Zippy Pronoia Tour to US '94

Zen Inspired Performance Publishing

This event originally began as an idea of Mark Heley's (publisher of Clublife Magazine- SF). It was to be the launch of the Zippy Times USA, created in a live, interactive, creative environment. Unfortunately, this was the same week the Zippy Pronoia Tour spilt with it's spokesman Fraser Clark (please see what cubensis honestly thinks). Seeing as Fraser was the original editor of the UK Zippy Times, we thought it inappropriate to create a "Zippy Times".
~ a-hem ~

The venue was booked and invitations were out, so we loaded as much stuff into the Crash Palace on Divisidero Street in San Francisco as we could, and it turned out great. Lots of folks showed up, both physically and virtually, including Louis Rossetto (publisher of WiReD), RU Sirius (founder of Mondo 2000), and Cap'n Crunch (the legendary reformed phone phreak).

What made it completely (and appropriately) bizarre, was the fact the venue had been triple-booked. So, we shared the whole chaotic venue with the Community Block Association meeting (including the chief of police... heh heh heh), and a phat jazz quartet.

We set up computers on the stage, hooked up to the Net via IRC and e-mail, and mixed images of the Net, people partying, people composing essays in-house, trippy graphics, and projected the whole masala on two huge screens. It was agreed that the resulting media would be free to anyone on the Net.

Here is what I consider to be among the best writings and poetry,
from zippy participants on the Net and in-house:

  • Pronoia Is Cool ~RU Sirius
  • Traveling with the Zippies ~Cap'n Crunch
  • The poetry of Dez Mondo, Pronoia Tour set designer and gonzo philosopher
  • Rave / Future Culture ~anonymous
  • Quintessential Happening ~Aaron Getting

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