Zippy Pronoia Tour to US '94


"Word begets image and image is virus." ~W.S. Burroughs

I feel that the greatest good accomplished by the Pronoia Tour last year was our seduction of the American and international news media-- a true example of creating what new-edge writer Douglas Rushkoff describes as a "Media Virus". Reporters and editors flocked to the pronoia idea, conspiring to help us spread our message of intelligent hedonism. A personal highlight for me was hearing Noah Adams of National Public Radio's
All Things Considered explain what a zippy is.

We made strides on behalf of the global rave community-- by helping debunk false myths about "drug-crazed freaks" and "drop-out hedonism"... hopefully planting the idea in the minds of permit issuers and cops on the beat that-- hey-- ravers are good kids trying to have some honest fun. Here is a small sampling of U.S. media coverage. I hope to add more articles as I receive permission. ~cubensisThe WIRED story, May '94

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