanut butter are
lifted, loaves of bread -- gone? students start dropping out of school.
someone offers a famr as sanctuary. Synergy happens. the tribe moves on.
students are sucked into the bus.

there should be a rainbow gathering every year about mid-march near Berea
Kentucky. they will recieve a warm welcome and some soft couches and a nice
fascist food service that throws food away rather than feeding hungry
students to hijack again and again, year after year. Lets do it!

Topic 124 [wired]: the Zippies [continued]
#422 of 421: feel like an accident (gateway) Mon Feb 6 '2112 (11:05)
2 lines

the clock ticketh

house.54.423: what the hell--? (cubensis) Tue 7 Feb 95 08:47

is everyone seeing reponse number 422 out of 421 (yes it says that)
just above me? I come to this topic from FringeWare, but post number
422 (the second one, by {gateway}) is labed "Wired".

S'up wit this? Have the aliens finally infiltrated the WELL?

house.54.424: let it shine (cubensis) Tue 7 Feb 95 08:50

waaaaiiiiiiit a minute. The date on {gateway}'s post sez Feb 6, 2112, and
the message is: the clock ticketh.

could it be from the future like in the _Prince of Darkness_ ? :-O

house.54.425: David Dei (megatrip) Tue 7 Feb 95 14:37

proof perhaps that this time vortex did occur over GG park?
Would appreciate some system admin insight into this date.

I do recall, Captain Crunch sending a message back via his laptop computer
thing straight out of the event into the Zippy topic, but all we've
gotten is this weird message?????

I invite us all to comment.

house.54.426: Jonathan E. (jeve) Tue 7 Feb 95 14:40

Ain't it reassuring to know that the clock still ticketh in 2112?

house.54.427: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Tue 7 Feb 95 20:57

it's those megatripolitans (citizens of the Future Perfect State)

my advice is just to ignore them or they'll start winding us up with all
sorts of tricks - they have an odd sense of humorsend cubensis

send cubensis
send cubensis

house.54.428: let it shine (cubensis) Tue 7 Feb 95 23:31

maybe it's those damn Freemasons again. the same ones who intercepted
Fraser's WELL manual in the mail...


house.54.429: RUSirius (rusirius) Wed 8 Feb 95 10:56

send cubensis send cubensis cubensis cubensis send send
send megatrip send megatrip megatrip megatrip send send

house.54.430: let it shine (cubensis) Wed 8 Feb 95 12:30

heh. heh. heh. heh.

that was cool.

house.54.431: Knowledge (aasgaard) Wed 8 Feb 95 13:25


house.54.432: David Binary Dei (megatrip) Wed 8 Feb 95 18:50

I think its some kind of code,
RUS has been icon-napped by the megatripolitans
Their demands: send them some cubensis in exchange for a mega-trip?

Should we comply?

house.54.433: Fraser Flark (megatrip) Wed 8 Feb 95 21:59

Word is that its surfpunk thats disappeared into the vortex

And they're demanding 5 pounds of cubensis

So far, we've only managed to send 4 pounds of megatrips

Anyone out here got a pound to spare?d

house.54.434: let it shine (cubensis) Wed 8 Feb 95 22:25

um, I could like, grow a culture from my butt or somethin'...?

house.54.435: Bruce Sterling (bruces) Thu 9 Feb 95 08:16

|VVVV^^^^^^^^^^^^ |
| vvvvvv\
|VVVVVVV^^^^^^^^^^ |
|V/ \
| vvvvvvvvvvvvv|
|\__|/ _____ //-------- \\xx/
| xx\ /%%%%/// __ __ \\ \
\_xxx %%%% / / \ / \ |
/ \x%%%% ((0) ) ((0) ) |
/ #/|%%%% \__/ \__/ \__ ______-------
\#/ |%%%% @@ \/
_/%%%% |_____
________/|%%%% | -----___
----- |%%%% \___ __/
___/\%%%% / --________________//
__---- \%%%% ___/
/ \%%%% _/
\%%%% _/
\%%%% /
\%% |
|%% |

house.54.436: The Lorax on Shrooms (cubensis) Thu 9 Feb 95 08:30


house.54.437: let it shine (cubensis) (duck) Thu 9 Feb 95 09:29

The dates on the postings in this topic are all sequential, the end
of #422 is just a tiny little sleight of Pico.

house.54.438: quack quack (cubensis) Thu 9 Feb 95 10:34

hey now, there, duckman... are you saying that {reid} was playing a pico-
joke on us, and you have now illustrated same joke by using my ID?

or is it the illuminated megatripolitans, or {crunch} or Phiber, or what?

house.54.439: RUSirius (rusirius) Thu 9 Feb 95 10:43

ok. we're having fun NOW!!!

house.54.440: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Thu 9 Feb 95 10:52

my guru once told me that whenever something TRULY significant happens it
is best to contain the energy for 7 days before reporting on it and then
only to speak of it in terms that report of what happened to you . . .

house.54.441: David Dei (megatrip) Thu 9 Feb 95 11:57

Hmmm, now lets see cubensis play with the date, and get rid of his login id?
I think somehow that {gateway} is a default setting at the unix root,
only the sysop should be able to use it?

Or is this something to do with the Lorax Factor, story will only be
related if we give Jim a couple of beans....

house.54.442: Thing One (cubensis) Thu 9 Feb 95 12:26

{gateway}, upon a quick "finger"ing appears to be one Patrick McClintock.

I know this, and I will not shout.
He should not do this while his mother is out.

house.54.443: citizen of Percussia (gail) Thu 9 Feb 95 12:31

Look at the post more carefully. From the respond prompt, type only 422

Look at the indentation of the body of the text, and how the header usually
starts all the way left.

Evidence abounds. An old typist's trick. ;-)

house.54.444: Robert Lauriston (duck) Thu 9 Feb 95 13:20

You can get even fancier if you're good at VT100 codes, though such
tricks can look pretty ugly if someone's using a different terminal
emulation setting.

house.54.445: zero corrector (reid) Thu 9 Feb 95 16:06

house.54.446: Thing Two (cubensis) Thu 9 Feb 95 19:19

Y'know, part of me *really* wants to believe that it's the Megatripolitans.
I was browsing the currently-online list and saw the name {sarfatti},
ran a !finger, and found a mighty interesting .plan

an excerpt:

"This new physics suggests that the universe is created by intelligent
design from the future by an intelligence that evolves from us in a
"loop in time". This is just a preview of coming attractions."

So, I guess the question to ask is:

How do we know the Megatripolitans from the future Perfect State are the
*good* Megatripolitans (full of Love), and not the *bad* Megatripolitans
(full of greed, and out to co-opt for personal agenda)-- who, I would say
definitely exist in the yin-yang dance of both future and present.

Or are they amoral, and full of a wicked sense of humor (like DMT elves, or
"Q" from _Star Trek: TNG_.....?)

What's a simple zippy to think?

house.54.447: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Thu 9 Feb 95 20:38

we have way too many simple zippie
we have way too many thinking zippies
we NEED acting zippies, dancing zippies, zipping zippies!

ready and willing and eager to dance awake the mantras of the ancients
we are indeed all bozos on this bus!
and we can be in two places at once without being anywhere at all!

house.54.448: David Dei (megatrip) Thu 9 Feb 95 21:21

Topic 54 [house]: the Zippies [continued] #446a of 446: Thing Three
(cubensis) Thu Feb 9 '95 (20:20) 23 lines

Well, at least nobody's charging *me* with anything for a change so this
can't be bad. Thankyou, Megatripolis!

To answer cubensis' point: we know the Megatripolitans are *good*
because, and especially if "the universe is created by intelligent
design from the future by an intelligence that evolves from us in a
"loop in time", we *had* to pass the Test we're pretty much failing at
the moment to get to there. I mean, otherwise the "dominant" culture
"full of greed, and out to co-opt for personal agenda" we'd have pulled us
completely down the tube we're already more than half way down

must rush - out of Time!


PS I was going to add that surfpunk's original comment had been in
reference to the FTF in the time vortex at the kundalini park last sunday
but now it looks like we're all contemplating the backs of our own heads
or other places.

house.54.449: zero corrector (reid) Fri 10 Feb 95 08:02

(obligatory pointer to Topic 30 [web]: WELL Policies and the World Wide

house.54.450: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Fri 10 Feb 95 09:04



"in the end was (is, and will be) the beginning of the never-ending present"

THE STORY SO FAR [20th century readers start here]

after centuries and, according to some theories, millennia leading right
across the very cusp of System Disaster, WoMankind finally made the
necessary evolutionary leap to collective consciousness long foretold,
anticipated and yearned for, went beyond Time itself (or the illusion of
it) and arrived permanently in the FUTURE PERFECT STATE which they called
Megatripolis, where they live happily (if puzzled) ever after, even to
this day and right this minute.

all our deepest dreams, visions, intuitions and ideals of how things could
be (and were even meant to be) on this planet, therefore, turned out to
have been *future memories* of how things *already are* beyond this
absurdly thin veil of time.

don't worry if it all sounds vague and even "merely poetic" to your 20th
century ears, we have forever to discuss the ramifications.

"I stand before you all today for the last time merely to formalise what
is now clearly obvious to everyone. namely, that the grandest scientific
experiment that could ever be attempted by any species has now been
brought through the Straights of Conformity, the Badlands of Individualism
and, indeed, the Great Unknown to a successful conclusion.

"we commune here today, proud (and yet beyond pride) of our common
achievement in having proved *existentially* that evolution of an entire
species *is* possible. "and in this, our moment of greatest triumph, let
us humbly spare a thankful thought for all those misunderstood and only
partly understanding ancestors who played a part in the history which has
helped bring us here to the successful completion of our Experiment."

notice that the resignation speech of the last pre-Megatripolis president
(and the first and last honorary Megatripolis presentdent-to-be) seemed
overlong to most who heard it, bloody politician types, but was to appear
better and more appropriate as Time ... didn't pass.

another important point about this first official speech which only began
to dawn on the Megatripolitans later was that the official projected
praise *back down* the grid to the home audience. this was destined to
become the custom among Megatripolitan citizenry in whatever time-zones
they gathered.

"well done, every single one of us, for none of us could have done it
without everyone else!"

"ALL FOR ONE AND FREE FOR ALL!!" the still-stunned population of the
planet roared back the national anthem to the 'last leader' at the center
of the grid, and thence to everyone else.

"but, far, far more than that, and perhaps the very key that finally
unlocked the door, evolution has today been finally proven to be *finite*.
we have arrived at the future perfect state. there is no more to be
achieved. thank you all, one and all"

___________________________________________ (cont)

house.54.451: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Fri 10 Feb 95 09:13

___________________________________________ (cont)

"what's he on about, RUStafari? we may have escaped Time, but he's
certainly wasting plenty of it, he's going on *forever*." Sprinklett
turned the volume down, lining up another sold-out punk band with her
videogun and splatting them, then re-reading the ad for the time crystal
that some enterprising company in the valley had just brought out.

"that's exactly what he's saying, angel. evolution is *not* about just
wandering forever *hippy-style* through the future. it's about being real
and practical, and fucking *arriving* at a goal that had already actually
been glimpsed by many of us all along. that infinite nature of evolution
shit always sounded false. it wasn't until they incorporated *our* doubts
that they finally got it right."

as soon as Sprinklett floated over to the vid to order a time crystal
delivered, RUStafari turned the volume up again (he'd always been more
interested in history and the future than he'd cared to admit hitherto,
but now that there was *only* history, well, "NOW we're having fun!!" he
chortled aloud. "Those zippies were right and wrong, and *we* were wrong
and right! karma's gone! surf's up! word's out!"

"Cynics and mystics unite, you have nothing to lose but your brains, is
that what you mean?" muttered Chad sourly.

"Oh quit being so cynical!" replied RUStafari impatiently, then realised
his mistake. Impatience when you've just gone beyond Time?!! "Sorry,
Chad. Didn't mean it. You think cynics and mystics uniting is
anti-intelligence, 's'that it?"

"Yeah. That's how it's *always* been."

"Only now we can find out once and for all!" exclaimed Sprinklett,
unpacking the new time crystal and placing it on the table where it
flickered with a quiet UV intensity. "There's the whole of Human History
sitting on the coffee table. When shall we go? I mean: to what point in
Time shall we go?"

"Athens. 429 BC. we'll look up Diogenes. but let's hear the end of the
speech first."

the presentdent-to-be was drawing to a close at last: "... is why I am
proposing, as the very last official act of the Old Times, that we adopt a
new national anthem. we *are* now, after all, and despite all obstacles
and suffering, All-For-One and Free-For-All. I propose ... MEGATRIPOLIS

which is the moment when most Megatripolitans really decided to elect him
as their first and last honorary presentdent. the Old Diplomat was
*experienced* at this special-occasion waffling on stuff, after all,
skilled in voicing the broadest sentiments of everybody. they not only
*loved* his idea, he managed to make them feel as if they had all voiced
it through him.


the roar of their species was heard all over the planet (actually *by* the
planet, some maintain) booming even back down Time itself, for soon many
Megatripolitans, becoming addicted to the new time crystals, began
reporting hearing its echo as far back as the late 20th century, though
interpreted and defined by the scared and harrassed people of the era
merely as a "way out" theory or vision of a future to which WoMankind
*could* evolve if only ....

the slogan was to become the universal and timeless greeting of all
Megatripolitans wherever and whenever they met in their endless wanderings
through history.

"Megatripolis Forever! Power to the Ancestors!"


house.54.452: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Fri 10 Feb 95 09:27

jim, I'm waiting with quiet and certain exhileration for your
guru-ordered 7 day appraisal of our time-warp FTF
roll on, summer!

house.54.453: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Fri 10 Feb 95 10:01

expectation is one of the seven dark arrows

house.54.454: Robert Lauriston (duck) Fri 10 Feb 95 10:11

You know, I think it's time to link this topic to weird and show
these newbies just how far they have to go before they're ready
to bullshit with the big boys.

house.54.455: RUSirius (rusirius) Fri 10 Feb 95 10:41

I like this RUStafari guy ok, but he'll never replace Hassan I Sirius in my

house.54.456: Bob Roberts (cubensis) Fri 10 Feb 95 11:38

} don't worry if it all sounds vague and even "merely poetic" to your 20th
} century ears, we have forever to discuss the ramifications

DUCK sez:
} it's time to link this topic to weird and show these newbies just how
} far they have to go before they're ready to bullshit with the big boys

heaven or hell?
you make the call.

house.54.457: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Sat 11 Feb 95 00:30


Chapter TWO

(only don't expect an Answer!)

THE STORY SO FAR [20th century readers start here]

after centuries leading right across the short hairs on the very cusp of
System Disaster, WoMankind finally made the necessary evolutionary leap to
collective consciousness long foretold, escaped the illusion of Time
itself and camped permanently in the FUTURE PERFECT STATE which they named
Megatripolis, where they live happily (if tortured by The Only Question
Worth Asking) ever after, even at this precise minute.

if you've been paying attention (and, better still, taking notes) a
burning question should be aggravating your brain, namely:

how the hell do these Megatripolitans spend their days if there is no
longer any Time to make the coffee cold, the joint go out, or for people
of the opposite or same sex to fall in love and out of it again and all
the rest of it?

although naturally it can't be explained in present concepts (wouldn't you
know!) I'll try.

first of all, Megatripolis is not exactly a place. nor is it exactly a
time. like Archbishop Berkeley likes to say about the idea of god (oh,
I'm sorry, I'm back in the 17th century now, I've been hanging with these
Megatrippers too long) "it proves the existence of god, for whence else
could the idea have come?" in a similar way Megatripolis is the ground on
which stand all previous forms of existence. when you're in Megatripolis
it doesn't look, sound or feel unreal. quite the reverse, it somehow
reveals all other places before it to be shadows, earlier models of
*this*. it somehow *includes* all other times as any scene includes
shadows which would otherwise not exist.

and anyway, they spend most of their lives in the "Time Zones" where
everything is quite ordinary and timely.

my friend Caleb, a Megatripolitan raver, often 'visits' and talks
endlessly to Timothy Leary about all this during his many trips in the
'60s. "Tim compares it with LSD which he believes uncovers a Centre which
mysteriously gives form to all other consensual realities. oh, I'm sorry"
he'll say to me then, noticing my blank look, "it is not my intention to
appear "deep". my intention is quite different. quite different."

I *think* I believe him, but they're very very tricky, these Megatripolitans.

as simply as I can put it, then (we could exlore this forever and, come to
think of it, probably will) Megatripolitans spend an inordinate amount of
place/time/space "hanging out in cyberness," and just sort of stretching
themselves in all their dimensions. they 'visit' each other a *lot*
(they're very very social) sip a sort of sweet 'smoke' from things that
look like 'cups' and, on their coffee table, sits a large sort of
pulsating crystal ball thing which is, in fact, the entire History of the
Human Race. they call it "the Ball".

when a Megatripolitan wishes to argue a point, demonstrate a theory of
evolution, or just when they want to 'dance', communicate and 'have a good
time' they dive into this ball thing and explore the history of their
species. it's not as easy as it sounds - indeed it goes against almost
every "natural" instinct.

as RUStafari put it the first time he failed to 'dive' into the ball which
Sprinklett had just ordered and into which she had just sort of
effortlessly disappeared: "these ain't natural instincts, angel, these
are learned reponses - I've been fucking hanging out in Time too long!"

the first time *I* ever saw a Megatripolitan use the thing, she simply
came into the room where I was being held captive (that's the best word I
can find right now, but it's not quite right) dropped her shopping bag in
a corner, put the kettle on the stove .... and 'dived' gracefully across
the room towards the Ball, disappearing backwards from the front as she

"be back and make some smoke before the kettle boils" she said. "I have
an orgasm to finish in finland". it was beautiful to behold, as beautiful
and natural as a bird in flight.

others, caleb for example, dive in feet first, while some seem to just
never really get the hang of it (I guess it's like driving) and tumble
awkwardly towards it, like they're learning to ride a bike, disappearing
piece by piece like some crazed jigsaw puzzle.

certain, usually younger, jokers like to hang around the edge of it, bits
coming in and out of focus as they move or breathe, trying to scare the
horses or whoever passes through, especially 20th century types like me
who seem to be particularly easy to wind up because of our inordinate
pride in our quaint and primitive form of "science".

others, many, many, many of them, get so attached to the Ball that they
spend nearly all their days ... just 'GONE'. Not really there - watch out
for it, they'll suddenly just kind of drift off.

house.54.458: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Sat 11 Feb 95 00:34



Megatripolitans, then, for all their group consciousness, are a very
individualistic lot. but they *do* share some very real characteristics,
not the least of which is their obsession with travelling through History,
endlessly exloring their roots and entrails, eternally driven onwards,
backwards and sideways by their life-long Companion, their fucking
"Question", one which they have been as yet unable to answer
satisfactorily and perhaps never will:

why the hell did it take our species so long to reach the Future Perfect
State which was waiting for them all that time?!

the unarguable superiority of living cooperatively seems so self-evident
to even the least intelligent of them, and so effortlessly surrounds and
coccoons them from birth to death that they are totally mystified as to
why their History is so *long*.

are they missing something, they wonder, blindingly obvious to everybody
else? it's like they're haunted.

watch out if you meet a Megatripolitan, and never ask him "how d'you like
this place?h" wherever you happen to be. before you can stop 'em they'll
be wallowing in gloom over their "Question." and they'll bore you to
tears with their different queries about it, almost as if they imagine
that by keeping stalking it from ever different angles they'll one day
come round a corner and find the Answer sitting there - a mathematical
equation or something.

for them, that's all. they'll greet you thus: "Megatripolis Forever!
Power to the Ancestors! Can I ask you a Question -"


"It's very important to me."


"What do you think the purpose of Life is?"

"SHUT *UP, Caleb!* Just *SHOVE IT*, OK?""


house.54.459: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Sat 11 Feb 95 09:24

"Balling" as i've always understood it, is a fairly ancient concept
and very effective means of "stopping the world" and allowing in the
the energy vortex thereby created a moment for historic revisionism
and allowing the fragile "self" concept a moment of godlike serenity

the process of "Balling" is not unknown to many non-Megatripolitins
and they also experience certain momentary delusions of grandeur -
oh, wait, i get it = this is where the concept of the sleeping
(conceptually speaking) Zippie comes from !

actually, the idea that the universe is in a constant state of
orgasm is one of my favorites - Surf's Up!

house.54.460: RUSirius (rusirius) Sat 11 Feb 95 12:27

good stuff, Phraze er...

call it Meetings With Remakable Men...

house.54.461: national syndication audience (reid) Sat 11 Feb 95 12:47

here here. I like the prose. The paradox remains: how do you allow the
creative act which is integral in performing music into your paradigm?

house.54.462: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Sat 11 Feb 95 13:07

What are you guys talking about? What is this "balling" technique for
looking at history?

house.54.463: David Dei (megatrip) Sat 11 Feb 95 21:52


I once found myself leaving this orb of history. The tectonic plates of
history parading past me marching forwards in time, Chaldean, Grecian,
Roman and so on as I was sent backwards finally popping out by way of some
exquisite travelling craft much like a silver boat of sorts. Finding
myself outside this bubble of time I continued to travel and bye and bye
came by the entrance to some building of import placed at the entrance to
some other bubble-like universe.

This being my destination, I alighted and perused this grand architecture
with steps leading up to some city in the classical tradition. And upon my
ascending these steps I came upon some men with white beards who I
presumed to be the inhabitants of this place that I found myself. They
greeted my with wonder and asked, or rather made known to me there
question, "was there anything I cared to have to have at all? And by the
way they communicated the question I knew that indeed here lay an
opportunity to experience any pleasure I so desired. But upon
re-examining their request, I found myself unable to arouse within me any
need for pleasure or knowledge that I might possibly have except for one

I said to them: "All I would like is a solution to a problem plaguing the
planet in the universe-bubble from whence I have presently travelled. Is
there any way to alleviate its suffering and for it thus to be healed?"
And they replied in a serious and circumspect manner as is their fashion,
"Well we've already sent you the Beatles., the yellow submarine cinema
being document of your travels." And then they expressed their regret that
this fine idea and gift, which they had (being out of time) preemptively
sent to Earth upon expectation of my journey, had not thus far been used
by the human species to further its evolution, as I now indicated to them,

Needless to say, I was startled at the depth of cosmic humor that washed
over me, but presently arriving back into this Universe, (bypassing the
extremes of a Vedic reentry) I awoke to the time fixed reality of being in
a world in which I was born after the Beatles had been invented, and from
which I had briefly jumped out of time, thus creating a most remarkable
paradox. And upon contemplating the words of the wise men whose
countenance had already begun to fade into mists of memory, I came upon
the following idea and plan.

Sound is the key as these beings suggested, and music the tool that shall
bring about our human evolution. Not a remarkable idea considering that it
is only in the last 25 years of our planetary civilization that we have
been capable of broadcasting a tune globally in real-time. Perhaps, the
barest minimum necessary for creating a baseline for a common planetary
dialect. Except for the unfortunate happenstance of our our generations
having neither hindsight nor foresight. For we have taken this technology
for granted and are unable to see its implications. Rather akin to a stone
age culture being born into a world where there exists the anomaly of a
Space Shuttle parked on their front lawn. And being unable to imagine what
a world might be like without such a sight, turning it into a totem pole
instead of using it to explore outer space.

From our vantage point in 1995 we are even unable to appreciate the
invention of the electric guitar! We do not find it surprising that we
live in that area or slice of human history where there exists the
following remarkable devices not available anywhere previous, the
synthesizer, the piano, the violin, the drumbox, and a whole range of
amplification technology. Never before have we had such a range of music
technology and such ability to broadcast a Shamanic Trance Dance around
the globe. And are we merely to believe, that all we are looking at here,
are instruments for personal entertainment?

Which might be the case, but I would rather see music with its enormous
range of chords and notes and frequencies as the missing element in our
physical communication systems. The language of words becoming inadequate
when compared to the range of emotional signifiers capable by a musical
language. Which is not to say that our language as held currently is
something to be discarded, rather we should be attempting to enhance, to
supplement and broaden our communication abilities. The only way I see of
currently increasing the bandwidth of human dialogue and human interaction
on a personal and planetary scale.

house.54.464: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Sun 12 Feb 95 01:45



(if they knew they had it!)

THE STORY SO FAR [pre-3rd millennium vidnetters start here]
after centuries combing individually and anarchistically through the short
hairs on the very cusp of System Disaster, WoMankind finally made the
necessary evolutionary launch into collective consciousness long foretold,
got off the pot of Time itself, and permanently squatted the FUTURE
PERFECT STATE which they named Megatripolis, where they live happily ever
after (when not exploring their entrails), and never more so than right
this very minute.

it's tempting, yes, for a 20th century type like me, to follow RUStafari,
Sprinklett and Chad into the Ball on their first visit to Diogenes - and
does it matter that, because they (or the historians) got the date wrong,
they ended up shooting the breeze with Socrates?

but that is not our purpose here. their first trip to the Ancestors
through the amazing mazes and multimedia impedia, the psychedelic pseeming
pshortcuts and warped warps of History is logged with their local server
in the standard way, and will be depicted in a film before this millennium
is up - or so the agent I just sacked assures me, but no matter the
Megatripolitan within tells me he's seen the movie 97 times, and he'd
never lie to me. not deliberately. he wouldn't *dare*! all I'd have to
do would be to stop answering his questions.

and, anyway, the terms of my Megatripolis Learner's Licence specifically
forbid me to tell you *anything* you don't already know. I *am* prepared
to give you a clue, though, which is the character trait in me that
attracted Caleb, my "guide", to "rent" a place/time/space unit with this
particular Ancestor. "Most of those ego-centered bastards won't even give
you the time of day!" he constantly complains, and he's an expert on this
century, besides being a Megatripolitan for whom the time of day has
minimal importance.

don't need to Ball to know that tomorrow will be pretty much like today -
unless *you* change. which you *can*. WoManity, after all, (!!) has
spent many trillions of man-timeyears sifting to and fro through Time -
indeed Time turns out to be the perfect medium for this kind of travel.
ok, some people seem to be born "naturals" while others are better at
business - I haven't proved much good at Balling so far, either getting
sick or, soon as I'm back, forgetting the whole damn thing or letting
Dream Work mix it all up again according to its own particular priorities.

one further clue (I'm a sucker for this stuff). Caleb's working
conclusion is that the ultimate key (to the Only Question Worth Asking -
christ, I hope he doesn't hear me!) must be: "If you don't have Tme you
can't have *development*."

suffice to say, before we get back to the Great Meanderings, that
RUStafari became the first Megatripper ever (not on his first trip, of
course) to "play" Hitler and Bob Marley during the *same* trip and
survive to reap the adulation. most Megatrippers have never dared to be
Hitler *once*, although just about everybody's played Marley at least a
dozen times.

Sprinklett started with Plato and then serially laid every great leader
that ever was. it's forbidden to tell you who was best, but he's an old
African and still alive today (if this is1995).

Chad, it's sad, broke one of the Primary Rules and is banished to repeats
of living forever as an Ancestor in a warehouse in the late 20th century.
the most popular male "visit" in history is Mohammed (all the intrigues!)
and the female is a Mayan herbalist you've never heard of.


house.54.465: Robert Lauriston (duck) Sun 12 Feb 95 09:48

De Quincy did it earlier, and the bar's still set where Jarry left it.

house.54.466: Knowledge (aasgaard) Sun 12 Feb 95 10:32



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