Terence McKenna

"Every 50 years or so, society needs liberation from the forces of fascism. All the nations that took part in destroying fascism 50 years ago on D-Day have been infected by the pieces of what they tore apart. Now, 50 years later, a vanguard of liberators has secured a beach head on the east coast of America, and has begun to work it's way inland along the Hudson.... None of us are consciously choosing this moment to try and direct the energies of youth culture. The moment has chosen us."

~ Terence McKenna, helping launch the Zippy Pronoia Tour at the Wetlands nightclub in Manhattan, June 15, 1994

The complete text of Terence's speech is being prepared... check back soon!

  • Terence's popular, groundbreaking rap on Rave Culture appeared on a track of
    The Shamen's "Boss Drum" CD. Check out a transcription of re: evolution.

  • There are lots of web pages devoted to Terence. Here's a link to one of the best.

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