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"We are no longer in the drama of alienation...
...we are in the ecstasy of communication." ~Jean Baudrillard

The WELL (Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link) conferencing system in California was the unofficial cyberspace home of the Zippy Pronoia Tour. It was on the WELL that the very best intellectual and humorous dialogue was batted back and forth between the Zippies, WELL community members, Rainbow Family Members, SF Rave veterans, and folks such as Bruce Sterling, RU Sirius (Mondo 2000), Gareth Branwyn (bOING bOING), and many of the sharpest minds I have ever encountered.

In this Topic, located in the House Music conference (hosted by M Normal), debate and discussion started off being focused on the Tour, but swirling around in the flow were some amazing threads on all kinds of subjects... evolving into discussions on politics, culture, philosophy and sprituality. I must say I learned almost as much from participating in these conversations as I did in my five years in college! Pick a spot and dive on in, I'll betcha you'll learn something, too!

In keeping with the WELL's "You Own Your Own Words" policy, I have receieved permission from the most of the participants to repost their words on this site. There are a few gaps in conversation, caused by the fact I have yet to receieve some people's permissions, and two or three people preferred that I did not include their words.

Be my guest and enjoy this eclectic, intelligent and many times hilarious WELL Topic, considered by many to be The Best Topic On The WELL during it's heyday. The entire archive is in chronological order, beginning in May, 1994 and concluding in June, 1995. ~cubensis

  • The WELL's Zippies Topic Archive (Segment A)

    | UK (pre-tour), Part I: Beginnings/Rainbow Debate|

    | UK (pre-tour), Part II: Preparing For the Jump|

    | The Tour, Part I: Zippies In New York City|

    | The Tour, Part II: On The Road/Synergies & Upheavals|

    | The Tour, Part III: Splinters and Tweezers |

    | Post Tour, Part I: Post Mordems and Reflections |

    | Post Tour, Part II: Invasions and Rejoinders|

    | Post Tour, Part III: Thou Shalt Have No Other Rhythm|

  • The WELL's Zippies Topic Archive (Segment B)

    | Fraser Finally Shows Up|

    | Romantic Bombast?|

    | Moral-Educational Holograms|

    | High Times Article & the State of Raving|

    | Free Your Mind & Your Ass Will Follow|

    | Fraser in Mondo 2K and the Return of Cubensis|

    | From Now On, Only Whaling Songs|

    | "Eees not the messiah... eees a very naughty boy!"|

  • The WELL's Zippies Topic Archive (Segment C)

    | Have Aliens/Future People finally infiltrated the WELL? |

    | "Megatripolis Forever" Cont'd|

    | "Laugh-a-while you can-a, monkey boy!"|

    | Virtual Money & Making Sausage|

    | What Is the Sound of Electricity? |

    | Reluctant Brutus / Ant In The Ice Cream|

    | Tinker, Tailor, Liberator, Thief|

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