Zippy Pronoia Tour to US '94

Mark Heley

Mark Heley was an original creator of the famous "Toon Town" raves in San Francisco, in the early days of the rave movement. He then went on to edit Clublife Magazine -SF, a Bay Area rhythmculture zine. Here is an except of an essay he wrote on the Pronoia Tour's behalf:

So are we dealing with a commercial interloper, or do these folk have something interesting to say... something interesting to do... and a point? Is this just more hype, clever marketing dressing up the same 'ol? Even worse, are we being sold what we already have?

Firstly, cultural pioneers or flavor of the month? The former, with no shadow of a doubt. evolution^ and Encyclopaedia Psychedelica [parent publications of the Zippy meme] have been the backbone and central nervous system of the British House underground since it began-- and the psychedelic neo-pagan culture before it. I am extremely wary of the notion of authenticity-- after all, who's job is it to decide what is fake and what is real? In my opinion, authority must ultimately rest with the individual, not some self-elected clique or cultural elite.

But my opinion is: this is the real shit... for the love of it, for global change.

Don't dismiss them until you've met them.

The Pronoia Tour represents an opportunity for healing the rave scene at a deep level and catalyzing our deeply felt desires to make a difference under a global banner. Don't be distracted by the fact that the Zippies come from Britain. This is merely a convenient, organic focal point from which a worldwide net is coalescing. You are no less authentic and real a Zippy if you are American, Balinese or Inuit Eskimo-- don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Sure, in a couple of years the Zippy word will be tired- just as the rave word is tired now. But the rave word served its purpose, let's use the Zippy hype in the same way.. and after all, isn't what we are experiencing just a little stronger than words?

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