"Eees Not the Messiah. Eees a Very Naughty Boy!"

house.54.347: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Mon 30 Jan 95 05:16


dear owlmed, stuck, rik, wise and fair phred when he next drops in, (larry
out there?) and anybody else who's been following this multilogue and is
now cornering me with this "what's *your* plan, then?" question, PLEASE

It's a trap, isn't it? Whatever you do you're doomed, no?

If you even start to detail your vision of what We could do, you'll
immediately be accused of being a "guru", an elitist, an arrogant
non-believer in diversity.

If you make some cool smart-ass respnse, or merely mouth a mysterious
slogan or two, you'll be dissed for merely drawing attention to myself,
being out for a fast buck.

If you avoid the questions alltogether, you'd be avoiding personal
responsibility and be doing what you're accusing just about everyone else
of doing.

If your answer is too short, you'll be decried for being superficial.

If you say that quite a few people have come to similar conclusions and
are now working insimilar directions, you'll be crucified for using the
"royal we".

If I re-print any of my fairly voluminous writing on these subjects over
the half dozen years of Rave Culture, I'll be "resting on my laurels",
"playing it safe", not answering the questions directly.

If I start again from the very beginning to try to make a case, I'm bound
to accidentally use an emotive word here, an overconfident phrase there.

OK, we are now in a special situation and in that sense we are now
similar, I mean we few who have journeyed this far together, who have
expressed ourselves openly, have worked quite hard really to reach a more
final sort of *feeling* that we agree what a mess of a situation we find
ourselves in, and *more or less* understand what we each mean by "mess"
and "situation", and who are genuinely curious and troubled whether there
might be a way through.

The special situation we now share is this very "cooperative" work we have
done together to get to this level of communication. For example, just to
clarify this point, if, after this first part of my posting, screwball
sudenly pops into this multilogue for the first time and interrupts with
"what situation? there's no situation, people have always been like this"
what shall we do? Tell him (arrogantly, undemocratically,
anti-diversity-like?) to read all the back postings before he cuts in? Or
labour our way patiently through it all again and thus use up more of the
scarce enough valuable time we have left?

You are now, in fact, closer to the situation *I* have been in since the
beginning of this topic.

If a ten year old says "the best plan is for everyone to smile more" you
probably assume he saw it on television, and dismiss it as Duck does youth
culture in any era. But if a twinkly-eyed grey hair says the very same
words you will consider more seriously the ramifications of his idea.
Words are so often just words. How do you tell? And are there any words
it can be put into that will be immediately and clearly understand by most

A lot seems to depend how deeply and how long the Question "is there some
way out of here?" is being asked, and how deeply and how long the Answer
has been considered.

Well, in my own case, it is, truly, one to which I have devoted my life.
I am 52 years old. I studied for 5 years for a Master of Arts degree with
Honours in Psychology in the hope of finding some answers (or at least to
understand the questions more). At the age of 22, with the other 8
honours graduates in my class setting off for professional positions as
clinical psychologists, I decided I was merely a middleclass kid who knew
nothing about life or even myself, was in no position to "help" anyone,
especially real people with real problems, and decided to explore more of
the wide world.

I'd try to be a writer, I'd give it ten years and, if I hadn't made it by
then, I'd return and be a better clinical psychologist for the experience.

I headed for Formentera, a tiny island off the larger Spanish island of
Ibiza, in the Islas Balleares in the Mediterranean. I could have gone to
more "famous" alternative scenes like Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin or Juan les
Pins, and indeed later did, but I imagined I wanted to find the more
serious and less "good time" bohemians, freethinkers and existentialists
of the time; only two people had ever mentioned Formentera to me, as a
place where "interesting witers and painters" gathered and lived.

Two years later, in 1967, Ibiza became as famous in Europe as San
Francisco became in the United States. And a quarter century later the
Ballearic beat, too, played a crucial part in the early history of house

I have lived, then, through the entire Hippy cycle, and I have lived
through the entire Rave cycle so far. I recognise a positive social
upheaval when I see one, and I know from experience how massive the change
in the entire society can be. In 1965 when I arrived on Formentera 99% of
males in Europe over the age of 15 (apart from the few whom I was seeking)
wore a dark suit with a white shirt buttoned at the collar and a single
colour tie. Today it's hard to even imagine. The clothes we wear obviously
express the mindset within.

And there I must stop for tonight.

Perhaps the biggest problem is this: if you start to open your heart and
speak your deeply considered Answers too soon, they are more than likely
to get swamped in an endless barrage of less deeply considered Questions
(and answers) out there.

Let's see.

Advise me, bros. Am I taking too long? What have I done wrong so far?


house.54.348: Robert Lauriston (duck) Mon 30 Jan 95 11:15

You managed to post something that actually contained a few facts, didn't
purport to represent anyone's views but your own, displayed some glint
of humility, and actually said something. That's certainly a step in
the right direction.

house.54.349: Jonathan E. (jeve) Mon 30 Jan 95 12:59

The coming extinction of the human species is merely Gaia's attempt to set
things right. Don't worry, be happy - don't fight it. Warm up the Luv
Phasers and dance all night.

house.54.350: pronoid dance-o-phrenic (cubensis) Mon 30 Jan 95 14:02

} The coming extinction of the human species

nope. only 50% prob in my Humble Opinion. That's why we gotta

} Warm up the Luv Phasers and dance all night

let it shine! let it shine!

house.54.351: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Mon 30 Jan 95 17:49

well, i did call the 281 know line and learned that the return of
Megatripolis is now scheduled for May and that in the meantime there may be
some sort of sacred sites of rave tour and that i should check into this
topic on the Well which i try to do , , ,

i agree that frasers latest posting showed signs of having been written by
an actual human being which i actually always presumed he was - though the
self serving hype has at times been off-putting

unfortunately, fraser, yes, if someone new drops into this conversation and
starts asking questions regarded as naive, you must as an elder and a
teacher take the time to answer them - sometimes going back over what is
regarded as simplistic in the retelling can the initial wonder and beauty of
the thing be rediscovered - not always, but sometimes . . .

i do think that a face-to-face gathering of the tribe in a non-hierarchical
setting could go a long ways towards setting a collective agenda
many of us participated in this 2 years ago to organize the Unity party

we might want to see what we could do to organize a large gathering of our
collective in the spring that would be ceremonial and free

house.54.352: Young Owl Hatching (owlmed) Mon 30 Jan 95 19:08


house.54.353: let it shine (cubensis) Mon 30 Jan 95 22:22

he spins, he twirls, but his enchanting language-weavings are
no match for the dogged tenacity of the WELL's inquisitors.

will this messiah finally be nailed down?

stay tuned to this same zippy channel.

house.54.354: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Mon 30 Jan 95 23:57

same Zippy time, same Zippy place . . . so nice to have the cubester back

house.54.355: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Tue 31 Jan 95 02:56

Part The Second.

Well, praise from Stuck! I'm tempted to lay back on my laurels. In the
entire history of the Well, has anyone EVER been praised by him? It's a

However, with cubensis reckonsing it's 50% probable we'll all go up or
down in flames, suddenly the laurels don't feel nearly so restful.

Jeve, we ARE Gaia, her most evolved blossoms, get it? This was covered
sometime back in this topic.

Which brings me to Surfpunk. I know where you're coming from, Jim, but
think about it. If an elder had to deal with every young questioner's
questions, he wouldn't get to the end of the street in this lifetime. So
that can't the way out of here now, for all of us, now can it? Youngsters
have DUTIES too. And they have their own destinies to work out - the best
we can do is to work to make sure they have a more or less level playing
field - which they don't have now

In fact, since we're obviously not talking of fully enlightening everyone
instantaneously, part of the Answer to the Question "Is there some way out
of here?" must involve the making fashionable (or just pervasive - as in
use of the media, helping birth a movement etc - for those who don't like
that word or, rather, haven't really thought it through) of a general
lifestyle/attitude that is more in tune with the planet's, our species'
and all other life forms' needs to flourish and pursue happiness in their
own particular way.

Anyone disagree with that?

Would anyone disagree that the current cynical, entrenched hopelessness
(to the point of adopting a heroin-influenced "cool", unphased facial
expression) that comes at us from every medium, apart from RC, is a large
part of what is holding us back? I mean, if perpetual violence accustoms
us to violence, then perpetual "punkiness" habituates us to that. And
Punk is only about refusing to listen to shit as the contents of the
toilet disappear down the plughole. It offers no answers and is at least,
I suppose, honest enough to admit it.

Do you know when "cool" was last fashionable? When I returned to London
after my first 6 month stay in Ibiza in 1966, "cool" was the buzz notion.
Everyone in the '60s (the Hippy thing was not the '60s - it was a
REJECTION of the materialistic "Swinging Sixties") would pose about the
place looking "cool" and bored in their brand new consumer goods while
Harold MacMillan, the prime minister of the day, was telling us we "Never
Had It So Good."

That was the scene onto which the Hippy phenomenon exploded. That was the
stilted, carefully composed alienation as the two user-unfriendly world
systems strengthened their hold on more and more of the planet, and
encroached deeper and deeper into the minds of all of us, especially of
our parents who, poor souls, had been made so scared of a return of the
Great Depression that they would have devoted their whole lives to
avoiding it. And probably did.

The Hippies burst through the door - and promptly fell flat on their
faces! Then got up and garbled excitedly or outragedly, then stumbled
again, then got up again and tried to make sense to the others. The Hippy
was not "cool", SHe was fucking HOT! Empassioned. Determined. Excited.
Crazed even.

Do you know what stopped "1984" from happening? The Hippy Renaissance -
knocked history right off target. Just as RC can and, hopefully,
will.stop the depressing vision of the future that the cyber punk artists

So I was a part of that. Not as a "leader" or as a public spokesperson,
but as a private individual who saw immediately that here was our last
Hope, a new lifestyle, a new "fashion".

And the press loved it - at first, until the folks at the top got scared
shitless and raised the drug scare to turn off the masses. The media at
that time wer full of boring openings of new boring institutions, all grey
news, all dead selfish stuff. Beside all that, the Hippy was bright,
exciting and excited, full of new ideas and approaches. Later, by the
time it reached its peak, Abbie Hoffman said about the Chicago Conspiracy
(whose 25th anniversary passed last year almost without a mention) that
the strategy was to have a Festival of Life across the street in the park
from the Festival of Death - the Democratic National Convention which was
about to elect Hubert Humphrey as its candidate, backed by the most
corrupt of Old style poliical bosses, Mayor Daley of Chicago.. Who?

Abbie's strategy went: the TV cameras will keep going back and forward
between the Festi of Death and the Festi of Life - and the masses will be
presented with a clear choice. The pulsating rhythmic life-affirming elan
of the Alternative or the deadly indifference, Muggins-turn-next, stupor
and callousness of the Politcs-As-Usual Brigade.

But I wasn't ONLY a Hippy. For I had discoved Gurdjieff on the Philosophy
shelf of my local public library and had been galvanised by his ideas and
his picture of "life on this planet"

I spent a year tracking down a "group". We used to meet twice a week. On
Fridays we met with our Teacher, Magnus Wexler, who saw his aim,
particularly in my case, as being to "corner me", to finally outlast my
ego's "fancy intellectual footwork and smart rationalisations" and force
me to see and be myself just as I really was.

On Sundays we'd go out to this old chicken farm place at the ungodly hour
of 8am (for a Hippy!) and be instructed to dig trenches or build walls all
day, fucking awful hard physical labour. And then at the end of the month
another group (or as often ourselves) would be ordered to knock down our
laboriously sweated-over wall or fill in our back-breaking trench.

Why? So we didn't get "identified" with our "achievements". So we could
reqch towards a truly "objective" view of reality, beyond our mere
personal subjectivity. Now there's a concept you almost never hear about
these days. Objectivity.

So for the next 3 years, until 1970, I was a Hippy for 5 days a week and a
Gurdjieffian for 2. The most frequent criticism of Gurdjieff was that he
never talked of "Love". When questioned, he maintained that "Love" (and
all such other fine-sounding "notions" - like that an elder has to be
patient with a youth - says who exactly?) was such a misused and
subjectively misunderstood word that it no longer had any meaning. "Shout
Love in the street and everyone will salute - but everyone will have a
totally different interpretation of it" to paraphrase him.

Hippies, of course, talked about "Love" all the time.

This is not a prepared, worked-over text, and I don't know where exactly
it's heading, but it is about how I searched and finally, I think
(objectively) began to glimpse "a way out of here", first for myself and
then for Womanity. Maybe my next posting will be about my self-study
within the Gurdjieff system. And why I finally left.

fraser. 2.45am.

house.54.356: let it shine (cubensis) Tue 31 Jan 95 10:12

interesting historical perspective, Fraser-- thanks for sharing it.

(hmmmmm, your tone has really changed-- due to the present company
or have you decided to take E again after a long hiatus?)

Once again, the strange hemisphere-harmonies of Fraser Clark leave me
(almost) speechless! The Gurdjieffian "shock guru" during the weekends
and back to work spreading "free love" Monday through Friday.

Sounds like Elijah Mohammed, most honorable prophet.


Seriously, it's posts like those that remind me of why I first gained
such a respect for Fraser... he really has been successful at
complementing (and supplementing) the idealism of the youthful raver
with the experience of the older hippies... both by personal example
and by tireless networking.

My bladder is empty, my mug and my pipe are re-filled..
Please continue, Fraser...!

house.54.357: Robert Lauriston (duck) Tue 31 Jan 95 11:01

I've posted a very wide variety of stuff on the Well over the years,
Fraser. It's reasonable to expect someone to change their attitude
toward you if you suddenly show signs that you've been listening to
more than the sound of your own fingers typing.

This personal "way out" sounds like the first substantive and relevant
thing you've posted since you got here, but I'm not sure what it has to
do with the reams of messianic ASCII you posted before, or with the
rave scene and your self-appointed role in it.

house.54.358: Fraser Clark (megatrip) Tue 31 Jan 95 15:39

Here are a couple of small but extremely telling examples I came across in
the press this week of the changes the Hippy Renaissance brought about,
and which we so easily forget.

On the same day I read of the NY police gently marshalling 2 dolphins out
of an area in the Hudson River and back towards the open sea, I read how
in 1955 Mike Mclure wrote a poem called "Point Lobos: Animism" as a
protest against "the thrill-killing of a pack of whales by Nato troops."
That's how things were before the Hippy thing burst upon the scene.

Another example from McClure in Scratching the Beat Surface: (After the
first reading of Allen Ginsberg's HOWL) "none of us wanted to go back to
the gray, chill, militaristic silence, to the intellective void - to the
land without poetry - to the spiritual drabness. We wanted voice and we
wanted vision."


house.54.359: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Tue 31 Jan 95 17:39

seems to me we are approaching the first shock point in the eneagram of
movement in this particular conversation
fraser probably understands this (coming from a Gurdgiefian background)
and is making an honest attempt to get real to get this conversation over
the abyss - i believe we might all want to make a similar attempt -

though rooted in a Catholic background, upon rejection of that upbringing
i took the pagan route through primal shamanic apprenticeships balanced
with participation in "mystery" schools
one of my primary concerns has been stalking this material while trying to
addapt it for contemporary rites of passage as a means of healing the

when my path led me to my first rave (done drug free) i was thunderstruck by
the raw energy of the thing and blown away at the attempts being made to
access a spiritual state by most involved - the use of naive altars near the
mixing place, the use of mandalas, the use of smudge , the openness of the
participants to the inexpressable truly brought tears - to see so many
so hungry, so willing to try , so slow to discredit - even the
helter/skelter disorganization and the harrassments by authorities seemed to
propel the truly heartfelt smiles in the morning . . .

early last year it seemed to be on the verge of dying, but it didn't!
my vision is one where the primal wisdoms of tribal ceremony filtered
through the predictable ceremony of an eneagramatic map leads us to
ceremonial healings which will of themselves dream us to a better place
and i do mean ceremony not ritual - the fast buck freddies with their
"promise the kiddies the moon and a cybertron" and take the money and run
are no friends of mine

what are we willing to commit to, what are we going to do?

house.54.360: Robert Lauriston (duck) Tue 31 Jan 95 18:19

Is it the end of history or only the shock of apprehending the eternal?

Only your hairdresser knows for sure.

house.54.361: let it shine (cubensis) Wed 1 Feb 95 01:36

just who the HELL are you, duck?

house.54.362: Find your Inner Barney (rik) Wed 1 Feb 95 07:42

The short answer is: a journalist living in San Francisco. But for the
purposes of this discussion, he's a man who's lived long enough to have
gained a certain perspective on human nature, and who refuses to take easy

house.54.363: let it shine (cubensis) Wed 1 Feb 95 11:09

duck, were you the character in _Life of Brian_ who said:

"eees not the messiah. eees a very naughty boy."


house.54.364: RUSirius (rusirius) Wed 1 Feb 95 12:09

This IS turning into a very funny movie...

house.54.365: David Dei (megatrip) Wed 1 Feb 95 12:18

hahahahahahahaaaaaa! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

A movie? Probably orWell-E-an.

house.54.366: let it shine (cubensis) Wed 1 Feb 95 16:10

da-da dum.

house.54.367: Find your Inner Barney (rik) Wed 1 Feb 95 19:35

Run out of ideas, have we?

house.54.368: David Dei (megatrip) Wed 1 Feb 95 21:35

Fraser's attending an impromptu gathering in the East Bay ;-)
He'll be back soon with a continuation of his heartwarming story of utopian
daring...(or I demand my my ticket money back)

In the mean time, cubensis and rus wibi entertain all and sundry
during the intermission with a bout of daredevil popcorn juggling
while I hum the Internationale.

house.54.369: let it shine (cubensis) Thu 2 Feb 95 11:39

fuck that! R.U keeps eating the frigging popcorn out of the air
and David's singing voice sounds like a DMT elf with throat cancer.

house.54.370: RUSirius (rusirius) Thu 2 Feb 95 14:38

man, this organic popcorn sucks... poor some melted butter on it baby...

house.54.371: see since -1 (klaudia) Thu 2 Feb 95 19:48


house.54.372: saw since -236 (cubensis) Thu 2 Feb 95 23:12


house.54.373: David Dei (megatrip) Fri 3 Feb 95 03:53

"There Must Be Some Way Out of here Said the Joker to the Thief.
There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief.
Businessmen they drink my wine, ploughmen dig my earth,
None of them along the line Know what any of it is worth"
Bob Zimmerman.

Hi, I'm back.
And in love! (so I MAY not be here long.)
In Love with a geographical place.
And a psychic space of the mind.

A place whose citizenry accepts the responsibility of its Revolutionary
reputation, is fiercely proud of its Thinking tradition, and speaks up
with civic pride for its near-religious tolerance of the right to Free
Speech. A place where Ideas still walk the street, in hippy, political or
biz exec's regalia, and don't get barred from coffee houses.

Right on the high street, on a hippy stall, there's a raised tee shirt
that says: FUCK THE COPS. It's still there the next day. Am I wrong
that this would not be tolerated in SF for long, which probably means it
would be a hanging offence anywhere elseexcept in New York - where nobody
cares about anything - except NY. Am I wrong? C'mon, Stuck, here's one
for an old journihilist geezer like you, an information point.

But what a gust of Fresh Air! (capitalised because I'm not particularly
talking about the cleaner air, if there was any.) A place where Ideas and
Ideals are not dirty jokes ("heh heh... he said Ideels") or, even worse,
old fashioned - with old geezers positioned on every cyber corner to
arrest the flow of ideas 'lest the spirit of anarchy be let loose.

The depth of my surprise suggests that the nonstop, simple-minded
Republican propaganda of last year had been getting into my bones (I
wonder if Stuck gives Gingritch's channel as much negative attention as he
gives this one whose ideas are surely no more simple-minded nor sung from
more rooftops).

I'd expected Berzerkeley to be filled with phoney, liberal do-gooders and
trendies carrying (now long outdated and socially irrelevant) books on
existentialism under their arms. Instead (and I was only there 2 days,
remember, this is just a preliminary report) it seems a living and vibrant
intellectual and political centre, a port in a Fundamentalist Storm
(Christian & Muslim, notice), an inspiration to the whole country, and
maybe its buried conscience., still smouldering.

And (and now I'm going to say it) the sort of place whence the next and
probably final Revolution might well emerge. Read Evolution, since the
System is collapsing under its own weight of contradictions, and we need
do nothing but remain standing (TOGETHER) to emerge the winners. Social
renewal is Berkeley's history, after all, perhaps its destiny

Nor am I only talking about Academia. I've been on the Oxford, Cambridge
and Denver campuses in the last year, (I get invited to address College
Debating Societies and, indeed, will give an ambient lecture on 'Rave
Culture And The End of the World as we know it' on a campus in New Mexico
at the end of this month, if any of you lot live down there) and they felt
like their evolutionary activity had long and safely been relegated to the
side alleys by whomever had the money or power. But here the evolutionary
potentiality of Ideas seems central. Correct my logic if I'm wrong, but
the argument in my mind goes: since it's to here the Good Liberals still
send their kids for that FREETHINKING TOLERANT education, they even get
PAID to be freethinkers here - and that's a winning argument for survival
here in America, no? Not even the Republicans could argue their free
right to spend their own money

The last time I visited this Shrine to Free Speech (the first since my
long stay in San Francisco back in 1977 but I rush ahead of my story) was
in July when, at the invite of Terence McKenna, I took the 'lads' from the
Zippy Pronoia Tour to attend the launch of his new book. But then I'd
been much too involved in publicising the proposed Zippy answer to the
question: "Is there some way out of here?" to notice much of the city.
Nevertheless, conspiring with Terence for an hour and a half in a darkened
backlot after the "show", then meeting some eco-terrorist type who offered
to pay our fare back to SF if we talked longer with him, and also my first
meet with Leslie Rossman, ace book publicist and others - maybe I shoulda
noticed. But I didn't. I had my eye on San Francisco, the Grand Canyon
and the planet.

Now I'm probably going to stir up more hate mail when I say this BUT these
Two Days In Another Town have confirmed a few things. San Francisco is
not serious any more. It doesn't mean it. It does not take ideas
seriously, indeed it's almost anti-Intelligence. It's too alienated, it's
too Punk, it's too obsessed with Diversity for the sake of it, it wants to
be even more of an Inner City, and it's too much into Speed. And I'm not
talking (I think) about the suburbanites. I'm talking about people who
SHOULD know better. (and no, by the way, cubensis, I haven't resolveded to
take E again after a long hiatus!)

Fundamentally, and I'm not going to argue the point, Sirius, not yet, the
ghost of Punk needs to be exorcised from this city. SF seems to be as
proud of its Alienation as Berkeley is of its Social Idealism.

The internet (as an aspect of Alienation as I said in that Mondo interview
in 1992) plugs us into the globe but, on the community level, I feel
little of Berkeley's thick layer of true Cultural atmosphere in San
Francisco. Where can you walk down a SF mainstreet and bump regularly
into old and new friends and continue a discussion on Mysticism with a
woman you met 3 days ago on the corner? Where? I'm asking. Only
occasionally on Haight Street. North Beach?

So I'm back here in San Francisco. And I'm dreaming about Berkeley. Any
of you lot live out there? Sirius, what do you say about your old home
town? Do you miss her? Where's the cheap hip area to live? Know any
places? What venues should I check out? Already I'm conspiring with a
little group over there to start an unadvertised bi-weekly Minds & Hearts
Planet Dance Society for not more than 50 invited seekers, an evolutionary
cell to breed the New Culture that can burst out on the Stage when the
time is ripe. (Anyone interested should let me know privately)

I'll get back to it, definitely, but for the moment I apologise if my
Present's run away with my Past. But, really, in your heart of hearts you
know that's much better news. You maybe missed the Hipsters and the
Existentialists but you get the Ravers, the Rainbows and the Zippies.
("Adapt it for contemporary rites of passage as a means of healing the
collective" as cyberpunk says so admirably. By the way, I INSIST everyone
states their own "way out of here" or at least how they got here to this
Mess in the first place.) And even more "What are we willing to commit to,
what are we going to do?" Cyberpunk, if you live anywhere within range of
Berkeley, you're invited to the Dance Society.

And one day people your age floating on planets the other Unknown side of
the Known Universe will melt and vibrate on the EmpatheoNet to YOUR
ramblings on the "Way out of here", the Final Revolution in which YOU

That's my Prayer for you, anyway.


house.54.374: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Fri 3 Feb 95 10:41

I think Fraser is winning me over with his New Style. Kudos, dude!

You are criticizing San Francisco using the language of the Art Critic.
Making your criticisms interesting but invalid. San Francisco is a city of
700,000 or so people, with another 300,000 (?) or so entering it each
weekday for work. These people are a diverse bunch. There are many, many
families here, and many single parents. There are political organizations
("clubs", in the local parlance) and charitable organizations and activist
organizations. None of these occupants of the city register anywhere in
your criticism.

I think all you and other who use this language are doing is criticizing the
Art (and Art Criticism) of the Artists and Art Critics who live here.
Please remember that these people and their activities are just that.

And yes, if you post your Zippy plan here, we're all going to criticize it.
Post it and be ready.

Also...........if you're in town, maybe you have time for a chill-out in the
park? I think that Sunday I'll be in the mood to hang around Golden Gate
Park; I'll bring the buddha. If you and {duck} and Jim and {cubensis} are
available (and others here, of course!), I suggest we meet in the park near
the Tea Gardens or something at 2:00 PM. Anyone game?

house.54.375: schizpseud (reid) Fri 3 Feb 95 10:59

Hey, I'll catch a plane out of pittsburg and meet you guys there just to
kick-start the revolution.

Bringing drums.

house.54.376: Robert Lauriston (duck) Fri 3 Feb 95 11:39

San Francisco's neighborhoods vary a lot. Generalizing about the City
is difficult, but the results of the last election put our board of
supervisors significantly to the left of Berkeley's city council.

}}INSIST everyone states their own "way out of here"{{

First you need to still the inner voice. After that it's just a
matter of perseverance. Drugs and ecstatic trance practices can
be helpful for beginners, but you don't want to get stuck.

house.54.377: let it shine (cubensis) Fri 3 Feb 95 12:48

Yes, kool New Style there, Frase.

{ledelste} I would love to chill in the park with ya, 'cept I live in
central Colorado now.

Y'all wanna come snowboarding?

house.54.378: RUSirius (rusirius) Fri 3 Feb 95 12:50

fraser, i recommend central berkely, actually a pretty nice area but not
yuppie like the hills (where the elegant mondoid revolution still lurks) or
gourmet ghetto etc. If you can't get central berkely i recommend the north
side just the other side ov campus... yuppie, but an easy walk to the other

you'll get tired of the street left, if you have half a brain, which you

(hahhah sorry, just kidding)

but the presence of book stores and movie theaters within a small space is
very nice...

If you're looking for the revolution, I'd suggest Chiapas...

house.54.379: David Dei (megatrip) Fri 3 Feb 95 17:14

and Cape Town for the evolution! where the SA minister of state Jai
Naidoo practices yoga at 6am every morning....

house.54.380: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Fri 3 Feb 95 18:52

Props to our out-of-towners who can't attend on Sunday. Come on, {duck},
{megatrip}, and all others, come to the Park.

house.54.381: Razer Lark (megatrip) Fri 3 Feb 95 21:42

you're ON, Larry - and anyone else who'd like to come. david dei and I
will be outside the Zen Tea Garden main gate in golden gate park this
sunday at 2pm


house.54.382: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Fri 3 Feb 95 22:28

let's see . . .
sack cloth and ashes - been done
elevator platform shoes - perhaps too soon for a full fledged comeback
resume - who would i be fooling
business suit - that might fool them

you out-of-towners don't realize the sartorial quandry all of this let's
meet in the park on Sunday talk can cause a person! and it is supposed to
rain (again) - but the blossoming trees (and ideas) should be wunnerfull

and then again we can all write half-witty reviews of what the others
were like - (ah, the headlines . . . "Fraser Out-Guts Duck - Duck
Seems UnFazed)

house.54.383: let it shine (cubensis) Fri 3 Feb 95 23:22

dood. somebody come back and tell me what {duck} looks like.

house.54.384: let it shine (cubensis) Fri 3 Feb 95 23:39

oh yeah--

} you out-of-towners don't realize

"out-of-towners" is a phrase relative to the physical plane.
cyberspace is not about physical proximity-- it's a "place"

I've visited this particular place from London, New York, COlorado,
California, Washington D.C.... and I always feel I'm going to a
familiar place when I log onto the WELL...

even though the place is defined by ideas and shared concerns,
you are right on when you say physical connections cause a sartorial
quandry... :-)

meating in the flesh
pheromone trading
prana scouting

Knowing your minds alone is more mysterious, egalitarian, and pomo
of course hlr/Howard Rheingold is the man to read up for all this ...

house.54.385: Razer Lark (megatrip) Fri 3 Feb 95 23:57

good point, jim - I mean the one about rain being predicted. some of the
other technical jargon is still beyond me but I do understand about
weather. and don't say there's no weather 'out here' cubensis because
our bneloved WELl has been on and off'n up'ndown for the last 2 weeks, no?

anyway, in the 3vent of rain, let's meet on the sheltered steps of the
big set-back building to the right of the Zen Garden as you face it.



ps I for one will be wearing clothes. oh yeah, let the password be

HEADLINE: duck in element as rain pours down
OR: duck fails to make appearance (which is MY prediction.)

house.54.386: Razer Lark (megatrip) Fri 3 Feb 95 23:59

to the LEFT of the steps of the set back bdg to the right of Zen as U ftf
it. clear?

house.54.387: Razer Lark (megatrip) Sat 4 Feb 95 02:55

Part the Fourth, and covering The Fourth Way

}}"INSIST everyone states their own "way out of here"{{ (fraser)
}}}}"First you need to still the inner voice. After that it's just a
matter of perseverance. Drugs and ecstatic trance practices can be
helpful for beginners, but you don't want to get stuck." [duck]

Come on, now, stuck, this simply won't do. You ARE the inner voice of
this discussion, the very monkey's fart that's always intruding and
commenting negatively on what's happening. It's perfectly obvious to
anyone who knows about this wisdom stuff that that very inner voice is
EXACTLY what you suffer from. I'll try to help you if you ask (privately
if you like). I can tell you for free that it is very definitely NOT
"just a matter of perseverance". That's why you feel so STUCK. You need
to be much lighter than that.

First of all you don't "still" the inner voice. Who would do the
"stilling" but the very ego you're presumably trying to get beyond? It IS
possible to have no or little inner voice, though, I can personally vouch
for that, I was plagued with it until my 30s but now it's gone except when
I call it up. (This is not much of a boast, btw, it's a very early stage
of evolution "out of the mess".)

}} "Drugs and ecstatic trance practices can be helpful for beginners."
Secondly, the whole point of 'stating your own "way out" does NOT allow
you to make comments about things you (presumably) have never tried and
can know nothing about. If you want to participate you must give us only
what you KNOW, get it?

Third, "mind you don't get stuck" applies exactly to YOU - which is why I
now call you that, get it? That is exactly what's happened to you. But
the fact is that, unless you *are* FBI, you are obviously still alive
inside, unlike the hundreds of thousands of "walking dead" on this planet
(Gurdjieff's teaching, not exactly my perception now, 30 years after
leaving the group). Unless by " you don't want to get stuck" you meant we
don't want your negative nonsense any more in which case it's the most
important thing you've said yet.

By the way, I've been checking out these so-called masses of other
postings you've made over the years and, correct me if I'm wrong, but
EVERY one of them is either a put-down, a put-in-place or a joke. If you
wish to participate in this then you must be honest. Admit a failing,
that would be a good start. Admit a litle hope you might have left - that
would be even better. Or admit you're a sour old geezer, that would even
be acceptable.

So, taking David's advice, I'm not going to go much into what Gurdjieff is
about. After all, he was hounded by folks like Stuck all his life and is
still little understood, so I don't think that's going to be my path.

Suffice to say why I went into the group and why I finally left.

G teaches that Mankind is asleep - literally. Of course we don't realise
it - and this fact alone explains just about all our behaviour. We are
also made up of "many Is" which neatly explains how people can be so
unreliable. One "I" signs a contract but next day another "I", who never
even heard of the first "I", breaks it. The first "I" knows nothing about
the second "I" and still manages to believe how high and conscious "I" is.

The "way out" is by Self-Observation", honest and rigorous, without blame
of any kind, and very difficult without a teacher WHO DOES NOT FALL
ASLEEP. As our teacher Magnus Wexler used to tell us in the group: "How
can I see what little "I"s are there if I'm standing with a big hammer
ready to smash it as soon as it pops its head out? It's not going to come
out to be Observed if you're only going to condemn it."

The Gurdjieff method is called the Second Schooling and it's supposed to
correct all the fucked-up education (mostly "headucation" these days) we
have received in our first schooling, and TO TEACH US THE RUDIMENTS FOR
LIVING A MEANINGFUL LIFE. Armed with such knowledge I took it we were
supposed to then get on with our lives - not to stay in a group forever
like many of them do. So I left. It wasn't easy. I was condemned (as is
always the case when you try for the next step) by the remaining members
of the group and I missed them terribly for years to come.

A group is an amazing thing and unlike anything else this Life has to
offer. For one thing everyone is quite different, you're not brought
together by a common interest or anything like that. We had a dentist, an
irish aristocrat, a lovely prostitute and a hippy. Only ouir common
interest in "finding a way out" held us together. And the Teaching -
referred to as "the Work."

In 1971, then, I headed for the USA (about which I later wrote a
mega-novel called NEW WORLDE TRIPS, an epic story, as honestly told as I
was able, blow for blow. 'Why else but honestly would have any value?'
was my attitude. It will be published some time and is now a sort of
Samuel Pepys Diary of how a Hippy thought and felt at the time. As you'll
see, I finished it much too late to catch the wave of interest in Hippy
(as Norman Mailer's agent Scott Meredith wrote me back after he'd read
it), but its time is fast coming again (as he predicted it would).

I refused addresses which people offered me when they heard I was going to
America, btw, convinced that I wanted to do it as the Pilgrims had done
it. I wanted it to be New. So I arrived in NY with $75 and one address,
a friend I'd met in a Tibetan monastery in Scotland.

Looking back on my 2 years of travelling around the New Worlde, checking
it all out, I can see now that I was protected in some way. I was very
high and "spiritual" from all my self-work in the Gurdjieff group and
people, who'd spent their entire lives in a competitive culture,
undoubtedly were influenced by that and trusted me.

I remember, for instance, this guy George whom I'd met soon after arriving
in New York taking me round to meet this fellow school teaher who was
going out of town for 2 months and leaving her appartment. Would she let
me use it? At one point in the evening he said "Show her that useless
thing of standing on your head, Fraser. He does this every morning - can
you imagine anything more useless?" As I did it, I felt clearly a vibe
going into her that, as George had said, reassured her that only a GOOD
person would even WANT to stand on his head. What ego-desire could such a
feat perform, unless you intended it for the stage?

I learned a lot about Life in America. Mostly I learned how big the
Problem is that we have to find a "way out" of. It was all so much huger
and more powerfully entrenched than I had imagined - pretty much what I'm
feeling now. But I also saw, from the Hippy fashion, that the numbers are
irrelevant if the Culture can be affected.

I was a Hippy now, of course - did I say that? And a very "spiritual"
person. Whatever that exactly means. I don't mean that I wanted to leave
this life or have nothing to do with it. Gurdjieff's way is called The
Fourth Way. He teaches that WoMan is a 3 brained being. Man No 1 is
mostly identified with his physical-moving brain. Man No 2 with his
emotional brain. Man No 3 with his Intellectual brain. All these three
men are on the same level. Gurdjieff's was the only teaching I'd so far
come across which teaches that there is only one correct path "out of
here", towards opening higher centres, and that is through the stage of
Man No 4 - BALANCED MAN. A man who is balanced equally in ALL THREE
CENTRES. Any Path that opens higher centres without you having reached
Balanced Man is aiming at the moon because you can't sustain any higher
knowledge you access.

Now there are 3 traditional Paths, appropriate for each of the
above-mentioned Men. The First Way is the way of the Fakir who learns to
control his physical-moving brain, often by standing still, sometimes for
YEARS. The way of Man No 2 is the Second Way and is the way of the Heart,
the monk who learns (to control) his heart/emotions. The Third Way is the
way of Learning and Study (intellectual brain). But the main point about
all three of these traditional Paths is that each involves more or less
retreating from Life and working for years like this on one brain. At the
end of which, he must be broken down again so as to start accessing his
other 2 brains on his way to Balanced Man.. The Fourth Way is quite
different. It involves working on ALL THREE BRAINS simultaneously, this
one then that one. It involves a very flexible approach (are you
listening, Duck?) and is a very direct path AND IT CAN ONLY BE PRACTISED
IN LIFE, in the market place. This immediately appealed to me.

So, when I say I was very "spiritual at this time, I mean only that I was
not "identified" with my "achievements" in this life, NOT that I was
other-worldy or anything, or that I was not involved in "finding a way out
for my fellowman and myself".

People are asleep, but not totally. Some "buried conscience" in them
still allows them to recognise the vibration emanating from someone who is
not "identified" with his "achievements". There lies some hope. They
will often help without quite realising why. But it only works if you are
doing it, as G used to teach, FIRST: for the Work itself. SECOND: for
everyone else. And THIRD: for oneself.


house.54.388: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Sat 4 Feb 95 04:00

Hmm...I think I might still identify with my achievements. Maybe not such a
good thing since I suspect I'll be out of a job in a week or so.

But regardless...we are ON, for 2:00 Sunday in front of the main tea garden
gates. In case of rain, we are ... somewhere else, and I'm confused as to
where. But I'm not worried. So megacool, I'm looking forward to this.

house.54.389: schizpseud (reid) Sat 4 Feb 95 09:33

ok, the question of where has come up. It's like this:

Whos: on first
i don't know: on third

where?: behind grassy knoll

This is starting to sound like Lord of the Flies, guys.

house.54.390: Robert Lauriston (duck) Sat 4 Feb 95 10:01

A skeptical tease in response to unmitigated delusory bullshit is not
negative. My approach even managed to get you to veer toward actual
conversation, Fraser, though you seem to have veered back toward your
usual megalomanica logorrhea again. (Is that criticism "negative,"
or is the negativity inherent in your presumptuous attitude?)

"Wisdom" is a value judgment. Making that judgment about yourself is
unwise. Trying to impress others by sharing it is worse.

"Still the inner voice" is just an idiomatic expression. I think the
meaning is perfectly clear to anyone who's done it, even though a
literal interpretation would suggest something very different.

}}how big the Problem is that we have to find a "way out" of{{

That's an ambiguous phrase. The search for spiritual enlightenment
is finding a way out of the more or less universal predicaments of
self-awareness. Finding a way out of cultural and ecological crises
is a very different matter. The two are not necessarily related.
One could argue that on a personal level they tend to converge, but
there are many examples to the contrary.

house.54.391: let it shine (cubensis) Sat 4 Feb 95 10:54


house.54.392: RUSirius (rusirius) Sat 4 Feb 95 12:06

G teaches that Mankind is asleep - literally....

yo! word up...

(I like reading Frazier about Gurdjieff...)

house.54.393: Find your Inner Barney (rik) Sat 4 Feb 95 18:57

Gurdjieff would probably have gotten a laugh out of it, too.

house.54.394: Razer Lark (megatrip) Sat 4 Feb 95 21:47

so we're experts on Gurdjieff too now are we? I surrender, you guys just
know everything there is to know about everything that's worth knowing.
marvellous education system you have here - famous the world over.

house.54.395: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Sat 4 Feb 95 22:12

but,whoa ! wait ! wait ! oh, auntie Em ( or should Auntie M be blamed?!)

the problem with oral traditions, you change a few key words and the
whole context is changed (not to mention the possibilities of what gets
skewered in the translation)
in my "G" based mystery school - humans were not asleep, but were rather
like robots - well programed robots (thanks to marvelous all-encompassing
educational systems like ours! and we get inherent racism thrown in to
boot - not to mention enough phobias to keep an industry of ne-er do well
psychiatrists and dime store philosophers employed)

the idea of needing to wake up by resolving certain balancing acts was the
same - mudras, mantras and marvellous whirling dances
scents as means of simplifying the laws of the universe
and the Work - always with a capital W

let's hope the sunday rain forecast is wrong, apparently the people putting
on the Kundalini (now there's an energy) party have announced and after-
party in front of the bandshell from noon to 5.
what a great way to meet - let's dance! (Yes, Pollyanna IS my friend)

house.54.396: Shred the serious bandwidth (eallen) Sun 5 Feb 95 00:57

Quick, link to spi!
IMO, 4th way is the only way, balancing bodies provides stability.
Some difficulties arise, that of correct training and focus. G was good,
but later followers did just that.

house.54.397: let it shine (cubensis) Sun 5 Feb 95 08:12

I put in an invite in the "Re-introduceyourself" Topic in g spi for
friends of Dionysus to come check the Zippies out.

Anybody know one of the hosts personally?

house.54.398: let it shine (cubensis) Sun 5 Feb 95 08:41

my buddy gus just suggested g gnosis.

I agree. appropriate?

house.54.399: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Sun 5 Feb 95 09:38

See you at 2:00 PM, folks. Entrance to the Tea Gardens. There is shelter
from the rain there so I think it will be OK.

house.54.400: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Sun 5 Feb 95 09:42

I'll be in jeans and a wide-horizontally-striped shirt, and probably wearing
a green plaid jacket.

house.54.401: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Sun 5 Feb 95 09:47

just got my burnoose back from the cleaners, and shame on you Larry, Fraser
took such delite from bagging # 300 . . . . . . . .

house.54.402: Dan Levy (danlevy) Sun 5 Feb 95 10:09

For a bit of the low-tech:

An organization called Eco-emissaries is putting on a two-week expedition
to Ecuador in early March, with Terence McKenna and a few others.
For more information, call Dr. Joan Lessin; RR2, Box 166; Wailuku, HI
Phone: 808-244-4103, Fax 808-242-7021.

More stuff is hidden in post 403, below. Type o403 at the next prompt
to read it.

house.54.403: Dan Levy (danlevy) Sun 5 Feb 95 10:13

house.54.404: Larry Edelstein (ledelste) Sun 5 Feb 95 12:03

Jim, you went totally over my head there. I am ??-ed.

house.54.405: Jim Cyr (surfpunk) Sun 5 Feb 95 12:19

read # 300 in this discussion, you'll get it

house.54.406: Dancing Dei (megatrip) Sun 5 Feb 95 13:02

ANd the lowdown on the GG bandstand party is:

Party goes from 12-5pm. DJs
will be Galen, Travis, & Garth. For
directions or more info, call 510.944.7743 or 415.337.4337 BTW, it's

house.54.407: RUSirius (rusirius) Sun 5 Feb 95 14:29

when i said i appreciated frazier's comments on gurdjieff i wasn't being

but as far as us education goes, just remember what sam and dave said
" I was educated at woodstock/when i start loving/i can't stop"

yeah. word to your mother...

house.54.408: let it shine (cubensis) Sun 5 Feb 95 15:39

damn, R.U. Sirius... that was almost "fluffy".
have you lost the Razer's edge?

house.54.409: Crazier Lark (megatrip) Sun 5 Feb 95 20:20

just got back from the ftf and the amazingly concurrent kundalini
rave not a hundred yards away. conicidence or not? as predicted - no
sign of duck, but a reaolly great event and a vision of Summer 95, the
Summer of Love Part 2 Ambient Rave style - my prediction.
thanks, sirius, guess I got that one wrong ha haaahaha oops. you watn
more about G? just let me know.

house.54.410: zero corrector (reid) Sun 5 Feb 95 20:35

Does anyone on this frequency know about the drumming council that was
to take place aug. '94 in Grand Canyon. Heard it was nixed 'cause of an
intertribal dispute. Will it happen this year?

house.54.411: Crazier Lark (megatrip) Mon 6 Feb 95 00:11

reid the global drumming council took place at the Grand Canyon Mega
Rave/World Unity Festival last August in the Kaibab National Forest in
Arizona. 10000 people attended (zs the Forst Service told me, at any
rate) there were two tipi circles and all night raving on the Friday and
Saturday. CNN broadcast live the Sundzy afternoon drumming ceremony (with
several Native American and world elders sharing a peace pipe at a great
gathering.) At the last minute the CNN satellite linkup looked like it
wouldn't come through (the event was supp[osedly linked to other
drummathons) but the event was saved by borrowing the zippies (smuggled
in) generator. No word from anyone about a similar event and where this
summer - but you can be sure the event will first get to you as a word of
mouth rumour. Do you understand me?

RUS-Tafari Sirius did NOT fight to death by haiku with fraser as rumoured
on the internet. Nor, up to this point, have they cooperatively duelled
before a hundred Swiss semioticians aboard an agreed timeship. but the
Planetary Crimes Commission has deducted in advance 3 points from the
RUStas' score for sontinuing to spell my name the great old american way.


house.54.412: Crazier Lark (megatrip) Mon 6 Feb 95 02:17

Being the Fifth Part of a personal search for a common way out of a
public mess

Finally escaping New York, I remember swapping Greyhounds in Chicago (I
still didn't quite dare to hitchhike in this violent country) and spending
two hours wandering the slight slope of Paley Park, across the highway
from the Hilton Hotel, where the great Festivals of Hoffman-Hippy-Life and
Humphrey-Vietnam-Death had taken place so recently, feeling like some
Greek dramatist visiting the scene of a famous battle of the gods.

The chapter in "NEW WORLDE TRIPS" I called "Chicago, Mayor Daley and the
Pigs" and one bit goes something like this: "And was it here that
Ginsgerg chanted the sacred mantra and led a whole group of "Aum Mane
Padme Aum" chanting Flower Children safely from the park where bedlam and
madness had erupted, and where even young hippy mothers-with-child were
being trampled to the ground to the sound of the cream of the culture's
idealistic skulls being neatly cracked?" (Haight Street is full of those
who answered theeir president's call - my heart goes out to them - if only
you'd joined the battle against the War when we could have won!)

So the Problem of which we, the human species, had to find our "way out"
was monstrously huger than I'd grasped hitherto, but on the other hand
every major city was chocablock with flowerchildren undaunted, clearly a
major social force, and attended to almost daily by President Richard
Nixon and the VP, one Spiro Agnew. (hope I'm remembering the right dates
here, 'cos someone is bound to point it out - well, this is no Final
Statement or anything, this internetting is a medium somewhere twixt chat
and the written and considered document)

Spiro used to challenge on tv and the papers every day: "What do you think
happens to old hippies and unpatriotic drop outs?" and Nixon called Leary
the "most dangerous person in America" often enough. Well, the truth is
Nixon's dead and on a postage stamp these last few years and Leary's still
kicking. So some existential conclusion has been demonstrated to *my*
generation that only a lifetime could have afforded. If one life view has
to be right and the other wrong (as the authorities set it up) then could
it be that the right psychedelics at the right time is better than none?

Whatever happened to Agnew, btw, I think we deserve to be told. Didn't he
get jailed or kicked out of politics for mega-fraud?

Another important moment on that 2 year trip through North and South
America I've decribed in the chapter "The Boston Acid Trip" when I was
suddenly seized in the middle of Boston by the primal desire to get to the
Ocean and my buddy and I started hitching around the streets of central
Boston for a lift there. But people couldn't relate to such a request as
"Take us to the Ocean, man!" They seemed to require a street name and we
knew none. Nor could they even answer the seemingly natural question
"Then which general direction is the sea?". They'd lost their natural
sense of place and the elements!!.

When some sympathetic, bemused loner finally agreed to drive us to a dirty
industrialised stretch of broken-down dockland slumside, I sobbed
uncontrollably on a sludge-surrounded jetty for an hour at the sheer scale
of ... the North Eastern Industrial Complex!!! of which I'd only read up
till that time, and of the, what, millions of people living there who'd so
lost touch with Nature as not to be able to point in the general direction
of the Great Mother..

It's worth reading for a view of a naive young man's "growing up(?)"

house.54.413: Crazier Lark (megatrip) Mon 6 Feb 95 02:27

I did start hitching when I left Minniapolis, where I'd been visiting a
beautiful blond Polish "spiritual seeker" of a girl I'd met at a
Krishnamurthi conference in Switzerland. Some young guy who had his own
political party called "THE FREEDOM LEAGUE" or something (probably an
early libertarian offshoot) drove me 300 miles out of his way just because
he enjoyed rapping to me about "Freedom" and "Revolution" and then I was
carried even further by the "wife" of some high-up person in Friends of
the Earth who talked and sounded like a member of a revolutionary
beneficent deepthroat conspiracy.

Thrilling times indeed.

Back in New York, after the Terrible Toronto Test where the only way I
could continue to stay in Canada was by applying for an immigrant's visa
and getting a "good job with prospects" in a "growing young country" and
agonising whether to "grasp this opportunity" to join a System I already
perceived as corrupted, I realised right away I'd made the right decision.

How could I ever have been even tempted? Settle down to be a *dentist *
or a *social worker* in Toronto when my younger brothers and sisters were
at that very moment in the act of shouldering human destiny away from
1984? Never!

Remember that, in that heady era (soon returning to a Stage near YOU much
bigger and more fantabulous than ever!) if you didn't go with Johnson and
Nixon and Agnbew's scenario, there was no other serious vision around than
the strategy: "drop out" of the sick sytem, don't give it any more

In New York I almost immediately mated up with a New York Jewish princess,
a psychologist of the sem age, working for Mayor John Lindsay, soon to be
seriously considered as a presidential condidate. On a visit to his
office I rolled a joint on his desk, though I didn't inhale it or even
light it, to be honest.)

It all got too mad. I remember (this was some time before the Manson
horror, whatever the truth of that - I heard Billy who actually led the
raid was FBI- d'you know, Stuck?) hanging out in Central Park and meeting
these really "far out" types who lived in a big radical commune upstate
and kept calling me "bro" and insisting I go up and stay. They kept
using "killer" as a positive adjective however (as in "this is really
killer icecream!") and were always wanting to "off" this person or that,
the postman, the woman in the local shop who gave them trouble. I
diplomatically declined to take the chance, tfearing hey might decide *I*
wasn't radical enough and was a "pig" too, and "off" me, an unremarked
european traveller far from home.

But now with heavy connections.

Through her, as just an example, I met my first rock'nroll star ... ON HIS
WAY DOWN! The band had had 2 gold records and, when they'd broken up,
he'd salvaged a town house in the West Village and one out of town. I
attended his latest comeback attempt, as an actor in a musical about a R&R
band on the Broadway stage, and it bombed (thinking about it now, it could
have been an early attempt at launching The Monkees). I'd never before
considered that stars go *down* as well as up and, indeed, that far more
go down than stay up.

My lady opted to go travelling with me and we headed off out of the
increasing social tempo towards South America via St Thomas where the
uncle of a College friend of hers owned a private bay. I told her that,
according to the Rules of the Road, she could take only what she could
carry - I remember she bought an electric toothbrush for survival in the
jungle! We were to stay together for 5 years, through Scotland, Ibiza and
two years in India. But I leap ahead of my tale.

She taught me so much. She was a psychologist by training, like myself,
and possessed of an extremely sharp mind and ability to do and organise.
Sometimes I looked at her as some exotic butterfly I'd pulled down from
the echelons of power and felt a little more positive and confident about
things and the people who run those things being able to change.

Our frequent battles also toughened me up a lot. In the early days when
she'd call me "a goddamn fucking asshole!" my stomach would lurch and I'd
plain wither up and die.

Invaluable life expereience for a maturing Evolutionary. Lots of insults
to absorb along that Path. (I hear Stuck sharpening his cyber pen.)


house.54.414: let it shine (cubensis) Mon 6 Feb 95 08:10

I wuz hopin' to help moderate the Clark-Sirius debate,
(as much help as Fiorella needs!)

and I remembered it as _French_ semioticians aboard that clean,
sterile Mothership of a debate-venue.

I don't know any good Swiss semioicians, just chemists. :-)


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