Zippy Pronoia Tour media highlights

"Pronoia-- what a marvelously happy word!"

-USA Today, April 28, 1994

"An unlikely fusion of UK dance scene hedonism, cyber street tech and Celtic spirituality is poised to hit the US harder than the Fab Four. Will their gathering in August be the Woodstock of the 90s?"

-WIRED Magazine, May cover story, 1994

"Zippies exist not only as a sort of Deadhead/raver/second generation beatnik hybrid, they are also planning the earth mother of all parties!"

-London Observer, May 29, 1994

"Zippies represent the next great wave of cultural hipness: a blend of New Age spirituality, '60s idealism and an utter fascination with futuristic high-tech... the '60s, they say, were just a dry run for the '90s."

-Rocky Mountain News, June 26, 1994

"For a glimpse of the fun-house end-times that may be lurking around the bend, try the Zippies... [parties] featuring hard trance techno music, metaphysicians, an open bazzar, and a mess of Macs with modems."

-Village Voice, July 5, 1994

"...they're brimming with energy, enthusiasm, and a spirit of mass consciousness-raising that just might change the world. The high point is a huge technomusical be-in that's likely to rival any Woodstock, past or present, in cultural resonance... a summer of megaraving might be a fitting cultural revolution for the cusp of the new millennium."

-UTNE Reader, July/August, 1994

"While hippies dropped out of society, zippies aim to alter it through their computers... with their laptops and electronic soundscapes, [they] offer the next trend of club-based madness, a cultural and spiritual tsunami poised to sweep across America!"

-Los Angeles Times, August 7, 1994

"Zippies aspire to combine the experience and ecological wisdom of the hippies with the youthful energy and idealism of the raver. Why? To tap into an innate tribal being, a state of mind the Zippies call 'technoshamanism'."

-New York Times, August, 1994


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